How I became me

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Back in 2003 waking up early to go to school was the biggest problem I ever had. I was just a happy little 7 year old kid. My parents sister and myself lived in a smal house with one bedroom. My house was located in a small narrow lane where the houses are lined up very close by. The streets are fully crowded where some men brush their teeth in the front of there houses.This was not new to me as I was living there since I was born. Going to school was the only thing I liked as a kid . I got so much attention from teachers because I was quiet a good student at school. at times techers yell at me for being so talkative. My sister was a very quiet , beautiful and a bright girl. Me and my sister we both are loved by many people but she is not talkative like me. She is a very calm girl which I am not. My father was working in a vegetable stall and my mother was a house wife. We were financially not stable at all. but my father has done all his best to keep up happy . I know many children in this world are suffering more than I used to be back then but at that time od my life I thought my family is the only family who suffered financially. I am stil not sure why I had that thought when I was just 7. There are millions of children in poverty. Sleeping in a cold bedroom, studying on an empty stomach but I have never been through any of these, my parents never kept me and my sister in hunger but I still felt that we were poor. The first ever incident which made me feel that I am poor was wearing my cousin Maya's dress for a family gathering. As I didnt have a proper dress to wear my mother borrowed me a dress from my cousin Maya . I still remember It . It was a light blue sleevless salwar and it looked very beautiful. At the family gathering Maya casually told all the other girls at my age that I was wearing her cloth. That is when I felt ashamed and felt actually poor. This incident hit me very bad . I am not sure if this is so serious but I was not ok with it. Then I understood that people from poor backgrounds have to fight harder for their future. Children from poorer backgrounds may not have the same opportunities as other young people their age. Living in poor households can make children feel unequal to others. Bullies often target those who look a bit different. I had all these thought when I was just Seven. I have asked my mother several time . "Why are we poor mama?:" I now regret asking her that question . I cant Imagine how she would have felt when I asked her such a question. All she answered me was "Only few years more . once you all become big and well educated we can become rich too" then I Realized that this was the only option we had to become rich one day. The truth is thay I was extremely happy with my life being poor was not a problem for me. being bullied for being poor was the hardest for me to go though. My sister also has been bullied for many times but she doesn't take those serious and it doesnt bother her at all. I always thought if my sister never felt the way I felt whenever she gets bullied for being poor. I wish I was innocent like her sometimes but every humans differ from each other.
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