Chapter Two

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Oliver P.O.V It is another day with me feeling like the whole world is against me. I haven't had a good sleep, for so long that I have forgotten how it feels to close your eyes and slip into oblivion with no worries weighing you down. Being an Alpha of a pack comes with a price, even though I have the most strongest, loyal pack who believes in me, I still have to make sure we keep our place as the second best pack in all of America, whilst trying to be number one. Which means I will have to overpower my father. In all honesty, I don't think I'm quite ready for that. I stood up from my bed sluggishly, went straight to the bathroom. The warm water raced down on my skin as I stood under the shower planning how my day would go in my head, when I heard mother calling my name at the top of her voice. Flipping the shower off, I pull out a towel and head downstairs. "Oliver don't forget to have your breakfast before leaving for the office" mother said to me. "Tamaska Freeman when will you stop treating me like a child", I said to her. "Oliver don't you dare disrespect me or talk down at me. I'm your mother not those miscreants who you associate yourself with. You wouldn't dare speak to your father In such manner, I deserve same respect as him!" Mother said yelling right back at me. "Shouldn't you ask why I'm so grumpy this morning? but then again it's the great Tamaska Freeman who thinks the world revolves around her, because she was able to get the most powerful Alpha male in the whole of America wrapped around her fingers" I retorted, enjoying the satisfaction as I watched her recoil from my words. A cold mask falls over her face and she says in a proud voice. "You forgot to include that I was the most feared, beautiful, charming shewolf whom every Alpha male wanted. If you were not my child I would have showed you what happens to those who are disrespectful to me" " I do know what happens to people who are disrespectful to you mother. I haven't forgotten what you did to Kiki even though you knew who she was and how much she meant to me. You still ordered for she and her family to be killed" I say angrily, feeling a lump form in my throat as memories of that day came rushing in. "I haven't forgotten mother and I never will. Why do you think I formed my own pack? It is to get away from you and dad. After that incident I can't help but find you two repulsive and despicable. You have kept me caged with your stupid rules for so long but guess what? Rules are meant to be broken" I replied in a rush of anger. She burst out laughing, "My dearest Oliver, have you looked at yourself in the mirror? Honey you are me but you just don't want to accept it. And what? You really think you formed your own pack by yourself? You are who you are because of I and your father's reputation so don't even think for once that you got what you have right now all by yourself" She scoffed, walking away. I angrily stormed back to my room, slammed the door and plop down on my bed. I lay there for what seems like an eternity, lost in thought and silently fuming. Typical morning at the Freeman mansion. If only they knew the reason why I still put up with their bullshit. Soon, I'll be able to achieve the goal my parents had set out for me the moment I turned five. It was because of this mission that I missed out on my childhood. The only thing that keeps me going in my miserable life, the only thing holding this broken family together is the strong will to avenge Ori death. We tear each other apart and drown ourselves in misery and contempt while the people that took Ori from us are roaming the streets alive and well. The door screeches loudly as my beta and bestfriend Rollin walks in looking all cheerful. Bewildered by the look on his face, I asked him. "Rollin does my misery intrigues you? Why do you look so happy?" "Oli...." as he usually calls me "You won't believe who just landed in America, New York to be precise" He says giddy with excitement. "I don't have the time or energy to start playing guessing game with you. You either spill it out or keep it to yourself" I say grabbing a book lying idly beside me. "Calm down tiger, for christ sake. Sometimes you need to loosen up" Rollin responded teasingly. I stared at him astounded and wondered how someone as good looking as him could be so stupid and annoying all the time. "I'm no tiger you blockhead, I'm a werewolf, and your Alpha to be precise. Stop joking around and get to the point or leave" "Calm down, I was only joking. I'm not Tamaska so wait till you see her then focus your anger on her" He responded sarcastically. "Now back to what I was saying....Labyrinth Armani is in America" The moment I heard his name I shot up from the bed so fast I felt my vision blur for a second I was flabbergasted by the news, I couldn't believe what I heard. Wait did I hear right? "Who do you say is in America?" "Labyrinth. Labyrinth Armani is in town. Your archenemy served to you on a platter of Gold" I never for once thought that I was going to recieve such news. I was excited at same time, I didn't know how to process such information, it was like everything had finally fallen into place. There were so many things to do. "Rollin, find out the reason about his sudden trip to America, and his reason for picking Newyork out of all the states? I need to know everything, do not leave any detail out. If he came with someone or he is alone, where he is staying, which people is he doing business with? Everything. Are we clear?" I asked. Rolling was staring absently at the wall. "Rollin!" I yelled at him. "have you been paying attention to anything I've been saying?" "Oh yes. I thought you weren't done with your orders your royal Alpha, Rollin said sarcastically". "Rollin now is not the time to joke around, this is important to me and you know it" I growled in annoyance. "Get your ass to work, while you're at it please send a message to Dominic and assure him that you are fine or better still, be truthful to him. I can't continue being the middle man in your relationship" As Rollin left, my mind was clouded with many thoughts, I couldn't believe that i was going to finally avenge my brother. Finally I am going to destroy the Armani family, I'm going to take away the one thing they hold dear to them. ☆☆☆Few hours later ☆☆☆ Tamaska walked into my room without knocking. I looked at her with detestation, wondering why she was here, in my room. "Mother, shouldn't you have knocked before barging into my room. You have no respect for my privacy" "Why are you still at home? you ought to be at the office, it's noon already" Tamaska queried. "I don't think that I need to answer to you about my personal affairs. You handle your business whilst I handle mine" I said as I stood up from my bed and showed her the way to the door On her way out, she hissed "You might not work for me but you work for your dad and he wouldn't be happy about you not going to work" As I try to swing the door at her back, Rollin steps in at that moment and stops it from hitting her. "Don't be offended ma'am" He began then continued to pester her with compliments and sweet words. "Rollin get your ass here already and stop trying to feed my mother's ego" I said glaring at him. Immediately the door closes, I pull him down to the bed. "That was fast. What did you find?" " I have both good news and bad news, which do you want first?" "Oh for crying out loud, just get on it and stop trying to drag out the suspense." Yes boss, The good news is I found out where he is staying and who he came with." "And the bad new is?" "Well the bad is I don't know why he is in America, the second one is he came with the Demonic Pairs Jayda and Jayden Benardi. As you know wherever those three are there's always chaos, which means they are here for something bad or they have same agenda as you. That's all I've got for now, I'll still dig deeper to know more" "Thank you Rollin and make sure there's no room for mistake, our enemy shouldn't know that we aware of their arrival. You may leave now and please for the last time don't forget to call Dominic, he won't stop calling my phone" "Alright boss, see you at the club tonight" Rollin replied. As Rollin left, Oliver picked up the phone. Tsking on the numerous missed call from Dominic, searched through the call log and dialed an unknown number. "Time to get our plans in motion."
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