1. The new girl

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JAY My mom secretly thinks that I'm gay. Yeah, I know, hysterical. She's convinced that Zac and I are together-together, and the bastard does nothing to prove her wrong. He only smiles and nods whenever she insinuates that'd it be cool if we embraced our true selves. In Mom's defense, she has no idea that I'm such a hoé. She's never seen me with a girl since I conduct my business when the grownups are not home. She has been with my dad since highschool, so she thinks that at my age I should be in a committed relationship. That sort of freaks me out. I don't want to date anyone. Not that I'm against relationships or anything, it's just that I don't feel mature enough to bind myself to one person. That's a little restricting. I'm only eighteen for crying out loud. I should be all grown; done with college and in formal employment before I made such a commitment. Besides, I don't want to change. I've witnessed my friends lose their edge over girls and I don't want that to happen to me. I have seen George sacrifice his jacket for his girlfriend when it's freaking cold. I have witnessed Kain going out of his way to do stuff for Bella; stuff that he'd never do in his right mind. I'm happy for them. I really am. The love thing is just not for me. At least not right now. Thing is, we have this get-together-dinner-thing tomorrow at my parent's. My Nana will be there and she'll be expecting to meet my girlfriend. I stupidly lied about having one and now I kinda have to deal with it. Nana's health has been declining steadily and her doctors are quite concerned. She's always wanted to see me, her only grandchild, happily in love with someone, so I lied when she inquired about my dating life. I shouldn't have lied. But I did. And I can't undo the lie now. She'd be so disappointed that I lied to begin with, and my mom would be pissed that I kept the lie going on for so long; long enough to have a spot saved for my alleged girlfriend at dinner tomorrow night. I absently feel the velvet box in my jacket pocket. There's a ring in there. I bought it earlier today with the intention of giving it to Kara. She's just a friend, and she agreed to play fake girlfriend for me. If she wears the ring to dinner, maybe Nana will buy our act even better? She'll think that we're so besotted with each other that I'm already buying her jewelry. Kain said the ring was a stupid idea when I told him, but what does Kain know? He kissed Tatiana while in a relationship with the girl of his dreams. The guy's a son of a b***h. I feel silly, knowing he must be right about the jewelry, but I'll give it to Kara anyway and see how she feels about it. * I carefully pull into the street across Jeff's building. He is throwing a pool party and tons of people from school are invited. I'm still kinda mad that he's dating Kain's sister but I'm gonna keep my mouth shut. I think the guy is a pig, and Gigi deserves so much better, but it's really none of my business. I lean back into the seat with a sigh. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. Reaching for my pocket, I roll the box around my fingers. What the hell am I even doing? What did I get myself into? Kara is not even my type for f**k's sake. She's the last person I'd want to date. The fact that Zac, my absolute best friend in the world, has a fat crush on her makes me feel even more awkward. I shrug noncommittally as I get out of the car. It's a fake relationship. What could possibly go wrong? The penthouse is on the twelfth floor so I head for the elevator. "Hey buttface, wait!" George's voice stops me in my tracks. I turn around with a huge smile. He is walking towards me with a funny looking bag in his hands. "What the hell is in there?" I ask, scrunching my nose as we exchange our bro-hug. "Jade told me to bring it for her." He says with a tired sigh. "It has make-up or whatever." "This is exactly why I don't want a girlfriend. I'm no ones errand boy." George chuckles. "You are so fúcking stupid. So, you made up your mind about tomorrow?" "I asked Kara. She said yes." "Really? I thought she had standards." "Apparently not." He laughs while dragging me into the elevator. "How will you convince your Nana that you guys are dating? You have no chemistry whatsoever." "I'll hold her hand and call her pretty." "Why, that might just work." "It better." We're early. There's a few people in the apartment but the party is yet to start. I know most of them from school so I give a few handshakes and fist punches before I go to find my other friends. George is obsessed with DJ-ing at house parties so I'm sure I won't see him much. On the terrace, the swimming pool is surrounded by a bunch of scantily dressed youngsters. I can't spot any of my friends, though, so I guess they are not here yet. I walk back into the house and I slump on the couch. I quickly check my phone when it beeps. "Proper pants and a dinner jacket tomorrow. No compromise." It's a text from my mom. I only own one pair of suit pants. I wore it once to Daniel's wedding and it's stuck somewhere in my closet. I only ever wear jeans. I dial mom's number and she takes her sweet time before she finally answers. "What." She sounds annoyed. What have I done now? "Mom, it's just dinner at home. Why do I have to dress up?" "Because everyone else will be dressed up. And I'd rather your girlfriend didn't think you always dress like a slob." "I look great!" "That's exactly what a slob would say." "Mom, I don't even have proper pants, whatever that means." "Don't worry. I already got you a pair. You just have to show up in time and wear it." "Do you even know my size?" "I'm your mother. I know everything." "Mom.." "Honey, I have to go. My TV show is about to start. Be here on time. I can't wait to meet your pretty girlfriend." "She's not pretty." I hiss between clenched teeth. I'm so mad for getting myself into this s**t. "I'll love her either way. As long as she makes you happy. Does she like oysters?" "No, she doesn't. She's allergic to most sea food." I'm suddenly so proud of myself for knowing that one little fact about Kara. "That's a pity. What does she like?" I think for a quick second. "She likes pizza. Extra cheese, absolutely no pineapple." "That's a bummer. Pineapple's great!" "Well, Kara detests it. Goodnight Mom." "Her name is Kara? What a beautiful name! I can't wait to-" I hang up on her. "Is your lap taken?" A high pitched voice comes from somewhere beside me. I groan inwardly, but I really need a distraction, so I turn to her with a tiny smile. "Yes it is. By you." She smirks lopsidedly, lowering herself to my lap. She wraps her arms around my neck, her eyelashes fluttering seductively. "What's your name, handsome?" She purrs, her fingers running down the side of my face. "Jay, but I can be whatever you want." I reply, my hands encircling her waist. This is going to be fun. "Will you take me on a ride, captain?" She bites her lip, pushing her chest in my face. I catch a waft of her breath then, and I realize just how drunk she is. I hold her back. "I'd rather not. You're too drunk." "Are you saying no to me?" "Only when you're drunk." I wink at her, getting her off me and pulling myself to my feet. "Let's try again when you're sober." I'll just get a beer as I wait for Zac. I make a step towards the kitchen but the door suddenly opens and a group of people stride in. That is when I see her. And I swear the ground shifts beneath my feet. She is walking beside Bella and I spot her the moment she walks through the door. She is a bit taller than Bella; must be the legs..or the shoes. Her head is held high as she walks into the room and her chin is set in an arrogant pose. She is wearing a short dress similar to the rest of the girls and her lipstick is the same deep shade. I feel my lips part as I stare at her. The white dress accentuates her curves and barely touches the middle of her thighs, but that barely registers in my head. It's her face that stuns me. She's drop dead gorgeous even in the shifting lights. Her cheeks are rounded, just like most parts of her curvaceous body, and her red hair is encasing her heart shaped face; making her look strangely unapproachable. She gazes around, looking somehow underwhelmed, and I have the oddest feeling that she's considering turning on her heel and leaving the party. She takes a visible deep breath as she reaches for Bella's hand, and I release the one I've been holding when she hesitantly takes another careful step. I realize, to my utter disbelief, that I would've gone after her had she decided to leave. Bella, Kara, Jade and the new girl come to a stop when they see me standing there like a fúcking i***t. I don't even care. I keep staring at the newcomer, wondering why on earth my heart feels so tight; like an iron hand is clamped tight around it. Where the hell has she been? Why haven't I met her before if the girls know her? I decide that it doesn't matter. What matters is that Nana would absolutely love this girl. And I'd get a lot of praise from both Grandma and my parents for having such great taste in women. Her gait and the aura of confidence that radiates from her tells me everything I need to know.....that I have to ask her to come with me to that dinner. I'll pay her if I have to. I walk slowly towards the girls. I owe Kara a huge apology for wasting her time but I can't bring myself to not try my luck with this girl. Bella is looking at me with narrowed eyes while Jade is furrowing her brow in confusion. Kara is wearing a bored look but my entire attention is on you-know-who. Jade whispers something in her ear. Whatever she says doesn't work in my favour because the calm expression on the girl's face suddenly shifts into a sneer. She looks me over in a sweeping gaze and I swear she despises me already. "Staring is rude." She snaps when I get to her. Jade laughs when I don't say anything mean in return. I probably shouldn't since I'm the one in need of a favour. The door opens and Zac walks in with Ethan and Kain. I'm very aware of George frowning at my back as I reach into my pocket and retrieve the box containing the ring. I feel so fúcking stupid for buying it but Mama raised no quitter, so I take the remaining step. Should I kneel? I glance at Zac and he's shaking his head at me. I know he'll give me grief for being so tactless later. Deciding not to kneel, I open the box without a word and get out the ring. It's cheap, but pretty, and I'm aware of everyone staring at me in disbelief as I take a step towards the girl and hold out the hand which is holding the ring. I shrug indifferently when she frowns at me. "Um..will you marry me, strange girl?" ***

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