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“What if others notice it?” Elijah asked after Lucas explained their plan that they will hatch at past midnight. Since there is another way to tell time, Lucas said that it will be better if they move when chances of other groups are asleep. Lucas starts explaining. Other groups wouldn’t move until the key cards were in the audience area. Most likely they will lie in wait until the moment Lucas’ group returns. There are lots of undead in the audience area and so they can’t wait openly for them not knowing when they will return. Aside from that, they are the only group with unknown group count estimate, since they didn’t move at all in the morning. That’s why it was important that their first movement was concealed. Everyone has to move out of the room. Split into two groups. The other group, Hiraya’s group, will open and close the gate. They should never be seen by anyone to avoid soiling the plans. “I,is Penelope coming?” Unica raised her hand and asked. “Yes. Because we are not going back to the room.” Lucas answered. “...!” Everyone seemed to look surprised except for Athena. “We only have one chance in this. Collect all the key cards in one go and go straight to the Exit.” He continued. He said an even more ridiculous idea that Brandy and Unica wanted no part of it, so the group held a vote. Against Lucas’ plans were Brandy and Unica only. His plans were implemented. This is the same plan that hooks new players to their side. The plan that stops other players from stealing their key card. That is to lead the horde of undeads by baiting themselves. It was a success because no players had managed to follow them. But then, as they reached the door, another group had emerged. A group of four all equipped with sharp objects. Sharpened wooden spear, knives and even a machete. Looking starve and desperate the new group had appeared before Lucas’ group all drew their weapons and pointed at them. Aaron, who is in the front line of Lucas’ group, glares down at them. “Hand over the key cards now!” The oldest man in the group demanded while holding a knife on them. He is the same old man that said he went to games in the stadium before the apocalypse. They are the group they woke up with before the second round had begun. Lucas hides among his comrades and snaps the key cards and passes it to Hiraya but Unica steals it. She taps the key card and the doors open. “HEY!!!!” A man holding a machete moved and waved his weapon. Aaron dodge it by backing down and Elijah also pulled him in while backing, pushing everyone from the back. Just as Unica wanted to step in, Hiraya was pushed out, letting go of Penelope to Unica. “Ahh!” Hiraya was pushed to the opened door and it closed before her. Unica was stunned but she pushed away Penelope not minding if Penelope cracked open her head on the impact. Penelope groaned, Lucas helped Penelope and sat her to a comfortable position while Unica checked her body as if she was looking if there was something might’ve gone missing. “Give me one more!” Unica grabs Lucas arm but she receives an unexpected glare from Lucas. Dumbfounded and stunned at a sudden 360 degrees of change of attitude. Lucas who is usually meek and keeping his head down looks at her straight in the eyes as if he is silently threatening h. “Hey, Old man. We don’t have to kill each other.” Athena stepped forward. She removed the key cards from her neck. “We will give you all the key cards…” She waves the keycards then throws it above their head. It was a good long throw. “HOW DARE YOU!!!” *Growls Resounding sounds of undead were heard. “That's all our cards, Let’s all die together.” The teenager had the most devilish smile they’ve ever since and by judging everyone’s reaction it must be true. “YOU b***h!!!! MY KEY CARD!!” Unica stepped forward and raised Athena’s collar. “You sure you want to be standing there?” Not minding Unica’s anger and tears, she pouted her lips at the incoming undead in the distance. “Ah s**t!” When one of them started sprinting, others did the same. “b***h!! IF YOU WANT TO DIE! DIE ALONE!!! GIVE BACK MY KEY CARD!!!” Though Unica didn’t know there were keycards with Elijah and Lucas, the reason why others had unbelievable expressions is because if they did the Math correctly, the key card left is not enough. “How many are left with you?” Elijah asked. Lucas shook his head because the four key cards he had were all given away. Two for the first two people and one had been stolen by Unica and the other was with Hiraya who had exited first unexpectedly. “AHHH!! No! Please stop!” They heard crying first and before witnessing the struggle of the new group. Elijah showed his three key cards and there are still 6 of them. “Please, let me have one!” Unica tried snatching one again but Athena grabbed her by the collar and threw her in the ground. “Why should it be you? What is your contribution?” Athena asked with distaste. *Thud thud thud The other group is coming back, there are only three of them now. “Please! Please! I am too young to die here! I,I I promised to do whatever you want me to do! P,please!” Unica pleaded at Aaron’s and Elijah’s legs, pressing her body to them. Athena squatted and removed Unica from their legs. “You are really shameless.” She said, “Go ahead. I’ll catch up in a bit.” Athena motioned for the men of their group to go ahead. “No. I’ll stay. Go ahead….Athena.” Aaron said, crushing Unica’s expectations. “I am touched but you’ll only slow me down.” She said as she gave a side glance to Lucas with a meaningful look. ‘..?’ “Trust me. I’ll live,” she continued. “We understand. Let’s go. We will see you on the other side.” Lucas said, something tells him to trust that look. “I’ll stay!” Elijah plucked his courage. “No. Go away. Stop being annoying.” She glared at him. Lucas put his hand on Elijah and said. “Trust her.” “B,but…! Hah! Whatever! Make sure you come!!!! OKAY?!!” Elijah said and muttered some oneside plans with her. The three men exit. Lucas was the last one, as he exits he sees the incoming fast run of desperate group of men. It looked like one of the three remaining was bitten and one of his companions tripped him and was made to be sacrificed. ‘Humans’ That was his last thought as the door closed. Unica crawled towards the door and picked up the keycard she used earlier and tried opening the door again but nothing had happened. Lucas already told them that reusing cards might not work but Unica had to try in desperate situations. *BANG BANG BANG “ARGH!!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!! OPEN THIS UP!!!!!!!! ” *Arghhh Cough cough Penelope coughs a pool of blood vomiting it to Unica as she stretches her hands to Unica. “Uni-- He--l” *Slaps She slaps away the hand Penelope. “DON’T TOUCH ME!” She screamed. “URGHHH! What the hell! What the hell!” She kept crying as she bangs the closed doors while Penelope watches her, drawing her last breath. The new group had arrived and Athena readied her bat and slams the knee of the incoming man. “ARGHHHH!” He screamed in pain. Not being able to do anything, his companion froze in fear of Athena’s presence as she grabbed the key card from the ground the man had dropped. “AH! AH! A,athena! Please!” Unica dropped to her knees and begged. There are only a few meters left before the undead arrive. Athena kicked the machete weapon in Unica's direction. “That one had one more.” she said. Not even thinking about it, Unica grabbed the machete and started chopping the scared kid. The door opens and Athena looks down at Penelope before passing through. “Haaaa.” Unica smiled at the sight of the key card and hurriedly scanned her card. On the other side, she saw the group that had abandoned her, she showed a confident smirk. She looked like a psychotic butcher or Lunatic that just finished massacring people. As she steps she raises her hand and gives her group a dirty finger. *GROWL There was a growling sound and air that brushed her back and when she turned around, Penelope was standing there, growling, all bloody and eyes that bleed from veins popping. “UWARGHHHHHHHH!”
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