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It’s been three days since the time Lucas signed the contract. There are things that have changed since then, first is that he woke up inside his basement room with $10,000 money in the table together with a note and that means everything had not been a dream. Though still unbelievable, he rushed to the hospital, hoping it's not too late. He gave the money to Doctor Martin, who sent someone to the central office for emergency purposes and luckily her sister got a shot of the vaccine in time. He handed the remaining $10,000 to Dr. Martin and said, He has to go for a few days for a job. Though skeptical, Dr. Martin was worried about the odd job Lucas is into now.  Andrea was transferred to a regular ward, it is smaller but at least she has her own window and the sunlight is getting to the room. Her condition can be guaranteed to stay normal for at least a few months with the remaining money. Lucas can’t remember when was the last time he ever felt relieved this much.  Not only that had changed even Kite had stopped bothering him. He would still say some nasty remarks but in the end, he will just get past Lucas without touching him.  It was a peaceful three days it seems. Until a black van had been pulled outside his room. Somehow he can tell, it is time. *Thud He didn’t see the attack from behind him, knocking him down. **** His eyelids twitch, first then it happens again. A music has been calmingly playing that forces him to wake up. When he woke up, he could hear a piano playing all over the room, with people waking up in their respective beds. He gets out of bed just like everyone else is doing. Just like him, they are confused. Lucas is still in his clothes the day he was knocked out.  “Do you know where this is?” A man had appeared on his side as they both scan the surroundings. Lucas shook his head. The music still continues.  “This might be the testing site.” Another man with glasses approached them. “Honey! It turns out the door won’t open.” A woman with short brown hair approaches and links arms with the man with glasses. Lucas turns to see the door with no handle. *TING A hologram screen had popped the farthest side of Lucas. That might be the front. It was hard to tell with the rectangular space covered in white board or metal. [Good Morning Participants!] A holographic womanly voice greeted them with its words displayed on the screen. [The tests will commence in a few minutes but before that here are the guidelines before we start. First, The test will be held in a game-like manner. Thus, participants will now be called Players. Second,  follow the rules accordingly. Third, Survive till the end.] “Huh? Isn’t that what they already said before?” The man beside him questioningly mumbled. [Once a player reaches the end of the game, apart from the incentive given before the games, the winner shall receive a residence of his own on the inner walls and a $5,000,000 in his account...] [Questions?. . . .] No one had said a word even if there were hundreds of them listening. [Tests will now commence. . . Activating Game Mode… ] [Welcome Players to the Beyond the Walls Game! We will now start the Games.] *Shiiiiiiiiik The white walls begin to shake and as if it melted the white layer falls down to the side like a curtain that dropped, revealing behind it. “AHHHHHHHH!” The room was soon filled with terrible screams, some people knocked themselves down. The room is surrounded by undead monsters. Their decaying body is hard to look at and as they press their body on the thin mirror separating them and the living, their insides are painting the glass red and black. [Commencing Game #1 : Test of Endurance.] *Crack The mirror is cracking, it sends the people into more chaos as they gather around the center. [Rule: Players have two hours to exit the building and Survive] *c***k c***k Crack “This is not what I signed up for!” Grinding his teeth, the man beside Lucas tries to push away the people to the side to make way.  They are surrounded except for the side with a door. *BAM! The glass finally fell into pieces, the undead walked on the herd of humans pushing themselves in one big ball. Lucas, unable to react as fast as the whole thing reveals, just kept watching the hologram window. [May you survive the apocalypse once again.] An undead walk past the hologram window and Lucas can’t help but tremble. Being sandwiched by humans and the scenes where blood and screams are equally loud.  He was reminded once again, when he was nothing but an 8 year old boy. The dead begin to walk on earth. He watched this scene over and over for years. ‘How did this happen? Why am I here?’ He can see people trying to push the undead out of the way some are drenched and pinned down. The white sheets of the bed are soaking. It was hell once again. “MAN!!! Snapped out of it!!” A man shook Lucas' shoulders. The human ball begins to thin out. He brought to his senses, it won’t be long before they all get eaten. “AH!! It’s finally open!!” One had shouted as he opened the door, near Lucas and the man.  GROOOWL! But the man who opened the door was greeted by a big bite of undead. Shrieking the players from the door side begins to push because not only one undead had emerged from the open door. It’s only a matter of seconds. Urgency washes Lucas, unable to think calmly. “THERE!!!!” The man beside him pointed at the hologram. Lucas didn’t get it first but, The hologram blinked and it became visible. An exit.  They both saw someone enter the open path across them. They found the exit but the problem is it was a little far with undeads busy eating other players. “We have to go now.” Lucas said as he saw three people behind him get bitten. They don’t have time.  “EVERYONE!!! THIS WAY!!!” The man shouted, it made Lucas frown but he focused on getting a sheet of cloth on the floor and wrapping it in his arm, the man also did the same and facing the first undead, made Luca freeze. *Thump “GET YOUR s**t TOGETHER MAN!” The man said as he punched the undead away from Lucas.  He nods and takes deep breaths. There were many of them started running towards the exit. The man leads in front while Lucas is behind him.  The woman from Lucas' side, got tripped and got a bite from the undead that was lying around. “DON’T LOOK BACK!!! WHATEVER HAPPENS DON’T LOOK BACK!” Said the man as he kicked away the undead. They pass through the dark pathway. Another dilemma was presented. A maximum of two can only get down the stairs at the same time. Lucas bit his lips.  “HURRY” The man didn’t dwell on it and began to get off the stairs as fast as he could. Lucas was pushed by the crowd behind him. That is understandable since all will want to exit first. The last person who gets to exit will be the meal for the undead. Lucas persisted on the first few pushes. “ARGGGGHHHH!” *Thud Thud Thud Someone had been pushed off the stairs, His body descended fast while his body sustained hits on the railings below. *Thump The fallen player’s body hitting the ground made the crowd even more violent. Lucas can no longer control the push he was cast aside, he crotch down and guard his head. He was stepped on more times than he can count. “AHHHHHH!”  Though the growling sounds and screams are just right behind him, he still couldn’t make a move. He then sees it, the horde of undeads descending down a woman, in the middle of it crying as her flesh gets bitten. “P,please help me.” She said in whispers. *Thud With no one to hold the woman’s body, her body slides in front of Lucas with eyes open.  Lucas bit his lips holding his urge to cry. *Growl *Bite Lucas reflexively holds his arm up to the undead’s bite. It was the arm that he covered in cloth.  “Haaa. Haaa. Please…” He said, trying to win in strength to push the monster away. He successfully pushed the monster away when another one had appeared. He dodge it making the monster face plant the cemented wall. Lucas starts crawling downstairs.  Though undeads behind him are small, Lucas with a sprained ankle is slower. He had bitten his lips hard so that blood flowed in his chin.  *Shiiiiiik A friction sound that hurts the ear of those who can hear it, resounded in the flight of stairs. “WOOOOOOOH” An excited voice is incoming fast from the top of the stairs.
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