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“Why the hell should we have to listen to what some unmated ancient ruler has to say about our people? You aren’t even a werewolf. How could you possibly know what’s best for us?” I struggled to keep my beast from surfacing and ripping this insolent, arrogant young Alpha werewolf’s head from his broad shoulders. Yet he keeps talking. “You just sit up here in your humongous cold old castle and think you know what the werewolf people want and need. You have outlived your usefulness…” This same argument had been going on for hours, though not so disrespectfully as it presently was going. The other leaders’ mouths gape at the young Alpha verbally attacking me. I stop his rant. “You are right, I am old, and I am not a Werewolf. I am far more superior, and I am your Reigning Monarch. You will show me a little respect, or I will leave your pack to your Beta.” I said calmly, despite the rage I felt. The young wolf, who was a mere pup of around twenty years of age, took a step back, shaking. My aura was spewing out of me red hot like lava from a volcano. All the Alphas and Betas in the courtyard where we presently were, took a collective sharp breath, knelt, and bowed their heads as it washed over them. I do not like to use my authority like this, but they left me little choice. For the last few decades, as the world evolved and changed around me, I have had more and more Alpha’s fighting against my leadership, and it was becoming tiresome. One of the older Alpha’s spoke up. “Your highness, please have mercy. He is young and, therefore, does not know any better. Please forgive us for questioning your reign over us and allow us to live. We will leave here immediately.” The arrogant young Alpha growled but said nothing. I dropped my aura, allowing them to rise. “Leave, now. I will not tolerate any more of this nonsense today, so go before I change my mind.” The older Alpha grabbed the younger one by his arm and they all hurried away. My leadership walked over once the Pack leaders had all left. “When will they learn not to question your leadership? This has been going on for so long and these younger generations of Alpha’s seemed to be worse than the previous generation, at least they respected their elders.” My beta said. I sighed. This really was becoming so tiring; how much longer would I have to deal with this? How much longer would they fight against me? I shrugged; I mean, what could I say? Instead, I just turned on my heel and headed back into my cold old castle, with my leadership hot on my tail. ~~~~~~~~~~ A/N Please follow my profile here on Dreame and if you haven't already please check out my other two books: Summa Alpha Prophecy But I'm just a freak Also, find me on social media: I*gram: author_rach.b F*book profile: Author Rach-b F*book group: Diamond Thunder
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