Chapter 2 - The Next Day

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Tuesday 10th August ---- Jane ---- I order room service for breakfast the next morning as I do not wish to bump into the man with the gorgeous eyes again... Neil.... well not directly anyway. They deliver exactly what I order. Waffles with maple syrup and Greek yoghurt with a variety of fruits. Totally yummy. Sighing, I think about what I had planned for today. Nothing that can't wait. A day on the terrace is ahead of me. Oh yes, I forgot to mention, I have a terrace that overlooks the pool and finally out to the sea. It comes complete with two comfy deck chairs and an open air spa. Simply bliss. My mind makes a mental note to have a date with my spa later. Getting a soda out of the fridge, I rub some sun lotion on my body and open the doors to the terrace. I walk over to one of the deck chairs and lay back to enjoy the welcome sunshine. I take my bikini off as no one can see and every girl wants an all over tan right? I hate the strap and bikini lines you get. I plug my headphones in and listen to my daily mix from my favourite music app. After I remember to roll over onto my front, I promptly fall asleep. When I wake up, I discover that I have acquired sun burn on my back, bum and back of my legs. Luckily my hair had covered my face. I desperately need some aftersun lotion on my back, but I can't reach all where I need it and that just sucks. I sigh and realise that was the last of the sun that I was going to see today. I can't go down to dinner as it's too painful to sit comfortably. Maybe I'll go out later tonight, covered up and go for a walk. That sounds like a plan! In the meantime I find myself asking my phone how to deal with sunburn on my bum and the best advice rather than after sun lotion is to take a cold shower and not wear anything tight! No knickers it is for me then. Gary used to love me going out knickerless. He used to say that it really turned him on. So it's nothing new to me, I've just never done it on my own before. I've tried to blend into the background, which isn't that easy when you're a woman on holiday on your own. I stand under the cold shower for what seems like an age, my body feels freezing cold, but I don't want the air to touch my bum again as I know it will hurt like hell. Such a time has to arrive though and I pat myself dry with one of the fluffy towels. Looking in my wardrobe for something to wear, I pull out a plain and simple t-shirt dress and a blue sash to tie at the waist. That should ensure the dress doesn't rise up. Putting on a pair of cute baby blue sandals I feel better. As it is impossible to eat in the hotel restaurant, I decide to leave early and grab something from the on street vendors to eat as I'm walking along. I manage to find myself a bar with a take out service and before I know it, I have a neapolitan burger, fries and a beer and I'm walking further down the street to find somewhere to eat and drink without sitting down. I have found a low rocky wall to put my food on and lean against. The burger reminds me of how our fish and chip shops used to be as it's wrapped in newspaper. Gorgeous, I must try and go back there before I go home. Putting the rubbish in the nearby rubbish bin I carry on my walk. I wish Ginny had come with me. That would have been fun. Guaranteed I wouldn't have a burnt back and bum as I wouldn't have been stupid enough to get stuck in the sea to meet Neil, whom I'm currently hiding from. I'm in the middle of laughing at myself, when, as I look back down the street I catch sight of him. White tshirt and dark blue denim shorts. He's also sporting a pair of expensive looking sunglasses and he's talking into his phone rather fast. I don't think he has seen me so I'm pretty sure that I'm okay to dodge into the market and hopefully he will have disappeared by the time I emerge the other side. When I finally dare to walk out I breathe an audible sigh of relief when he is nowhere to be seen. It means that I can carry out my plan. I have to say, that the breeze, although warm, is nice for my bum. ---- Neil ---- I haven't been able to get that woman, Jane, off my mind since last night. It isn't just her scent that's enticing, there is just something about her in general. Something that I can't quite put my finger on. Most men would chalk her up as crazy, being stuck in the sea like that, but I just know different. It was easy finding out which room she was staying in, money talks. It always has and it always will. As they say, cash is King and sometimes it does make you so. To start with I thought that the reason she ran off, was to be with her partner. That was just because she is in the honeymoon suite. You see no one had ever done that to me before, run away that is. Then the receptionist tells me that she is in the honeymoon suite on her own. It had been booked for two but only one showed..Jane. From what they could gather, the wedding didn't take place. On my own front I have been plagued to take a break from work for an age by my family and close Pack members. Apparently I overwork myself and have no social life. Well, being the Alpha of the wealthy Moon Stone Pack in the USA, it means that I am a billionaire. As I have wanted to protect the pack I prefer to keep my eyes on the business. Eventually, I was worn down and I told them to book me somewhere quiet, out the way so that I can relax. So far I have felt like a fish out of water. They got my pilot to fly me to Ibiza of all places and he refuses to leave until I've finished my holiday. I definitely can't relax here! I've been waiting rather impatiently for Jane to appear all day. I started in the breakfast room, then I moved nearer the pool area. I had my second in command, my faithful Beta Wes Blake, who I brought with me, on the lookout too. When I retire to get changed for the evening I get the call, "She's just left the hotel," Blake states. "Which way?" "To the left." "Keep track of her, I'll be there a.s.a.p." I reply. Quickly dressing again, I make my way out my suite and head to the lift. There is a V.I.P. lift on this floor meaning I won't get stopped all the way down. I am on the top floor above the honeymooners. As I enter the lift and go lower, I wonder what I'm going to say to the woman. Yesterday flowed, I didn't want to get tongue tied today. Not giving myself time to think of such a problem, I exit the lift, pace through the hotel lobby until I exit onto the street. Remembering that Blake had said she took a left turn, that's what I do. I decide to call him, to find out where she is. "She has been eating some food against a wall, in a loose dress. It appears that she can't sit down," he replies. Then I spy her, what's more, I think she's seen me too. "Thanks, I'll take it from here," I tell him. "I'll be back at the hotel should you need me," he replies. I end the call, look down for a brief second while I put my phone back in my pocket and when I raise my head once again, she goes and vanishes on me. I figure she may just be in the market, but when I enter there I realise almost straight away that I've lost her again amongst all the crazy colours. She could be anywhere. I'm never usually one to accept being beaten, but Jane sure is doing a good job at nearly getting me there. Maybe I acted weird last night to her because it was definitely beginning to seem that she was avoiding me. I'm so sure she saw me, she looked straight at me. Unless she didn't recognise me. I'm so confused. Ggrrrr. There is nothing else I can do but take a stroll down the beach. ---- Jane ---- I'm lying on the beach. It's early evening time and I am well aware of how close the sea has got to me. I have spent the past hour annoyed with myself for not acknowledging Neil, because in reality, I really do want to speak to him. He has just made me nervous, his manly aura. It is as if I can still smell him even. "Jane, fancy seeing you here," comes the sultry voice of Neil. "N..Neill! G..good to see you," I trip over my words, jolted out of my thoughts. "I was beginning to think you were avoiding me, so I came to hunt you out to find out why." I go quiet for a moment, whilst I decide what I should say. He definitely has a nice smell.... I decide to go with the truth so say, "Yes, you are right, I have been avoiding you and that is because you are always on my mind." "I fail to see where the problem lies Jane," Neil says to me. I pat the sand next to me and wait for him to sit before I say, "I have just been left at the alter Neil. My husband to be already has a wife. I was/am very much in love with the cheating bastard. However attracted I might be to you, it wouldn't be right. I just am not ready for my heart to be toyed with again. I don't want a rebound relationship or a holiday romance, so that leaves us no where to go. Now, please leave me be and I will stay out your way."
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