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Jessica alighted from a cab. She was currently standing at the front of Jamie's house. It was a nice house in the nice part of town. You know, the kind of place for *the rich and famous* unlike where she lived. One could never tell he came from money with the way he kept his life simple.  He invited her for a party and since it was a Sunday, she decided to attend because Sundays were her free days.  She walked to the front door and contemplated going back home. She hated attending social events alone. Although Jamie offered to pick her up, she declined. It didn't feel right for her to arrive with the party host. And again, she felt she was underdressed for the party in her pair of black high waist pants, a crop top, and strappy sandals. She didn't do anything special with her hair. All she did was straighten it and let it flow down her back. She stood there for about 5 minutes before finally letting herself in. It'd be unfair to him if she goes back and again, she was already there. She went to the sitting room in search of him but she was greeted with loud music blaring from speakers in different corners of the room. It'd been made into a mini dance floor with sweaty teens dancing and others making out in different corners. The whole place reeked of alcohol and weed. There were smoke clouds in the air that made it hard to see anyone within2-meter distance. She looked around the sitting room but saw no sign of him so she headed for the kitchen. She got there and saw Dylan, Jamie's friend chatting with an unfamiliar blonde girl.  Dylan was Jamie's childhood friend. They were practically brothers. You'd always find them in the same place. There was a time they had the same haircut. Girls were confused about who to go for. Yeah, they always had girls at their Beck and call. It was a miracle they saw her differently. She strode to him. "Hey Dylan" she smiled. "Yo! Jessie...what's up?" He grinned. "I'm okay...err... sorry I interrupted your conversation. I'm looking for Jamie" "He should be at the pool deck" "Alright...see you later" she turned to leave. "Damn!! that's an ass" he called out, drawing attention from guys nearby. Asshole. She rolled her eyes. Dylan was always making comments about her body. She never took them seriously because he did it half of the time to annoy her and the other half, he was joking. He'd better be. She thought. She got to the pool deck and saw Jamie chatting with a group of guys. Immediately he saw her, he excused himself from the conversation to meet her. "Hey...You're looking good".  Her cheeks tingle at the compliment and she smiled.  "Be my girl for the night" He gave his best puppy dog eyes but she knew it was one of his acts. "No way" she laughed although she wished he meant it.   "I almost thought you weren't coming" "Why wouldn't I?" She smiled sweetly while mentally slapping herself. "I mean, this feels like a relief from working so much". Oh s**t. That slipped. He didn't know she works multiple jobs. " know taking care of my dad, working at the pub on Fridays, serving…" she rambled on. "I totally get it. Maybe I should get you to go out more often as a treat for being a hard worker" He grinned. "Mmm...I'll think about it" "Nope. You have no say in it. Let's get you something to drink" He held her hand pulling her back to the direction she emerged. "Are you old enough to be drinking alcohol?" He smirked, earning a glare from her. She really wasn't big on alcohol consumption. Drinking alcohol produces a burning sensation in her tummy that she didn't like. She'd really prefer soda but it was a party so alcohol it was.  They got into the kitchen where he poured booze in a plastic cup and mixed it with soda before handing it to her. She took a sip from it and felt the familiar burning sensation but she kept drinking. "How's it?" "It tastes good but the burn is there" "You're not a drinker" He laughed.  "Whatever" she stuck out her tongue. It was childish but she couldn't help doing it most times. "Come dance with me"  "No way" she was not a dancer and he knew it. She gave up on dancing a long time ago when she found out she had no future in it.  "Come on. It'll be fun" he pressed on, smiling mischievously. "If you must dance, go ask any of the girls around. I know they'll be more than happy to do it and you will even get added benefits. If you know what I mean" she wiggled her brows. From the corner of her eyes, she saw Abby heading their way. Talk about girls that were ready to dance with Jamie with added benefits. Abby was her friend in high school but they sort of drifted apart because she'd always wanted a relationship with Jamie and she felt Jessica was in her way. And to the best of her knowledge, he wasn't the least bit interested in her but it seems she doesn't give up her chase. Abby strode to them and instantly glued herself to Jamie's side hugging him tightly. "Hi Jessica" she gave her a sugar-coated smile. "Hi, Abby. Good to see you"  Abby whispered some inaudible words to him and he wrapped an arm around Jessica's waist and the other over her waist. She gave Jessica a predatory look. What the hell b***h? Do you think I'm tryna take the little attention he gives you? Well, soak it up while you still can. Jessica raged mentally. "Errr...Jamie excuse me. I'll see you later"  "Where are you heading to?" He narrowed his eyes. "I have to find Ruby". She lied. Ruby was also a friend from high school. She was Jessica's closest friend after Jamie. They were inseparable in high school and still are. Although Jessica didn't hang out with her friends much, she loved moments like this when they could still come together to have a good time. "Fine. I'll find you later" She sipped from her drink and exited the kitchen. She saw a couple of guys playing poker and decided to join them since she knew most of them. That was one good thing about being friends with Jamie. You don't lack friends because he's damn popular. So you'll always find the right people to hang with. While heading there, someone called her from behind. She turned to see Ruby smiling at her. She greeted her with a hug. "Jessie ...where have you been? I've been looking for you or did you just arrive?" "Nah...came in a while ago but was with Jamie" " where is he?" She looked around. "Well Abby showed up and was acting as if she owns him so I had to excuse myself" she sipped from her drink. "Ohhhh yeah...she owns him anyway. For now at least" Ruby shrugged. "Huh? What do you mean?" Did she ask with furrowed brows? "He's her boyfriend duh! Don't tell me you're not aware?" She raised her brows. "Ohhhh….y-yeah. About that he actually told me. Must have forgotten" She lied. What the hell? How can Jamie hide that from her? How long have they been together? She wondered. "Enough of the Abby talk. Let's go dance and we have a lot of catching up to do" Ruby grinned mischievously. "I'm not dancing with you" That earned her a glare. "Don't dare me, Jessica Brendon". When Paige used a person's full name, she was damn serious, and not even the devil could stop her. She was very well aware that Jessica couldn't dance but she derived pleasure in making her do it. She dragged Jessica to the dance floor amidst her protests. They danced for about half an hour before deciding to get drinks. They weaved their way through the sea of bodies on the dance floor and managed to get to the kitchen. They both got a cup of whiskey mixed with soda and were making small conversations. Someone tapped Ruby from behind and they turned to see a guy with spiky blonde hair and all 6ft of manly muscles standing before them. His two arms were covered in tatts and he had a lip ring. He was absolutely the kind of guy you'd see once and turn to have a second and maybe even a third look. He totally had the bad boy look going on for him. All he needed was a bike to complete it, that's if he didn't have one already. It was really hot.   He was totally Paige's kind of guy. From the way they were conversing, it seemed they'd met before. At some point, introductions were made and the conversation became hot. Jessica had to excuse herself. It appears she was destined to be alone. She got out of the kitchen and sighted the guys still playing poker. This time, Dylan was with them. She strode over and joined them. Since they all knew her, they let her join, and again, Jessica was a pretty cool girl so they didn't mind if she was a girl.  It was a good company but she lost count of time. She pulled her phone from her pants pocket to see it was almost midnight. She had to go home. She couldn't let her dad stay home alone. After playing her last round, said goodbye to the guys and got up to leave. On getting outside, she was strongly embraced by the cold. She mentally scolded herself for not bringing her jacket. How was she going to get home? Maybe order a Lyft as there were no cabs in sight.  She was still lost in thoughts when a car pulled up next to her.  "Jessie get in" Dylan called out. "Errr...what are you doing out here?" "Jamie asked me to take you home" Ohhhh...he couldn't even do it himself. She bet he was having a good time with Abby. She frowned at that. Well, she shouldn't be angry. It's not like he was her chauffeur. "You really don't have to. I'll get home" "Don't be a stubborn girl. Jamie would have my head if I don't get you home successfully" Yeah right. She rolled her eyes. "Whatever". She walked to the passenger seat and got in.  "Put this on" he Handed her a hoodie. "Thanks" she was cold so she didn't have the heart to refuse it. "Thank Jamie, it's him" He smiled. "Should have known" she rolled her eyes. "He really does care about you. I mean we all do. Our baby girl" he laughed. "You're. An. Asshole" He laughed harder. That night, she got home, did her usual clean up routine, and got into bed. She slept off Immediately due to the dizziness caused by the little alcohol she consumed.  The next morning she woke up earlier than usual. She tried to go back to sleep but it was already far away from her already.  While still on her bed, the memories of the night before came rushing to her. She still couldn't believe Jamie was dating Abby after making her believe he could never be in a relationship with her and the fact that he kept it from her made her mad the more. She felt everything she'd ever known about him was a lie. She hated lies. Her dislike for Abby was all because of Jamie. He brought her into it and now he made her look like a fool. She was never interested in whatever he had with Abby.  Jamie and Abby were friends before she met him. They were really close but they started having issues. Their friendship wasn't stable anymore. At the time she met them, it was hard for her to cope with their fight so Jamie told her everything. Abby wanted a relationship with him but he told her he only sees her as a friend but apparently, she doesn't relent so she kept shooting her shot. There was a time they cut ties for a year because of that. Jamie had enough and told her not to contact him again. Then all of a sudden they started talking again. He told her Abby apologized saying she'd never pressure him again. Who knew? Maybe they'd been dating since then and she'd been a fool all along. She thought. Jessica had always seen Jamie as that perfect guy that would never hurt her but now she felt all that may as well have been a facade. After all, her mom left her dad after 12 years so it was no different. Now she'd lost the only person she'd ever felt had her back. She shouldn't have ignored the warning signs that came blaring at her when they first met. She met Jamie while in 9th grade. At that time she actually had no friends. Kids avoided her like the plague after her mom left. No one wanted to be around a girl with a single parent who was also a drunk. They all felt she was pathetic. She was used to that life that it felt a little strange when one of the hottest and popular guys in school decided he was going to be her partner for a practical class. From what she heard, he was new in town then but it didn't take him long to become popular in school with good looks and being good at football. Initially, she believed he hadn't heard tales about her that's why he was with her. After that day, he would always sit by her in class. At first, she saw him as a bug and tried to chase him off but he wouldn't relent. Soon, she got tired and decided he would leave if she ignored him hard enough but it seems that motivated him the more. Slowly, her cold demeanor began to wear off around him and they became friends. She half expected him to run away once he found out more about her but none of that happened. He stuck with her no matter what she was passing through. Soon, the other teens began drawing close to her. They finally found out she wasn't some mannerless or cold-hearted girl or whatever they thought about her. Although it was strange at first, she gradually got used to being around people. Jamie brought all of that to her life but now she felt maybe it wasn't real and she hadn't noticed it all along. It hurt her to know that the one person she thought was different was the same as everyone else. She'll get through this. She assured herself. It wasn't like it was the first time she'd lost someone dear to her. She told herself. Finally, she got out of bed and decided to start her day with a cup of coffee as she headed to the kitchen.

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