3: The Royal wedding

1106 Words
The day was already bright, and the c**k already crowed twice, yet the alpha king was yet to leave his chambers. His manservant and maidens didn’t dare enter his chambers without his permission, despite today being his wedding day. Edward, who had his red royal robe on for the Royal wedding, noticed the servants standing around aimlessly and he drew closer to them. They saw him approach, and all stood at attention. “Why do you all stand aimlessly on the morning of the King’s wedding?” “He hasn’t beckoned to us yet.” The male servant holding onto the golden robe of the alpha king replied. Edward’s brows narrowed at their response and he headed to the door, pushed it open, and stepped in. The bedroom with its thick window curtain drawn looked as dark as ever and it was no wonder his i***t brother, the alpha king, was yet to wake. Guiding his legs to the window, he pulled the curtains apart and the light of the sun shone into the room; he moved and did it to the other two windows. Soon, light illuminated the room, banishing the darkness. Feeling satisfied, Edward turned to the bed where his brother lay and found him wide awake. His gaze was murderous as they beheld him, but the two naked women rested on each of his arms, still slept soundly, barely bothered by the intrusion of lights. They weren’t the first whores Xavier had entertained in the Palace, but they were the first heavy sleeping whores he ever had. Edward noticed. “I think it’s time for you to get up.” “And who the hell are you to think for me?” for a waking man, Xavier’s tone had so much vitality in them. “I’m your brother, the crowned prince and your best man for today’s occasion.” Edwards then claps his hands thunderously, yanking the ladies beside him out of their beauty sleep. “Please grab your clothes and get out. Thank you.” The naked women did as they were told and Edward watch them, making sure they had left before returning his gaze to the bed. Xavier was no longer on it though, and before Edward could think where he took himself to, Xavier grabbed him by the neck and slammed him into the wall of the bedroom, causing a crack in the wall. “Amongst the both of us, who’s the king?” he demanded, his voice sneering into Edward’s ears. “You are,” Edwards choked, struggling to loosen his grip on his neck, but Xavier wouldn’t let go. “Then who gave you the audacity to come into my chambers and chase my guests out?” “No one, but you seem to have forgotten that today is your wedding day and you should no longer be in bed.” At his words, Xavier released him and turned towards the bed. “It’s today? I thought it was two days’ time?” “Is this why Zara sent the girls over to me as a pleasant gift last night? I didn’t know, and didn't ask, but now it makes sense.” he mumbled to himself and Edward heard. Edward wrapped his hand over his neck, trying to ease the pain Xavier had inflicted on it with his monstrous grip. He sighed, infuriated by the sight of his brother’s naked butt, which would haunt him for the rest of the day. “It’s today, my king, and your bride will arrive soon. You should be in the temple before she comes.” Edward walked over to the door and pulled it open, widening them for the servants to walk inside. Once the last servant entered the room, he shut the door. An hour later, the alpha king stood, wearing his long, golden royal robe, neatly made with each design thought through from his neck down to his feet. The servants made his long, silky black hair into a neat ponytail before adorning him with the white lacy mantle. The royals wore the mantle, and it always served as a sign of them getting married. Once done, the alpha king rose to his feet with grace, and his entire aura commanded reverence. “You look like every maiden’s dream.” Edward gushed, mumbling under his breath, “but you’re their nightmare.” Xavier cast him a glare, overhearing him, but he paid no mind. “It’s your big day, brother. Do you wish father was here?” Edward asked, helping Xavier adjust his collar. Xavier stared at himself in the mirror, loving the face that stared back at him. “No, I’m so glad he’s sleeping and I hope he sleeps for a very long time.” Once an alpha attained a hundred years of ruling, he’d fall into a deep sleep that could last for two years and sometimes up to a decade. When they wake, if they wake, they receive the title of Alpha of Alphas. So far Robb Ainsworth, their father, had been asleep for the last three years and no one knew when he’d wake, but the physician and sorcerer had calculated it being before winter, which was two months away. Xavier didn’t want his father waking up, he wanted him to pass through his sleep. And that was how much he hated him and his brother knew this. “You don’t mean that.” Xavier turned around and gave Edward a stare that displayed emotions ranging from pain to anger to resentment. “All he ever did was compare me to that bastard called Elliott and tell me how much better he would be as alpha king, so yes, I mean that and I hope he sleeps to death.” Edward felt for him. This was one of the few times they talked without slamming each other into walls or tearing at each other, and he saw past his brother’s shield. “Hopefully he wakes up, sees you’re married and his opinion of you changes.” “Or better still, he doesn’t wake.” A small knock came on the door and Edward hurry over to it. “Is the king ready, my Prince?” a male guard’s voice came through as soon as the door opened. “Yes, is the carriage set?” “Yes, my prince.” Edward turned back to glance at him, a happy smile on his face as if he was the one getting married. “This is it, brother.” Xavier rolled his eyes. “Sure. Just stay out of my way and we’ll be fine.”
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