Chapter 1: Senior Year

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Senior year. What is senior year? For some it’s the end and the beginning, for others it’s the year of change, and for some, it’s just another year of misery in school. But for me? It’s finally my year. It’s finally the year I show everyone who I really am and what I can do. My name is Eva Joan, I’m 18 and I’m a new student at Rutherford High. I’m currently studying to become an architect in the future and up till now, I’ve been a straight-A student. I woke up the first day of our final year and stood in front of my mirror thinking of what I could change. I was new in town, after my parent’s divorce my mother and I chose to move cities to stay as far away from my dad as possible. Now that we’re here, I have the opportunity to start over. “Eva, baby, let’s go. You’re going to be late for your first day.” I hear my mom shout from downstairs. I put on my blue jeans with a white crop top and a beige cardigan to go with my also beige converse. Usually, I would tie my hair into a ponytail but this time I let my caramel hair loose for everyone to see, it was also my first-time putting makeup on…just a little. “You look good today.” My mom said when I entered the kitchen. “New beginnings,” I said taking the cup of coffee she made me and nodded her head showing me that she agrees. “Mom, can I take your car? I’m sure you’ll be busy all day cleaning the new house, so…” I looked at her leaning my head to the side hoping she’ll say yes. A couple of seconds later she smiled and nodded again. “Thank you thank you thank you.” I hugged her with excitement. “Okay okay, I’ll run out of air if you don’t let go soon.” I heard her say even though I knew she was enjoying this. After I let her go, I ran straight to the entrance not wanting to be late, took the car keys that were hanging on the wall next to the door, and left. My new high school was a quick 20-minute drive so it didn’t take long to go there. As soon as I parked the car, I took a deep breath and got out. I took a quick scan of my surroundings and saw how different the people were. Some were studying in their study groups; others were making out against their cars. Basically, a typical teen drama high school. I started walking towards the school’s gates but I was suddenly caught off guard by the black smoke coming out of the motorcycle that almost hit me. I was coughing hard before I could turn to the stupid person that almost injured me. I was getting ready to shout at that person but as soon as he took off his helmet it’s like all the words just vanished. My anger was still there but the words were nowhere to be found. Come on Eva, the last time you drooled over a man like that you were left with a broken heart. I approached him slowly and patted him on the shoulder. He didn’t bother looking at me, he just sighed before turning his vehicle off. Turning his head slowly he looked at me from head to toe then gave me that annoying grin. “What is it, long legs?” he said the smirk still plastered on his face. His eyes were black, they were so dark I could almost see my reflection in them. “Next time, check if there’s anyone in front of you instead of driving so carelessly.” I don’t know how I got the courage to talk back like that but I was happy I did it. He scoffed while getting off of his vehicle then turned back to face me crossing his arms. His arms were huge so were his shoulders, and he was at least 6 foot tall as he was completely shadowing my not so short figure. “What do you want me to say?” the smirk was back like he was challenging me to talk back. “Sorry? That you’ll be more careful? Anything that shows your decency?” I held my textbooks closer to my chest. Even though I was standing straight in front of him, his big physique could still break me in half. I heard him chuckle before bowing so that his face was inches away from mine. He looked deeply into my eyes before opening his mouth as if he were to say something. “I don’t do sorrys, long legs.” He smirked in my face one last time before he turned his back to me and went inside. It took me a while to realize that everyone around us was staring with widened eyes as if they could not believe what they just witnessed. Who was this guy? Why are these people looking at me like that? I started walking towards the school entrance trying to ignore all the eyes that were following my every move and when I finally made it in, I felt someone hook their arm around mine and pulled me aside. “Girl, do you even know who you were talking to?” I looked at the girl that took me by surprise and furrowed my eyebrows at her question. She was smaller than I was, then again, I was taller than average. Her hair was black and her skin was very beautiful, almost like she was a vampire. “I’m Nicole by the way, you can call me Nikki, and sorry for pulling you like that.” She smiled at me and extended her hand for me to shake. “Eva, nice to meet you.” I smiled back showing her that she shouldn’t worry. “Eva, you’re my hero. No one even dares to speak to Jayden like that. He’s like the king of kings and everyone wishes to be him.” She said with excitement. I didn’t understand a word of what she was saying. “Who is Jayden?” I asked with a shy smile not wanting to embarrass myself already. Her head tilted to the side like she couldn’t believe my question. “A-Are you serious? That’s Jayden Wright. He’s like the best architect in the country.” She said replacing her arm where it was and started walking taking me with her. “Doesn’t he look too young to be an architect?” I asked remembering his face from a couple of minutes ago. “Yes, but he skipped classes. He’s the genius of this school.” She nodded answering my question. “Then what is he doing here?” I asked another question. “At the beginning of every senior year, the school organizes like a small workshop where they invite several graduates that studied in this school specialized in different majors to talk about their path to success and for the last two, Jayden has been the one hosting the architectural workshops.” She explained everything to me and everything made more sense though I had one more question in mind. “You told me no one dares to speak to him the way I did. Why is that?” I asked her spotting him leaving a room followed by who I’m guessing is the principal. They were talking in front of the office and from the look on the principal’s face I could see that Nikki was right, Jayden does seem to be treated like a king. “Honey, Jayden is the Christian Grey of the city. He’s young, successful, and most of all, a bad boy.” She explained as I turned again to look in his direction to be completely surprised that he was looking back spotting me in a hall filled with students. He plastered that smirk on his face again before turning and walking away followed by the principal. “You don’t want to mess with him.” I almost completely forgot that Nikki was next to me talking. She is right, one smirk diverted my attention. I am not the type of girl to be interested in a guy this fast, but Jayden, he was a completely different story and I could definitely see why. My first day in a new town and I already know who I’m going to stay away from. The first name on the list: Jayden Wright. ******** Nikki and I entered the auditorium designated for architecture as it was our choice of career in the future, we sat in the back because I didn’t want Jayden to spot me again and waited until the room was filled for him to start. The seats were soon filled leaving space for no one so they simply stood wherever they found a space. “Wow, all of these students want to become architects?” I leaned closer to Nikki to make sure she hears me in the crowded room. “Of course not. Look around, 75% of the people here are girls. They’re just here hoping to grab Jayden’s attention.” She scoffed. I did as she said and she was right, the room is filled with girls, some of which I'm sure have nothing to do with architecture.  Soon the lights got dimmer signaling everyone in the room to pay attention and the principal was on stage was a smile on his face. “Everyone, it is an honor to have one of our brilliant students be here with us today. I’m sure there is no introduction needed, however, I want you all to welcome one of the best architects in the country, a young and very successful man, Jayden Wright.” Everyone started clapping along with the principal and did not stop until Jayden himself asked us to. The light was on him as he took the microphone from the principal’s hand to start his speech. Although we were seated in the back, I could still clearly see every feature of his. He looked so intimidating just standing there. His back straightened, his head looking ahead, he started talking about his career and how he became the man he is today in a short amount of time. He might be a bad boy, but he sure knew how to intrigue you with his words. ******** After Jayden was done speaking, the students began to leave the auditorium to go back to their classes. I was left alone in the hall in front of the room we were in because Nikki wanted to go to the bathroom and asked me to wait for her. I was walking back and forth thinking of the workshop and I was quite impressed. For a man that doesn’t “do sorrys”, he sure has done a lot in his life. I was lost in my thoughts; I didn’t realize someone was there and suddenly I bumped into a hard chest and as I was going to apologize, I looked up and saw who it was stopping halfway through my apology. “Forget it,” I said instead of saying sorry and turned walking away. He laughed understanding why I said what I said. “You owe me an apology, long legs.” He spoke. I looked back to see him with a smirk on his face and his hands in his pockets. “Seriously?” I raised my eyebrow. He nodded approaching me. I looked at him taking in my reflection from his dark eyes before I responded the same way he did before. “I don’t do sorrys,” I responded with sass. He looked into my eyes not moving an inch. “Really?” That was all he said with the smirk back on his face. I nodded looking at him with the same intensity. For a moment his smirk became a smile but that was only for a split second. “What’s your name, long legs?” he asked. “I’m not telling you,” I replied. We were still very close to each other, our faces almost touching. “Do you want me to keep calling you long legs?” he tilted his head changing his tone into a deeper one. I hesitated for a while before Nikki came back ruining it for me. “Eva let’s go; we’re going to b- oh sh*t.” she stood still after she realized whom I was talking with. I backed away allowing space to come between Jayden and me and I caught him changing his expressions to an uneasy one then back to a straight unbothered face. “I’ll see you around…Eva.” He spoke. “Although I prefer calling you long legs... describes you better.” He whispered into my ear before leaving the hall the same way he did the first time we met. Looks like Mr. Wright and I are going too bump into each other quite a lot.
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