Chapter 1

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''Delicious~'' Naell couldn't resist saying it over the course of his recovery. Sebastian had these cloudy eyes upon seeing his young master Naell, enjoying his food. He couldn't help but notice how his young master's attitude became better, after getting beaten. Naell Beryldot used to be a jolly cheerful kid. But when his mother died due to a terrorist attack in a Noble summit, Naell's attitude towards everything became sour. Upon seeing a teary-eyed Sebastian, Naell misunderstood his butler's reaction as fear. ''...The food is delicious, so you don't need to get scared or anything. I don't think I'll raise my hand to anyone ever again, Elder.'' Sebastian couldn't help but smile upon seeing how he was reflecting, and becoming who he once was. 'I still can't get used to how everyone here is afraid and at the same time cares a lot for someone like Naell. He really was a bad guy.' "I just hope you can recover soon enough, Young master." Naell actually was fine now, but knowing it was his middle school graduation, he decided to pretend that he was still in recovery. The school he went to was not that big, but it was still unique since not every state had one. Due to Naell's father, Fharom Beryldot's decision, the school was established for all his people. Following the novel, Naell also did not go to his graduation, though his reason behind it was not explained by the author. 'I guess he was either embarrassed or the author simply did not think it was necessary.' Schools in that world not only teach academic subjects but also seek students who have the talent for martial arts and magic. Not all states offer schooling for non-noble children, that was why most commoners, who as a kid shows talent for martial arts or magic, are adopted into the capital to be trained as a knight or a mage. There were exceptions; one of which was the Baron school of Beryldot. Students get taught until middle school, leading to them applying to become an adventurer. This allows the students to have the means to support themselves when they pursue their education in the capital. 'Maybe that is why, even if he has a trash son, Fha... I mean my dad is still loved in his estate.' Naell's thoughts were absorbing him, but what he heard snapped him back into reality. "Young master, I have a message from your father, Baron Fharom." Naell got nervous since they hadn't spoken after the duel. Fharom did visit his chamber while he was sleeping, but he did not wake him up. 'I guess Fha--- my dad will scold me now.' Sebastian then continued relaying his message. His perfect posture and green warm eyes never left his gentle smile. ''Your father would like to have lunch with you." *gulp* Naell nodded nervously. He knew t'was time, to face reality. Usually, after lunch, Naell would end up reading books available in his room. He meant to go to the library, but he patiently waited, until he could. 'Not much has differed, from how it was mentioned in the novel.' From what he read, MARTIAL ARTS involved the usage of either a weapon such as a sword or the martial artist's fists. They would even be capable of using AURA, something which resembled ki in Japan. As for MAGIC, it was divided into basic elements including light and dark. One fault of Naell, considering his lack of talent in the sword, was that he never did try other weapons. 'As for magic, I need to research more if I can use it. I remember magic is hereditary or... Something that hasn't been done here.' Naell knew his father from the novel. He was once a renowned swordsman, but he could no longer fight due to an injury he sustained. 'As for my mother, I never did ask anyone, just the simple knowledge of what I've read in the novel, Arts and Magic. She's dead.' Naell prepared early. He was still nervous since it would be his first time having a conversation with his father, after the duel. Naell wore a simple white polo shirt with black pants. Glancing in the mirror, he realized he still couldn't get used to it. Naell's hair now had a richer black than his original body. His eyes were dark brown, which closely resembled almonds, and his face was sculpted well. 'My hair is quite long for a guy, though considering razors don't exist here, maybe this hair isn't actually that long.' He stared at himself some more. 'And what pale complexion. If I didn't already know I was human, I might have considered myself a vampire already. I guess it would make sense. I was once a villain.' 'I do not know the standard of height and weight here but I'm guessing I'm average for both.' His build was definitely not frail, but it did seem average. He recalled that it was far from the somewhat muscular build Andrew was described to have in the book. 'No wonder I lost in a duel of strength.' If it weren't for his nasty attitude, the old Naell would surely be popular due to his appearance that emits both elegance and grace. As Naell was walking towards the dining hall, he heard murmurs of concern and gladness. ''Thank Aurora, Young master is fine.'' Naell was touched upon hearing them still, they flinched when they caught his gaze. It was clear that even though they were afraid of him, they still wanted him to recover. 'I will in return be a good young master, considering I don't need to be bad anymore for the sake of the story.' One of their servants stood at the door to the dining room, before opening it for Naell. There he saw his father sitting at the far end of the dining table. It was quite large but simple. Sitting with him was his step-mother and his sister. 'I guess Naell's face comes from his mother. His.. My dad's fierce brown eyes and black hair matches well with his distinct Asian features.' Baron Fharom was still fit even with the injury he got. His ability to walk was fine, as he had a cane to support him. He wore a simple white kimono. Their family emblem was perfectly wrapped around his left arm. Sebastian was standing beside Naell's father with the waiters serving the food. Naell couldn't hide his surprise as he had forgotten he had a stepmother and a sister. 'Right, her name is Lilia. She kinda looks like a hollywood star with her blond kempt hair and blue eyes.' Lilia's pink pale skin works well with her white dress that wasn't overly decorated. Next to her was Naell's half-sister, Lily, who was only 7 yrs old. She resembled her mom with her blond hair, but she had noticeably brown eyes from Baron Fharom's side. She wore a blue light dress complimenting her pinkish skin. The Beryldot household tended to focus their money on their estate. That was why their clothes and even their house was just simple. 'I don't blame them if they didn't go and see me when I was bedridden, considering I've even hit girls when I was mad. I'm pretty sure I was a real pain in the butt.' Little did Naell know, both his mother and his sister went to see how he was doing, all when he was unconscious on multiple occasions. They all watched Naell as he slowly approached the table and was caught by surprise, with what he did after that. Naell was really nervous and had been contemplating what kind of apology he should do. Not only did the old Naell humiliate himself, but he did also shame their family. Naell paused dramatically before the table. Recalling all the medieval movies, he had watched back on Earth. 'I know it was not really me who has done all this, but because as of now I am he, I might as well take responsibility.' He then quickly bowed and kneeled in front of them and said, ''Father, Mother, I bring not just shame to myself, but also to our family ''Father, Mother, I bring not just shame to myself, but also to our family. I beg for your forgiveness.'' . . . The long silence filled the room. The awkward performance had a jaw-dropping impact. Naell heard a number of gasps, but he couldn't tell who was who. Naell did hear his stepmother, Lilia, mumble with her teary voice cracking, ''...Mother?'' Lilia was then hugged by her daughter, Lily who immediately stood up to comfort her. 'I guess we really were on bad terms.' Naell did not know how his father, Baron Fharom got to where he was without his cane, but he felt his father's trembling hands on his shoulder. His father's also teary voice was cracking. ''It is also my fault for failing to raise you well. Forgive me, my son--- I do not know how I can face Alicia after all of this.'' Looking closely, Naell saw the dark circles under his father's eyes. He could not bring himself to look upon his father's eyes any longer. 'I've taken this responsibility too lightly. I didn't know how deeply troubled they were because of me. Admittedly, I feel guilty for taking their son's place away, but I also do not have the courage to tell them the truth.' ''There is nothing to forgive Father. My sin is mine alone.'' Naell could only muster enough courage to say those words, as breaking down with all the guilt he was feeling was not an option. ''You are forgiven, but you must never forget your sins.'' Naell nodded and supported him as he was staggering without his cane. Fortunately, Sebastian was also there to help. 'It was really awkward at first considering what happened. But as a human being, we can only move on and scream later when we remember all those embarrassing things we have done, huhuhu.' ''Naell, is your body okay now?'' Lilia had such a gentle voice that you could easily know she was concerned about her son. ''I've fully recovered Mom.'' Naell replied and saw her smile when he said the word, Mom. The lunch was really delicious but it was a little embarrassing for Naell. Every time he smiled upon eating the food, he'd hear some of them gasping, even his own family.
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