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HEAVEN-LEIGH’S POV I walk down the spiral stair case from the fourth floor in my silk sage green gown , it had thin straps that tied at the top of my shoulders and a high slit , exposing my right leg as my white heels click against the stairs , my face showing no emotion as I walk past my parents , my father , Alpha Raymond , was wearing a black suite and my mother , Luna Gina , was wearing a shoulder off white dress that hung by her ankles , I wanted to complement them on how gracious they look , but I didn’t even bother as I was royally pissed because they just had to have a meeting with a new neighbouring pack , tonight , on Mia’s birthday . Why not tomorrow night or the day after? Why tonight ? “You look lovely dear .” My father smiles at me , his light brown hair was gelled back while my mother’s deep red hair was up in a bun . “Can we get this over with ?” I ask and my mother glares at me . “Watch your tone .” She warns and I roll my eyes . “I have better places to be , can we go ?” I ask impatiently as I ignore her threat and before my mother could step forward to strangle me , my father grabbed her arm , nodding as we walk outside to the car . There were a few warriors still training on the front lawn on the pack house , some old and some new . “Henric , I’ll be at a meeting .” My father informs our beta and he nods , bowing in respect before my father gets into the car our valet brought up from the basement garage . “Thank you , Simon .” My father nods before getting into the car . “Alpha , Luna , princess .” He bows to us and I roll my eyes at the name my pack has given me since birth , princess — just because I’m the first born female Alpha in history — ridiculous . My eyes follow the depths of the forest as we drive out on a dirt road , my eyes taking in a few flowers and some trees , tall ones at that — it surrounds the ground of our pack , keeping us hidden . “Heaven - Leigh ..” my father sighs and here it comes , the lecture . “Don’t .” I grit out and he didn’t , he didn’t try because he knew that his little lecture would have made me even angrier . — I stare in awe at the Red Tower’s pack house , it was big and grey , but I think ours are bigger . “How long will this take ?” I ask in annoyance . “I’ll make it as quick as possible , dear .” My father smiles at me through the rear view mirror and I roll my eyes as the car comes to a halt . He was trying to kiss ass , but I am not forgiving them if I miss Mia’s party . “Please just be nice .” My father pleads and my mother glares at me , if I wasn’t so angry , I would’ve cared about the death stare she gave me . “I’ll try my best .” I say sarcastically before opening up the door . A big man with a scar on his face came stalking towards us , a tight smile on his face . “I’m glad you made is Raymond .” He smiles and I’m guessing that’s the alpha as no other rank wolf , except alpha’s , address other alpha’s by their first names . “How are you William ?” My father asks and William grins as he nods at my father . “I’m doing great .” He lies , I could hear his heart beat speed up , of course every alpha would say they’re doing great , they don’t want other to know about their troubles — it will make them look weak . “Please , come in . My family is waiting in the dining hall .” Alpha William gestures towards the house and we follow him inside . A delicious minty scent filled my nostrils and I inhale it deeply , I could feel my eyes flickering red and I frowned as I rudely brushed past alpha William to where the scent was coming from . I walk through big black doors and the first thing I see , was a long table filled with food , but that wasn’t what had caught my scent , no . I glance around the room , looking for the ravishing source the smell is coming from and I notice a woman , standing tall and alpha William and my parents follow me suite . “I see you found the dining hall .” Alpha William chuckled awkwardly and my mother grabs my bicep . “What has gotten into you ?” She grits out . “It’s quite alright .” The woman said . “This is my wife , Diane .” Alpha William gestures to the woman and as soon as she steps aside , my eyes lock with his , my eyes turning bright red , just like his as we walk up to each other , caught up in the moment that will forever be burned into my memory , seeing him the first time . “Mate .” We both whisper , but everyone glances at us , I could feel their eyes boring into our skin . Our eyes turned back normal and I felt his hand clasp mine in a caressing manner , his thumb rubbing over the soft skin of the top of my hand . “You’re my ..” he freezes , a confused look covering his face , he looked almost wrecked and I’m sure as hell it ain’t a good sign . “Mate .” I finish and he slowly nods , right before a girl walks up to him , ripping his hand out of mine and holding onto it . My hand suddenly felt cold , but I was murderously angry as I glanced at her . “Grayson .. what does this mean ?” She asks , her s**t coloured dark brown eyes tearing up and a growl ripples from my throat as she holds onto what is mine . “What the f**k are you doing ?” I bellow and my heart sinks into my stomach as Grayson steps in front of her , protecting her , not me — her . My own green eyes become glossy as tears swell up in my eyes . “Who’s she ?” I croak out , I couldn’t stop my lip from quivering and he sighs , releasing her hand and cupping my cheek . Sparks erupting on my skin and I lean into the pleasuring sensation . “This is Emily , my chosen mate .” He mutters out and I felt my heart break into a trillion pieces , my eyes glowing bright red as I glance at her again . I grab onto Grayson’s wrist of the hand that cupped my cheek , twisting it backwards until I heard a bone snap , a scream erupting from his lips , it looked so soft , but I was to angry to care . He dropped to his knees and I shoved him backwards , he fell to the ground and I heard gasps from all around me . She screamed and dropped next to him , holding his wrist and before I could leap forward to rip her throat out for touching him again , I felt two strong arms wrap around my body , lifting my feet from the ground and a deep growl escaped my mouth as I tried to bite at her head . Who the hell does she think she is , taking what is mine ? Stealing from an alpha . “Let me go .” I growl in a demanding tone and my father whispers in my ear . “Calm down .” He tried to say as soothingly as possible and alpha William crouches down next to his son , popping his wrist back into place and the painful howl that escaped his lips gave me ease , I wasn’t going to be the only one hurting here . “It seems we have a problem .” Luna Diane smiles warily and my mother nods at her with a tight smile on her face . “Let go !” I growl as I try to pry myself free from my father’s grip . “Not until you are calm young lady .” He growls at me , using his alpha voice and I whimper , letting my head fall . I take in three deep breaths , looking down at the ground . “ I am calm .” I mutter truthfully and he slowly settles me down onto my feet . “Apologise .” My mother snarls at me and my head snaps into her direction . “Apologise ? For f*****g what ? She touched what is mine !” I growl , my eyes flicking back to the glowing red as I slightly turn , my canine teeth extending and she smacks me , through the face , in front of everyone . What a mom . My head whips to the side and I take in a deep breath before stepping back . “I hate you .” I mutter and two hands hold my shoulders , the sparks erupting on my skin , letting me know it’s him . “Can we talk ?” He asks in such a soothing voice , it calms me instantly . I nod , not saying a word as his fingers slide down my arms and he takes my hand , leading me out of the room and I didn’t miss the death glare Emily was sending my way . His hands were soft , or I was just delusional — I didn’t care , his hands felt right , he felt right . His grey eyes were looking at me lovingly , his lips looked so soft and I just wanted to lean in and kiss him . He lifted his hands and cupped my cheeks , a loving smile appearing on my face as I glanced up at him . His tall figure hovering over my smaller one . “I can’t accept you as my mate .” He mumbled apologetically and I felt my heart ache becoming more and more , anger rippling through me as I rip his hands away from my face , pushing him backwards and he stumbles back , his eyes to the floor in shame , my eyes flicker red when Emily comes out of the room , my canines extending and as a deadly growl rip through my throat , I leap forward , transforming into a copper red wolf and I dive her into the ground , her terrified scream giving me uttermost satisfaction and before I can sink my canines into her , I’m tackled to the side by a light grey wolf , almost silver and I knew it was him , protecting her , once again .
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