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Axel drives me to a little restaurant right outside of town with drive-in stalls. It’s a little old fashioned, but the milkshakes are creamy and delicious. We share a large fry, and he actually asks for ranch instead of ketchup before I ask him to. I’ve never met another person who preferred ranch over ketchup with fries. Levi always tells me it’s gross, even making little comments about how it goes straight to my thighs, insinuating it's making me fat. Fuck him. Axel’s eyes keep traveling down to my thighs as if he’s wanting to take a bite out of them and not the fries. I'm sure he wouldn't mind licking ranch dressing off any part of my body. Small talk comes easily with Axel. He asks what I do for a living, and I tell him about my job at the bank. I went to college for accounting, but stayed at the bank instead of moving to a corporate job or a firm in a bigger city to be close to my grandmother. Grandma was the one who raised me. I never knew my dad, and my mom left town with a man when I was a kid. Even though she encouraged me to go and live my life, I couldn’t leave her. Axel tells me about his family business. They own a logging company and he lives close to this town in a community dwelling. He offers to take me back home and show me, but that seems like a little too much for the first time meeting him. I’ve never gone back to a guy's house before, unless you count Levi, and even though I feel like I can trust Axel, I’m not ready to dive into going home with him, possibly running into his family. “Well, what are you going to do tonight, if you are going to wait till the bus comes in the morning?” I shrug, sipping on the straw of my milkshake. The way Axel is watching my mouth while I drink my milkshake makes my core tighten and tingle. He makes me feel desired and sexy in a completely different way than I’ve ever felt. Levi treated me like I was his property. Axel is making me feel like he would do anything to become my property. It's like he wants to worship my body and not just claim it. I wish he would. There is lots of flirting between us, but he hasn't touched more than my hand the entire time we've been sitting here. “I, uh, was thinking of going to the hotel for the night.” “The one by the bar?” he asks. I nodded. “There’s a better one few people know about behind the bus station. My family owns it for workers who are here for a short term. I have a room there if, maybe, you want to stay with me?” He bites his lip seductively and I whimper at the notion of what he is asking. Do I want to stay with this man for the night? Yes. Yes I do. Step four of getting out from under Levi’s influence: get under Axel. It might only be for the night, but I still want to go with him. I need to go back home to my grandmother tomorrow, and Axel did mention the bus in the morning, so I’m sure he’s only looking for a one-night stand. But, right now, that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t change the fact that I want Axel more than I’ve wanted any other man in my entire life. “Yes,” I whispered, “I want to stay with you tonight, Axel.” The hotel he mentioned was nicer than the one Levi booked. It didn’t seem to have a front desk. If it did, I didn’t see one at the entrance we came in from. It does have a huge indoor pool, a full restaurant that is closed, but the back wall has shelving with complimentary snacks and drinks for guests. There is a massive fitness center, where there are a few of those huge local lumberjacks currently working out. There was even a rec room with all kinds of games, arcade machines, pool tables, and even a dance machine. Axel tells me there is a basement with a theater too. “What kind of hotel is this?” I asked in wonder. Axel laughs softly, his throaty chuckles doing things to my insides. “It’s not a hotel for the general public. Not usually. My parents use it to house, uh, extra workers who don’t live with us in our, uh, community village.” “Huh,” was all I managed to say. “You are free to stay here whenever you want, though. This isn’t for tourists, but I hope you become a regular in this town.” I blush to hear his words. I guess even if this is a one-night stand, he wouldn’t mind seeing me again on occasion. He hasn’t offered me his phone number, but he is taking me back to his hotel room, letting me know if I come back to town, I can see him again. His room is what you would expect of a hotel room. It’s a suite with a king-sized bed in the one bedroom. Basic couch, TV, small kitchen, and 2-person table. The room smells just like him. Pine and musk. It’s intoxicating. I just want to bathe in his scent all night long. “Bailey,” Axel husks, pulling me into his arms. Those electric currents travel over my skin, his hands resting gently on my hips before squeezing slightly on my sensitized flesh. Normally, I would feel self–conscious of my plump hips, but the desire in his eyes makes me feel confident and sexy. “Are you sure you’re okay staying here with me tonight? I’m sure you’re aware of why I brought you back to my place?” I bite my lip, then slowly nod my head. I’m sure. I’m sure I want Axel as much as he seems to want me right now. “Bailey,” he says my name like a prayer before bringing his lips gently down on mine. Wow. If I thought the electricity I felt between us before was pleasurable, it’s nothing compared to the fireworks I feel as he kisses me. It’s like a fire was ignited deep inside me, spreading and burning brighter with every passing second. His tongue dances with mine, teasing and arousing me further. His fingers pressed into my hair at the nape of my neck grip me, controlling my head movements, making me feel safe in his hold as he cherishes and worships my lips. His other hand, still gripping my hip, started to slide down, grazing and then cupping my ass. His breathy moan when he squeezes my flesh makes my panties soak with my arousal. I want him. I want Axel so much. I want him to do to my whole body what he is doing to my lips right now. I want to feel his mouth worship and dominate every other part of my body. I can feel his impressive bulge growing, pressing into my body, my nerves tightening and buzzing with the realization that I’m doing to his body what he is doing to mine. I’m so turned on and on fire for him, and he feels the same for me. This might only be for tonight, but I have a feeling it’s going to be the best experience of my life. Axel breaks away from my mouth for a minute, resting his head against mine, “If you don’t want to go all the way, You have to tell me now, Bailey, because I’m getting too excited. I don’t know if I’ll be able to stop once we start.” My heart swells hearing him fight his own desires in consideration of me. “I want this too, Axel. I’ve never wanted anyone more in my entire life.” A breathtaking grin erupts on his face, “Thank the goddess,” he says, confusing me momentarily before his mouth meets mine again, driving my confusion away.
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