Arranged Marriage

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                -Who is my Husband?-                 Kailee stood there with her mouth agape. Surely, she had misunderstood her uncle. “Wha-aa-a-at?” She spoke out in a gasp.                   “You are getting married.” He then threw a white gown at her in a rush. “Put it on and let’s go.”                   “Wait? What? N-n-n-ow?”  Kailee couldn’t believe the words coming out of her uncle Fredericks mouth. Sure, there was no love lost between them. He raised her after both of her parents died. If you can call it raising. He made sure she had a room to sleep in (an attic) and was fed (barely). He wasn’t even her biological uncle. His wife was her father’s sister. She also died the night her parents did.                   The man smirked at her. “You didn’t think you could just continue to live here forever as a leech did you?”                   No and she didn’t want to. But an arranged marriage? And so suddenly. She clenched the fabric in her fingers. She couldn’t argue it. She didn’t have a choice. Finally she whispered out, “Who am I marrying?” She watched as a cruel grin rose over his face.                   “You are getting married to the lord of the Clover Estate.”                   She sat there numb as he shut the door. She heard the creaking of the stairs as he descended downward. The lord of Clover Estate was unknown to her. Heck, he was unknown to everyone. He was never seen and when he was, he wore a mask. No one knew what he looked like. Just that he was a man who didn’t like to mess around. He wanted results. There was no bargaining with him. It was the way he said or not at all.  Nothing really outrageous about him other then his obsession with not being seen. At least there was that. After today she would know what he looked like.                 The only other thing she knew about him was that his father had also died while he was young. He was left to be the head of the large estate at a very young age. In her eyes he was lucky he didn’t have a family member to take over. When her parents died her uncle took over everything and treated her as a nuisance. She often wished she could leave this place. Well… she was now getting that chance.                   She stood up and changed into the gown. It was time to prepare for her wedding. She combed her light brown hair and clipped it up. Then she lightly applied some makeup. Her brown eyes flashed over herself in the mirror. The gown she wore was fairly simple but eloquent. It surprisingly fit her slender body perfectly. The sound of gentle tapping on her window sounded. A smile rose on her face as she opened the tiny glass. Sitting on the ledge was a young phoenix.                   “Boy, do I have news for you. I am getting married. Like right now.” She watched at the animal chirped and flapped about animatedly. Of course, what sounded like chirps to everyone else was words to her. This was her secret. She could communicate with certain creatures of the world. “I guess I will be moving into Clover Estate so maybe you can visit me there?”                   “KAILEE, LET’S GO.” The booming voice from her uncle yelled from below.                   “See you soon my friend.” Kailee shut the window with a small smile. She looked around her room and shrugged. She wouldn’t miss this place. It was more of a holding cell then a room. She wasn’t given a home here she was just allowed to survive.                   She hopped in the carriage and her uncle shut the door. She looked at him standing on the outside. He wasn’t even going to see her get married.                   “The carriage will take you there. Go straight in and they’ll take care of you from there. You belong to him now.” His voice said tersely.                   “One question. What did you get?” She turned her head away from him as she stared blankly at the opposite end. “You traded my father’s last name for something. What was it?”                   The man shrugged and smirked. “Does it matter? Doesn’t change the outcome for you.” He stepped away and then looked at the coachman. “Get going. I don’t want her late.”                   With a few light jerks the carriage was now rolling along. The sound of the wheels rolling filled her ears as she looked out at the setting sun.  What type of life was in store for her now? Was she only a wife in name? How would she be treated? The white puffy clouds floated above her. The blue sky was darkening as the day set. Just like how the wheels on the carriage continued to spin in circles no matter what ground it covered; so was her life. No matter what changes were now coming her way. Her life was still moving forward whether she wanted it to or not.                   The carriage pulled up to a large unfamiliar manor. This is the place that would be her new home. Somewhere in this large estate. She hoped it wouldn’t be another attic. She had no idea what the expectations were of her here. Was she to be a slave? Or was she to be hidden away? A wife in name only but not someone to be seen with.                  A tall man walked up to the carriage. He opened the door and extended his hand to her. He had dark brown hair and deep rich green eyes. He flashed a bright smile at her as she stared at his extended hand. “I’m not going to bite you.” His friendly voice sounded.                   “What is your name?” Kailee asked as she finally accepted the stranger’s hand.                   “Lance. I’m the right-hand man around here.” He gentle took her hand into his and led her towards the door.                   Her eyes darted around. The grounds were well taken care of. With beautifully trimmed bushes and luscious flowers blooming everywhere. A fountain trickled ever so slightly in the distance. It looked like that was the main garden. Fireflies began to dance around as the sun escaped from the event. Not even the sun would be present for her wedding. Was it really a wedding or more of a contract? She had yet to meet her groom to be. She looked away from the sun and with determination stepped inside of her new home.                   The first thing she noticed walking inside was how well the place was kept. It was in remarkable condition, even the floor shined. As she was led down the hall, she also realized something else. There were no portraits. None. There were paintings hanging, but not one portrait of the master or his family. Even her uncles place had portraits up. Though she wasn’t down in the main part to see the portraits often. And there were none of her. She spent most of her time in either the attic or outside in the small garden. He never wanted her around on the main floor, so she only saw them when she was passing by.                   “This is where I leave you. Wait here for a few moments and when you see the candle lit at the end of the hall then continue through. You’ll go through this door here. Follow it all the way to the end. Immediately to your right is the manor chapel. They will already be waiting for you there.” Lance opened the door and nodded his head down the hallway.                   “Thank you.” Kailee walked through the door and listened to it gently shutting behind her. She stared down the dark corridor. She waited for about five minutes until a light flickered into view at the end of the hall. She inhaled through her nose and then slowly began to walk. Each step she took was another step closer towards her new life. The long hallway seemed incredibly short. Before she knew it, she was standing in front of the doors where her future husband was waiting. Deep breaths. With a second of incredible courage, she opened the door.                   She squinted into the dimly lit room. Was this the right place? There were a few candles lit and as she took a few more steps in her eyes started to settle into the darkness.  At the end of the room were two figures. The one man wore a white cloak which helped him pop out to her more. The other man was facing away from her.  She walked up slowly making sure of her footing with each dark step. When she reached the front, an older man smiled and nodded at her. He was the officiant. She glanced to her side to get a glimpse of her future husband. She was shocked. The man had dark brown hair. He was tall and had broad shoulders. And his face. Well, there was no way to know what his face looked like. She looked staring at the man who wore a golden mask that covered his face. Was it just because of the officiant? Or would his identity remain a mystery even to her?                   The man in white started talking. He went on his rehearsed speech with all the traditional nonsense that meant nothing to her. How can she promise to love someone she didn’t love now? Honor and obey? Blah Blah Blah. Her eyes wandered over to the flickering candle. A flame that was confined to the wick in a single spot. That same flame if allowed to burn freely could end up devouring the whole manor.                 “I do”                 “Miss?”                   Her gaze snapped back onto the man. He must have asked her a question. She bit her bottom lip and giggled a bit in embarrassment. “Sorry. Um, I do?” She shrugged and her side sight saw her new husband continued to remain emotionless. Or at least it looked like that behind his mask.                   “I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride.”                   “Later.” The deep voice resounded next to her. “Follow me.”                   He immediately began walking away. In such long strides she had to almost trot to keep up. She slipped her shoes off and then ran up beside him.  “I’m Kailee. Sorry I zoned out and missed your name?”                   “Glad to see you’re taking your vows seriously.” His voice almost growled out.                   Her cheeks flashed red, and she looked down. “I’m sorry. There are just so many new things to look at. I didn’t mean to get distracted.”                   “You’ve seen what a chapel looks like.”                   “Well yeah when I was younger. Not since I moved in with my uncle. I’m not exactly his favorite person and he didn’t want me around.” She watched as he slowed his walk for a moment before he picked up the pace again.                 “Trey.”                   She flashed him a smile and tried his name out on her tongue. “Trey.” He opened a door and held it open waiting for her to walk through. She glanced at him and then to the open door. She took the hint that she was supposed to go in.                   The room was dark. The curtains were drawn. There was no light in the room. “Is this my room?” She listened as the door closed. She couldn’t see anything but could hear his steps walk towards her.                   “Our room.”                   “Our room?” She heard the sound of metal landing on a table. His mask she assumed. Then could hear the rustling sound of his clothes dropping onto the floor.  An airy chuckle escaped his lips.                   “I didn’t just make you my wife for the sake of calling you, my wife. I expect us to act like husband and wife. And that includes your marital duties as a wife.” His voice dropped a bit at the last part. She could hear him step closer to her.                   “Am I not allowed to see you?” She took a timid step backwards from the stranger. The room was dark, and she couldn’t see. She had no clue where she was at in the position of this room.                   “You’ll see me just like this at night.” She could now feel his breath fan against her as he stood right in front of her.                   “Why am I not allowed to see you, husband?” She felt a bit agitated she could perform her marital duties as his wife but couldn’t see his face. Still, her heart began to race now. She had never been intimate with a man before.                   “For now, yes. It has to be this way… for now.” He paused waiting for any more questions or objections.                   She felt his hands reach out to her and land on her shoulders. She gulped a bit. “I-I-I don’t know how… I don’t know what I am doing.” She breathed out. She could feel the heat rising to her cheeks as she felt embarrassed. In this moment she was glad the room was dark so that the evidence couldn’t be seen on her face. She felt his hand grab ahold of her gown, lifting it off of her effortlessly. She felt the cool air of the room beat against her bare skin. Her senses felt more heightened and she bit her bottom lip nervously.                   “I think we can learn together.” His voice said in a low gentle tone. Almost cooing to her like he was trying to reassure her.                   His warm hands wrapped around her. Against her cool skin his hands almost felt hot. She stumbled a bit as he guided her through the unfamiliar room. She felt something against the back of her legs, and he gently pushed her back laying her on the bed. “Don’t be afraid of me.” His voice almost broke a bit as he said it. It had a vulnerable sound to it, and she felt her chest hurt for him in that moment. It was silly. She didn’t know this man to hurt for him, but his voice had sounded almost pleading. However, even though she was nervous she was not afraid of this man. He was unknown to her and she was nervous about the unknown. But fear? No. There was no fear running through her veins right now.                   “I’m not.” She whispered back into his lips. She could feel his lips brush against her own before they lowered completely on her. It was slow, gentle, hot and sweet. It was everything she could have ever imagined a kiss would feel like. His hand gently caressed her while his other hand, held her face captively. Her slightly parted lips gave him entrance he was seeking. His tongue dipped into her mouth slowly and sensually. He massaged her tongue with his own. Slowly at first. The rhythm between them soon building up.                Her insides were a mess. These feelings and sensations were completely foreign to her. He was being so tender and gentle with her. She felt like he actually cared about her feelings in that moment. He was making sure she was okay with the pace they were going.  She felt him pull apart from her. He hovered over her for a moment, his breath was ragged. It was as if he was making sure she was okay with his advances. “This next part… this might hurt a bit at first. But I’ll do my best for it to be gentle.”               She nodded into the darkness as she caught her breath. She licked her lips and soon his lips were back upon hers. He began to nip and lick at her lips passionately demanding her to respond to him. She felt him gently knee her legs apart as his tongue began to dance with hers. His hips came forward, entering her gently. He reached his hand into hers and pushed in completely. She tensed at the pain and squeezed his hand. She squinted her eyes tight at first then relaxed them as she felt the pain slowly dissipate. When she loosened up her grip on his hand he began to slowly move again. His lips fell back onto hers as their two bodies fell into a rhythm.               This was the night she lost her virginity. To the husband that she had never seen. One she would know at night. She would share his bed and connect their souls. But in the morning…               The sun light crept in through the drawn curtains. Even with them being drawn they were not a match for the sun. The birds were chirping happily on the outside letting everyone know that the sun had awoken. She opened her eyes to look at the room she had never seen before. She could see a grey canopy draped over her head that surrounded the bed. The events of last night flashed through her mind. She bit her bottom lip and turned her head to where her husband should have been. The spot beside her was empty. Her eyes widened in shock, she sat up and looked around, but he was gone. He had loved her so gently that night and passionately made love to her. The way he made her feel wasn’t like she was just a piece of property. He made her feel like he really cared about her. He had been so tentative with her. Yet, with the rising of the sun he vanished with the moon.  She sat there quietly. She didn’t know what to think of her new life. Or the man who she gave everything to.   Who is my husband?                     - - “Who is my Husband” by JM Snap exclusively for Stary Ltd ( Dreame, Ringdom, Innovel). All rights reserved.
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