Chapter One:

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Dominic’s POV: “Sir, what must I tell the guards?” The young warrior screams from across the hallway. His eyes are frantic and his lips trembling with fear. “And what of the women and children?” Another voice shouts from the other side. The entire hallway is bubbling more and more into unfathomable chaos. I can see my father, the King, peeping over at me, waiting for my next command. The people need comfort and only I can give it to them. “The witches are attacking our lands in any chance that they can! They even have dark magic on their side. How are we ever to protect ourselves against that?” Another panicked voice booms, sending my flesh into goosebumps. Dark magic is no joke and it is going to be tricky to maneuver around it when the war eventually comes. “What are we going to do?” “We need to run away to safety!” “King…” “People are dying.” “We have to do something!” “How many more people must die?” “Dark magic!” The voices just keep rambling on and on, each adding their own heated spice to the already brewing and bubbling burn of the moment. I can feel my dragon becoming on edge as I look around me and listen to all the astonishing pleas and begging. I look to the side and notice my father, the King, is also wide-eyed and watching the chaotic space erupt further into misery. Every dragon is here from across the land and every dragon share one thing in common right now. Fear. “SILENCE!” I boom, my voice rippling in waves across the entire space of people. Their reptilian eyes look scared, fearful and worrying, but at least there is silence now. “Nobody is to panic; do you understand me? The guards and the people are to know the truth. Dragons are under attack as we speak and we have lost three brave and loyal members today. Extra security is to be placed across the borders of our land, there shall be a curfew for all members within the territory and nobody is to leave or come in without written approval by me. We carry on living our lives, but with more care and caution. We will not lose any more dragons!” I say, allowing my authority to run across each word I speak. I can see my father is impressed, as he smiles between me and the people. I want to feel proud of myself, but I also feel worried. There is a myth being whispered in the winds across all the lands, that there is to be a red dragon born soon. Red Dragons are some of the rarest and most powerful and whenever one appears, so the story of our existence and way of being changes. They only come in times when the greater Gods and Goddesses feel that there is unbalance between magical and non-magical creatures, as red dragons bring harmony. Unfortunately, to most magical creatures, this means changing how things exist now and this creates fear, anger and even rebellion. For as much good as the red dragon brings, a lot of violence, unease and chaos is created just at the thought of it. “We all know that the red dragon is going to be born. We can feel it in our bones and our very own dragons can feel it in their breath. We know these times are going to be tumultuous and maybe even full of despair, but we are dragons. We are fighters for the good and we will not allow anyone to bring us down. We have seen this day many times in history and we will see it past this time too.” I conclude my speech, looking around at the many faces frozen in awe. My first war speech has been held and I can feel the vibration of energy buzzing across my flesh and into the souls of those around me. My eyes never cease to notice every small breath or movement in the silence around me and in one last tick, the whole hall erupts into cheers and explosions of bravery. Their war chants and confidence are a sight to behold, as they slowly exit the space and allow me a moment to catch my breath once more. “The qualities of a fine King, my son. It takes a great leader to turn fear into bravery.” My father says, patting me on my back and chuckling out. I join in on his laughs, but truly I feel somewhat sick to my gut. How many lives are to be lost in these times? My father notices my expression and his gaze becomes more calculated. “You will lose many under you, Dominic. It is how you carry yourself in these difficult moments that define a king from a great king. This morning we buried three of our men, all brave and honorable. We mourn their loss, but more importantly, we honor their lives by making things right. Take the rest of the day off and gather your senses. Tomorrow we will proceed with our duties.” My father comments, slowly lifting his large frame from the throne next to me. I watch as his dark, peppered locks bounce across his face and his aura emanates warmth. He has always been such a great King, but an even better father. “Also, we need to go over some details for your crowning ceremony too. In only a handful of days, you will be king! We have a lot to organize.” I hear my mother's voice piping in from the other end of the hall. Her pointed red shoes are clicking in rhythm against the hard, tiled floor and her long, beige dress is swaying from side to side as her hips move. I can hear my father groan next to me and I roll my eyes. He scoops her up into his arms, lifting her gently and planting a small kiss on her lips. I feel myself blushing and looking away. I admire the love they have for each other, but it would seem my mate is nowhere to be found. I watch as my parent's figures giggle and slowly fade further into the darkness of the hall until eventually, I cannot hear them anymore. I can finally hear only silence around me, which soothes the embers and fire within my dragon soul. The red dragon is coming soon and is sacred to our kind. I hope whoever this dragon is, it is well hidden and strongly versed for what is to come. This war is going to need someone with a little more than strength and power to get through if any of us will make it past the witches. I walk out the hall, counting my steps to the door and I open it, looking up to the orange skies. I frown as what used to be peaceful clouds become swirling, grey and dark masses of twirls. The times are changing.
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