Chapter 1…

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Isabella’s P.O.V. Brngggggg…The sound of my alarm blasted through my room, I stretched my hand to check what the time is, though I know I set it for 5 am, so it most probably is 5 am. Duh. Genius. I shut it down and get out of my bed, making my bed for the day, I move towards the bathroom to get all my business done. Once I’m done with it, I move towards my sisters’ room. Yes, u read it right Sisters, not sister’s. I have two eleven year old sisters, Mia & Iris. Non-Identical twins or else it would have been really hard to keep up with them. Thank God. They can be a burden, when they want to; but all thanks to the Moon Goddess, that they don’t cause trouble anymore. As Mia says, they are grown up and now it’s their turn to take care of me. It’s adorable to see their concern for me and there is no doubt that they love me a much as I love them. I peek in their room and see that they are sprawled across their respective beds.  I know, what you’re thinking. Why share the same room? And No, we don’t belong to some poor family. My dad was the warrior head, so we are loaded and live in a five bedroom house located in the same vicinity as that of our pack house. The Blue Moon Pack The thing with my sisters is that, they like to do things together; they don’t like staying apart from each other for too long. Once when they were kids, Mom had to visit Grandma because she was ill and mom took Iris with her, whereas I, dad and Mia stayed here. Both of them ended up getting ill in a matter of two days. I remember, Mia would cry for hours as if she was in pain. So dad took her to the pack’s healer to calm her down, but the healer told him that it’s not possible as the reason for crying is not related to her health or appetite, it’s because she is away from her twin sister. They share a bond of Protectors, something about them being each other’s protectors and being away from each other is making them restless. Next thing I know, dad left for Mom’s old pack and brought Iris back. The moment, Iris was kept next to Mia, both of them just calmed down. It was weird as hell, but that day we realized that they don’t like staying apart and since then we never parted them away. I slowly shake Mia to wake her up, she mumbles something as I try to shake her awake, “Mia, sweetie, get up, it’s already 6.” On hearing this, she jerks up and looks at me with shock as if I grew two heads. I just shake my head and move towards Iris, while I shake Iris awake, Mia takes her towel and makes a run towards their conjoined bathroom. These two idiots are always fighting about who gets to bath first. That’s why I wake them up alternatively, so they both get chances to have a bath first. We have four Bathrooms in total, they can both have bath at the same time, but it’s something about using their own bathroom, since it has all their toiletries. Girls…  I tell you. While Mia is a silent riser; Iris, on the other hand, hates the idea of waking up. She can kill people for disturbing her blissful sleep. I think she got it from our mother. Mom hated the idea of waking up early just as much as Iris does. Once I know that they both are awake, I move to the triplet’s room. Yes, Triplets. I have three brothers, who are two years old. Our parents were the 1, 2, 3 couple. First they had me, one single child, Isabella. The second time, they had twin girls, Mia and Iris. The third time, they had triplet boys, Winston, Lucas and Theodore. Mom died after giving birth to them. Complications related to their birth, the doctor could save either her or the boys and she told her to save the boys. As for dad, he passed away, thirteen months after mom’s death. He was broken due to his Mate’s death which further deteriorated his health. He went on war, in that condition, his wolf wasn’t that strong anymore and dad’s human body was weak due to health issues. He got attacked by one of the rogue, against whom they were at war and passed away. Since then, it’s me who has been looking after my siblings. It’s not a problem, since the girls are already eleven, old enough to take care of themselves. Most of the times, I guess. As for my brothers, they are too small and need one of us, to keep a watch over them all the time. They don’t remember Mom, as they never saw her, so for them, I’m their Mommy. They call me Mommy and neither I nor the girls had it in us, to tell them otherwise. So we just let it be for the time being, we know, once they grow up, they will understand. As I open their nursery door, I see them still sleeping peacefully. That’s a good thing, so now I get to cook breakfast without disturbance. I make my way downstairs, towards the kitchen. I end up cooking, eggs, bacon and toast with some coffee for my sisters and me, whereas some porridge for the boys with some warm milk in the tumblers to sip on. When I call out for the girls, they come barreling down the stairs, settling themselves at the dining table and filling their plates with food which will be enough for a grown up man, before gorging it down. “Whoa, slow down ladies. Where’s the fire at?” I ask to mock them. Mia just shakes her head, while gulping the coffee down, whereas iris replies, “You know, how much we love your home- cooked food. We are late for school, so it’s either skipping breakfast or inhaling it. And we both went with the second option.” I just shake my head, smiling at them. I think I just got lucky in the Siblings department. As they get done with their breakfast, they hear the bus horn, letting them know that the bus has arrived. They both come running towards me, squishing me in a tight hug and kissing me on either side of my face, before bidding their goodbyes. Just as I move to the door, to see them off to school, my brother’s cries fill the house. Its 7.15 am already, I have around 45 minutes to reach college. I make my way upstairs towards their nursery. I see that Winston is awake and chewing his pacifier whereas Lucas is crying and as usual Theodore is still sleeping, he is a deep sleeper. That boy can sleep through a hurricane and a nuclear explosion, without even being bothered for a second. I pick Lucas up and take him to the changing table to get rid of his diaper as well as onesie, and take him to the bathroom to get him a quick bath. Drying him off and after dressing him, I place him back in his crib and move to Winston. I take him and get him ready as well, and then I move to Theo, who is still pretty much dozing off. I wake him up and get him ready too. Then I take Lucas and Theo downstairs and place them in their high chairs. I go back upstairs, to bring Winston down and place him in his high chair too. The thing about my brothers is that, Lucas is the impatient one. Theo is a sleepy ass and Winston is the most obedient one of them all. Once I get all three of my baby brothers settled in, I bring the bowl of porridge and start feeding them, but not before placing their bibs around their necks. They are messy eaters, just like their elder twin sisters. It takes me around 30 minutes to get done with it. I clean them up and run upstairs to my room to check myself onceover in the full size mirror, also to grab my bag and shoes. As I reach the living room, I place them in their conjoined strollers and make my way towards the pack house. This is basically my daily routine; I drop them off at the pack house where the Ex-Luna takes their care until I’m back from college. Our Ex-Luna is very loving and caring, so is our present Luna, which also is my Best friend.  Rose and I have been best friends since we were in diapers, when she turned 18; she realized she was mated with our Alpha Matthew, short being Matt who is 20 years old. After dropping them off at the pack house, I wave them a goodbye; kiss their tiny heads and turn to leave, when suddenly Lucas starts crying and making hand notions towards me to pick him up. I know, I’m getting late for college, but I can’t just leave him crying, so I pick him up, while singing him a lullaby, rocking him back and forth which I know usually works and makes him sleepy. I place him in his stroller and silently step away while glancing at my other two brothers, Theo as usual is already asleep but Winston is looking at me with so much love. I take his tiny hand in mine and whisper, “Don’t cause any trouble, okay sweetie. I’ll be back, before you know it. Love you.” As I move my hand away, he holds my finger with his tiny hand and says in his childish voice, “Love you too Mommy.” I kiss his head one last time, before I make my way to my car and leave for college.
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