Part 1

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/Archer's POV/ Living in Alaska was not his idea. He would rather stay in New York or Washington like his other cousins than suffer in cold. He was against it wholly. But he couldn't let go of the place. It was pathetic because that's the only memory he had of his mother. She took her last breath in the same place and he clung desperately to the place.  When he was just a pup his mother had sat him down and explained that it was his duty to protect his pack. After his father. But he had to take that responsibility soon because his father was a right mess after losing his mate.  Archer was the eldest of the triplets. He had to look up after his brothers, Aron and Aries even though they were of the same age, only five minutes apart.  At the age of twenty-five, he was managing a pack of forty wolves along with his brother while expanding their business. And they did not find their mate yet. He always scoffed at the idea of finding one and settling down because who would love him?  The Alpha often got looks from the pack elders, especially their wives, because ideally, he is supposed to have an Omega and settle down. Produce pups and take charge of the pack. None of which he was looking forward to.  Their pack resided in the wilderness of the North Pole in Alaska. For a place such as Alaska Archer expected people with guns, heavy snow falling, and bears. Only one of them was true. Heavy snowing. He hates the way snow covers the ground and he has to end up cleaning along with his brothers.   Archer always wanted to live in a city, experience the ditzy glam life. And Juneau, Sitka they were better than the North Pole but his pack was adamant about shifting. He didn't like the snow but he was way past complaining about it.    His pack members loved it though as they always did weird gatherings and festivals in the backyard.  "What's wrong?" Aries, his triplet asked, his breaths hitting the space around them in puffs of white.  They were in the backyard, cleaning the snow around their packhouse. Most of them pack members were busy with their father, Archos and his new omega. That's why the triplets walked out to get fresh air. The three of them can't stand their father's new family.    "He's definitely thinking about how f*****g cold it is" Aron gritted, pushing harder at the shovel.  The snow was thick around the edges as it snowed the heavily previous day. Archer could feel some of it seep into his ankle boots.  Archer chuckled, the sound echoing around, "That's all you. Not me"  "Really? Try being more convincing next time" Aron argued  "Few minutes of peace. That's all I ask" Aries dramatically said pulling the snapback off his hair. The Alpha looked at his brother and rolled his eyes.  "You started it. We were working in peace"  Aries haughtily shook his head, "You mean in silence, right? Because that is not my definition of peace"  Aron pointedly looked at his brother, "Do you think we care?"  Archer let out a sigh and decided not to interfere. Even though they were brothers who had each other back they fought a lot. It was sort of their source of entertainment. Pathetic but hey beggers can't be choosers.  "Boys!" His father's voice called them out and they all turned to look at him.  "Get inside"  "What part of 'need fresh air' doesn't he understand?" Aries grumbled pushing the shovel deeper in the snow.  Aron just took deep breaths before turning on his heel and walking inside. Archer had no choice but to follow. They didn't hate their father. No. Just they disliked his way of handling things and his new family. Not new though.  He had been married to that omega for ten years and not once did she acknowledge their existence. Not that they cared.  Walking through the packhouse, Archer looked at all the familiar faces. They have spread around, few of them lazily sitting on chairs while others were leaning against the wall.  Even though they lived among the wild, their packhouse was the most exquisite construction. With high ceilings, plush furniture, and rustic paintings it made a luxurious place for everyone to live. Not to mention four different floors inside for every member so that they can be accommodated comfortably.  "So the reason for this gathering is to address the most important issue." The pack leader, Archos cleared his throat. Archer noticed how he was pointedly staring at each of them. He squirmed in his place, semi-aware of where it was going.  "I have been asked this many, and I mean many, times" Archos breathed. "The reason we refused to merge packs or accept rogues without training is to maintain the strength of the pack. But due to recent events, BlackRiders have asked us assistant and we are readily going to provide them..."  The murmurs and whispers began among the members and they looked at each. Archer felt his brother nudge at him and raise his eyebrow. As if asking him he had any idea about it. Yeah like his father tells him anything. The Alpha shook his head at his brother.  "So you are actively putting our pack in danger to protect those?" Rick, an elder Alpha sneered. He was the selfish one anyway so that didn't surprise Archer.  The pack Alpha calmly took a breath, "No. We're going to help the other pack, and they're going to help us in return. We're going to create bonds within the pack, mate within. Their unmated omegas are going to mate with our unmated Alphas. As we are an extremely strong pack of Alphas they need our protection"    "So," Alicia, an unmated omega raised her hand and spoke. "Do we all have to live in the same packhouse with them?"  Archos shook his head. "No. This is our place, no one is sharing with us. As always mated Alphas will stay in cabins, unmated will stay here. Everything is the same except we have extended pack in Sitka we have to protect. That's all"  "Any more questions?" Archos asked but no one yipped so he dismissed everyone.  Aries sighed beside Archer and as they were about to leave they felt their fathers presence.  "Boys, Cara and I wanted to talk to you all"  Aron snorted, "We have nothing to talk about with..."  He trailed while glaring at his stepmother but she just smirked and when Archos stared at her the omega sadly shrugged. She was a snake.  "Aron" Their father gritted  "Are you done Alpha? Because we actually have work to do. Shocking I know" Aries said purposefully staring at Cara.  Archos sighed, "It is important. Just listen to me"  "Okay" Archer sighed.  "You all are shifting to the bigger cabin. One of the largest out there."    The Alpha frowned. "Why?" "Because you're going to be living with an omega."  The Alpha stilled at those words. Why the hell would his father want him to live with an unmated omega? That was frowned upon. He held his breath, hoping that it would be a joke even though they didn't have that relationship.  Aron was the first one to scream, "What the f**k?"  "Dad, are you f*****g with us?" Aries yelled at the same time.  It took Archer a moment to process. "Wait, what?"    Archos nodded his head, glaring at both his sons.  "You need to watch that mouth of yours"  "That is what's important right now? Seriously?" Aron exclaimed, crossing his arms against his chest.  Cara made a soft sound, "You three should respect your father. He's your pack Alpha"  "Didn't realise that we asked for your opinion" Archer huffed glaring at her. He didn't care if it was rude, she replaced his mother as Luna.  "Archer not you too" His father glared at him. What was his father expecting from him? To respect the Luna who sleeps around?  "Who is this omega?" Aries quickly asked trying to change the subject. Archer shot his brother a grateful smile because he really didn't want to have a fight with his father.  "Athea. Athea Black. She's a lovely omega from the other pack. She's an absolute darling. Very easy going but quiet"   "You've met her already?" Archer frowned  "Is this some sick joke?" Aron harshly banged his hand against the rack behind him.    "Of course. We would not ask you to stay with any random omega"  Archos took a deep breath as no one said anything, "It is not my ploy for you three to mate her"  "Are you kidding?! That's exactly how it looks like" Aries exclaimed.  Archer growled, agreeing with his brother, "If it is not your ploy then why else would you want us to live with her?"  "Exactly we don't need a f*****g omega-"   "Shut up!" Archos roared, "All of you shut up. You are all living with her and that's final."  ***  
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