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Hello my dear readers, As I have mention, this is Helena's book and Tor (from She is not my Luna) will be one of the main characters.  This book is on hold until I finish "Out of the World". I'm following the chronologic order of events in my series.   But you can already add this book to your library. *For the new readers, this book is part of a FREE series of fantasy romances:  1st Book: Intertwined: her three mates (completed).  2nd Book: Torn between mates (completed).  3rd Book: Behind the Mask  4th Book: Out of the World  5th Book: The Lost Bond  * Chronicles of the Six Realms - side book  * * * This book can be read as a stand-alone. However, I recommend you to read Out of the World before reading the present book.  For STAND ALONE reads, please check my series spin-off stories: * She is not my Luna (completed and P T R) * The Queen of Alphas (completed and PTR) * * *  I will keep you guys updated, especially via my F a c e b o o k page, T. R. Durant - Author. I hope to see you guys here and read your comments soon.  Lots of love, T. 
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