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The beauty of my grace engulfed me the very first time I saw her on that isolated beach. The breeze blowing her golden brown hair on her fair skin made everything about that evening perfect for me. I stood there immobile unable to step forward towards her and neither was able to turn my back from her. My feet were itching to inch towards her but I could not, even though that was the only thing I wanted desperately ever in my life. I have learned to snatch, fight, and take over things, people but her innocence prevented me from being my usual self. For the first time, I want to let her go. I don’t want to pull her in my darkness and corrupt her. I took a last longing look and turned on my heel on my way to the so-called beautiful city of Venice which is nothing but a labyrinth for me where I am stuck for my entire life which is miles away from my grace. There is a fair chance that this is the last time I will see you and that very moment I realized that, I will never be complete without you my love...


4 years later,

I am about to graduate and finally be free from this uptight university and its uptight people. I have been waiting for this moment since the minute I joined Stanford. My luck with the relationships hasn't been so good but I really don't care. I have bigger plans and boys are just going to ruin it for me. After high school, I wanted to try photography and travel around but that was unacceptable to my parents. So, I ended up at Stanford for 4 years and now I am not stopping for anyone. There is so much this world has to offer and I am here stuck in California. Hmm, let's see where my first stop will be, I opened my diary to check my bucket list.  I am acting like I am a lead heroine in a movie by closing my eyes and shuffling through the places. I hold my finger on a page and slowly open my eyes and it's Italy. I love that country with rich culture, places to explore, and tons of fun. For the first time, I am traveling out of the States on my own and I can’t be more excited. Italy, here I come...


There was an eerie silence in the room, my eyes were blindfolded heightening my other senses. The only sound I could hear was the rapid beating of my own heart. I was constantly tugging at the zip ties tying me to this squeaky chair in this awful room. God, why can’t anything go right for once in my life? I was here having the time of my life, and now I am stuck at someplace where my survival chances are very thin. I kept on struggling in hope of a miracle to break me free. Ahh! Who am I kidding, when has luck ever been on my side? I heard foreign sounds outside the room and I stopped the struggle to eavesdrop. Maybe I can get some clue of my location, they were talking in Italian. I could not make anything out of it. Then suddenly they all went quiet when another set of footsteps walked up to the door. I leaned towards the sound, I heard the creak of the door open and a gush of air hit me. I started to struggle again, cursing under my breath. I could feel eyes on me.

“Slegala.”(Untie her) I am not gonna lie, the voice sounded like a growl. I stilled and swallowed the lump forming in my throat. Someone rushed towards me and cut off the ties and slowly took off the blindfold. I blinked few times to get accustomed to the light, tears have already blurred my vision. I saw a glimpse of a tall man dressed in all black, I looked up at him. My eyes widened in fear, the person in front of me was no ordinary goon. He looked like someone from the mafia world but then I focused on his expression, his eyes were widened in shock as well. Emotions were swirling through his eyes. He blinked and suddenly all emotions transformed into anger. My heart was already beating at high speed, but now it felt like it was gonna break free.

“Togliersi!”(Get out)


This story is going to be filled with lots of action, drama, darkness, and romance. Join me on the journey where the innocent girl trying to make her name in the world meets the King of the underworld. For him the world was black, filled with darkness and horror of torture; except he was the one with the bident/ pitchfork. She came into his life unexpectedly turning the bident into violin, added color to his life. He tried his best to stay away from her but fate had other plans for them. Let’s see what holds for our Grace; is she going to get our devil out of the darkness or is she going to join him and rule as the queen? 

Author's note
Hello beautiful people! A peek at the story is up. I hope you all like it. This story is going to be about the new world's Hades and Persephone. There is no relation with Greek mythology, but our main cast's love story will resemble the real king of the underworld and his human lover. I hope you all love the idea and enjoy this story. I will be revealing the name of the main cast and the aesthetic on my Instagram handle, cameron_devilll. Love you all!!!
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