Part 2

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A few weeks later, Ava was busy baking bread. She now worked as a server in a small bakery in Maldavis. Ava left Andorra and went to live with Margaret, Ava's former caregiver. Coincidentally, Margaret had no children, and her husband had passed away long ago. Ava, who wanted to escape and forget her sad life, finally lived in a village that was not too big but very peaceful. "Ava, quickly deliver the bread order to Mr. Jenta's house," the bakery owner shouted at Ava. "All right, just a moment," Ava replied, having just moved the freshly baked bread to its place. Ava hurriedly ran out of the kitchen and grabbed a medium-sized box containing the bread order from Mr. Jenta, the richest man in Maldavis. "I'll be back soon, ma'am," Ava bid farewell to the store owner. "Must!" the store owner replied. Not waiting long, Ava dashed out of the store, leaving with the bicycle prepared by her employer. It was late at night when Ava returned from the bakery. There were a lot of bread orders today. Ava dropped herself onto the sofa gently. Margaret soon emerged from the kitchen with a glass of hot chocolate still emitting thin smoke. "Drink this! You must be tired," Margaret said with a smile. Ava glanced at her caregiver and then smiled. "Thank you so much, Aunt Margaret," Ava said, accepting the small mug Margaret offered. Ava immediately sipped the hot chocolate, and her lips formed a thin smile. "As usual, Aunt's homemade hot chocolate is always delicious," Ava praised Margaret. Margaret chuckled and nodded in agreement. "Of course. Who else do you think can make hot chocolate this delicious?" Margaret joked. Ava laughed along with Margaret's remark. Ava was about to drink the hot chocolate again, but suddenly her head throbbed with pain. Ava dropped the mug and held her head, which was now very painful. *** Since living in Maldavis, Ava's life had become harder. She had to work from morning until night. Not to mention, every Saturday and Sunday, Ava had to be a milk deliverer to supplement her income. Maldavis was indeed the best milk producer in the Andorra region. Although it was a somewhat remote village, Maldavis was Andorra's flagship village. Ava massaged her head, which was throbbing with pain again. Lately, she had been having frequent headaches. Margaret, who had just come out, saw Ava grimacing in pain. "If you're sick, you don't have to go to work," Margaret said to Ava. Ava lowered her hand and looked at Margaret. Ava covered up her pain with a smile. "I'm fine, Aunt. Just a normal headache. I'll be fine after taking some painkillers later," Ava replied. "But your face is very pale, Ava," Margaret said again. Ava smiled and touched her own cheek. "It's okay, I can still work today. I'll go now. I have to deliver this milk before going to the bakery," Ava said softly, tapping the box on the back seat of her bicycle. Margaret sighed deeply. She gave up persuading Ava, who had been very stubborn since childhood. After delivering the milk orders, Ava returned to the kitchen to bake bread. Although Ava could no longer bear the pain in her head, she continued to force herself to work. Ava shook her head quickly to ward off the increasing pain. "Maybe because I haven't been taking my medicine, that's why my head keeps hurting," Ava said, trying to find her own reasons for the headache. "You're strong, Ava! Go! Go!" Ava encouraged herself again. Ava then carried a large tray of bread. She was about to move it to the packaging area when suddenly she collapsed and fainted. *** In the luxurious house of the Lapileon family, Asther was having lunch with his mother, Mrs. Evelyn. Since his father passed away, Asther lived with his mother and left the pavilion he shared with Ava that night. Mrs. Evelyn glanced at Asther and then cleared her throat softly. Hearing that, Asther looked up and glanced at Mrs. Evelyn. "What's wrong, Mother?" Asther asked. "May I ask something?" Mrs. Evelyn sounded hesitant. "Who's stopping you from asking, Mother?" Asther retorted, returning to his food. "Ar-are you sure about parting ways with Ava? You were betrothed since teenagers. Ava's life revolves around you, as far as I know. So, how could you abandon Ava just in one night?" Mrs. Evelyn couldn't comprehend what her son was doing. Asther's appetite suddenly vanished when his mother mentioned Ava. He put down his spoon and looked at his mother now. "Why wouldn't I be sure? We are truly divorced, Mother," Asther replied bluntly. "What?" Mrs. Evelyn sounded very surprised. "Mother, you didn't mishear. Our divorce papers have even been issued. If you want to find me a new wife, please do! Just not someone like Ava, never!" Asther said casually. "Asther! Watch your words! Who's going to find a new wife for you? My daughter-in-law is only Ava. No one will replace her," Mrs. Evelyn said angrily to her son. Mrs. Evelyn got up from her seat and left Asther alone at the dining table. Asther stared blankly at the food in front of him. Roughly, Asther stood up and pulled the tablecloth roughly, causing all the food on the table to fall scattered on the floor. *** Ava had just opened her eyes. She squinted her eyes again to adjust to the light entering her eyes. "Am I in the hospital?" Ava whispered to herself. Not long after, the curtain separating the bed area opened slowly. "Oh, you're awake, Miss," a nurse who entered said. Ava nodded slightly to confirm. "Just wait a moment. I'll call the doctor," the nurse said again. Again, Ava just nodded in agreement at the nurse's words. Not long after, the nurse returned with a doctor. "Good afternoon. How are you feeling, Miss? I will check your condition first, okay?" the doctor said. "Yes, Doctor," Ava replied briefly. After checking her pulse, the IV, and briefly examining Ava's chest, the doctor smiled back at Ava. "You're fine, just normal headaches, nausea, and fainting. These are common early pregnancy side effects. I hope you don't tire yourself out too much, avoid stress, and make sure your nutrition is maintained," the beautiful doctor said cheerfully. "Pregnant?" Ava asked, not believing what she had heard. "Yes, you're pregnant right now, miss. You're two months pregnant. You should take care of yourself. Next month, please come with your husband," the doctor said again. "I'm pregnant?" Ava asked softly. ***
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