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Groaning, I try to block my ears with both palms. The air is filled with everything that screams Caden. Actually, someone is screaming "Caden" behind the wall I'm facing right now, and it's not just irritating; it's the reason I feel queasy from all the food I had today. I might tolerate this behavior back at home because, regardless of what time Caden would sneak into the house with a girl, he would at least try to be quiet to avoid getting caught by our parents. So, I would hear less banging and screaming. But right now, it's different. My life is more than frustrating. Today is our first night in the two-bedroom apartment our parents rented for Caden and me because we happen to be attending the same school. And just like high school, Caden and I have the same classes. How lucky, right? I can't believe our parents think it's safe for both of us to share the same roof when they're well aware of the ongoing feud between Caden and me. Back to the present, I need to make the noise stop. I can't sleep when it sounds like a s*x party is happening behind my wall. Caden has always lacked respect for others, but disrespecting me feels like the worst. "Oh my God—oh please—yeah...." The brassy tone triggers me. I've had enough. I need to take action. I slip on my goofy flip-flops and make my way out of my bedroom to our well-decorated living room. I'll describe it later, but right now, I'm too angry to think clearly. My sole focus is confronting my arrogant stepbrother next door. Turning the doorknob, I'm not surprised to find that the bedroom is open. Of course, we're never home anymore. Gone are the days when I had to climb onto the roof to access Caden's bedroom through the window, just so he could ignore me and continue fooling around with girls from our high school right in front of me. Well, today Caden must be enjoying his freedom because there isn't just one girl. There are two naked girls. One is straddling his waist as if she's riding a horse, and the other is sitting on his face—screaming to God as if she really needs help. I don't even understand Caden anymore. When we both got accepted to SU, I knew my life was coming to an end. And then when our parents told us we would be living off-campus together, I knew for sure that Caden was my executioner. Not that I haven't seen it all when it comes to my stepbrother's escapades, but I keep my eyes closed for the sake of these poor, clueless girls who make a big deal about Caden and his stupid moves. "Caden! I came here in peace. Can you please lower the volume of your fuckery?" That's what a reasonable housemate would say to their asshole neighbor. However, I end up snapping my eyes open when the girl on Caden's face immediately jumps to the side and closes her legs. "What the hell?" "I thought you said we were alone." The girl who doesn't care about riding my brother in my presence pouts while moaning. "We were until she decided to invade the air I warned her to avoid." Caden's tone is nonchalant. Huffing, I take a deep breath. It's my ineffective therapy for dealing with Caden's behavior, even though I don't know why I keep hoping it will work. "This is also my house, and I have the right to put a stop to your mental abuse. I know we haven't established house rules or reached compromises yet. But if we can at least try to be mature, we might be able to—" I don't finish my sentence when Caden grabs the other girl's thighs and places them over his head, between her legs, completely ignoring my presence. Okay. I turn around and leave them to continue making their s****l noises. I stride back to my bedroom, grab my phone from the table, and head back to Caden's room. I know my plan won't stop my asshole stepbrother, but it might make the girls pack up and leave. My phone is dead, but I pretend to be recording as I bang on the door, wearing a devilish smile. Oh, and I say, "This is a threesome, and these girls right here are loving it." "What the f**k are you doing?" The girls start scrambling for their clothes. "Leave, or I'll press the upload button. The whole of the state will get to judge the size of your t**s and who has the best position," I smirk. Panicked, the girl who was earlier enjoying the face-sitting party says, "King, who's this psycho b***h? Stop her." King, really? I snicker. These girls must be oblivious to how much of an ass Caden is. But of course, they're captivated and enchanted by his bad-boy-rich-boy appearance. Take his light brown hair, for instance. Trimmed at the back and sides, but a bit longer in the middle. Then his lively hazel eyes, defined jawline, and perfect nose. Caden is six feet four inches tall, lean, and muscular, with mildly tan skin adorned with tattoos. Despite his infuriating personality, most girls consider him marvelous, claiming he has a to-die-for smile. Caden doesn't say a word, nor does he stop staring at me with an amused look, his hands resting beneath his head like a pillow. Keeping my smirk intact, I warn the girls again. "Before I count to three." I'm certain the girls didn't even finish putting on their dresses before they all rush out of the bedroom towards the exit. Great. Thoughtfully, Caden stands up and starts walking towards me. "You think you can shut down my party before I even get an orgasm?" he reluctantly questions. "You think you can bring girls over and prevent me from sleeping?" I retort, avoiding looking at his naked body. He stops right in front of me, leaning his body in close proximity, which somehow makes me uncomfortable. Caden places both hands on the door frame, trapping me in the middle. "Let me make this clear. This is my house, and my name is the thing you'll hear coming from different moaning mouths. But if you're not okay with it, then you can move out." He smirks. "I'm sorry, I seem to have forgotten how dumb you are, and I need to refresh your memory. FYI, I have equal rights in this house, so you'll listen to my complaints and avoid repeating behaviors like tonight. Otherwise, there will be problems." I sassily throw my words at him. He leans even closer to my face, close enough for me to smell his masculine scent and the expensive cologne he uses to attract people. "That's right, Mad; there's already a problem. Just wait until tomorrow to find out." He maintains his smirk and stands upright, sighing in my face before walking back into his room, giving me a full view of his muscular back and buttocks. "When you're done gawking, make sure to close the door, unless you're willing to pay for the orgasm you stole from me." Rolling my eyes at his ridiculous expectation, I left the room without bothering to close the door. Of course, I never do anything Caden wants, so I'm sure he knew I wouldn't oblige. I just wonder why he even bothered to ask. That's how I managed to get a good night's sleep on my first day in my new home in Palo Alto. I fought for my rights, and I won. *** Yesterday, Mom and Dad took us on a campus tour. And yes, I refer to Caden's father as my dad. What's even more interesting is that Caden and I have been using the same last name since the first day of high school. After the necessary paperwork was finalized, our parents legally adopted each other's children. So Caden calls my mother his mom now. Trust me; it wasn't an easy process. He had to get a 911 Carrera 4 GTS two years ago before he settled on calling her his mom. Yes, he's quite the manipulator. Anyways, I'm not going to bother myself with my practical brother today. I'm going to focus on the new day and the blessings that come with it. I quickly took a shower in my underwear. Despite the fact that the house is lovely and modern, with a fireplace, private patio, jacuzzi, and daybed, I'm doomed to share a bathroom with Caden. Luckily, Caden wasn't rushing me in any way, as miserably as he could. So I deduced that he was either still asleep or had left for somewhere. Speaking from experience, the Caden I know wakes up earlier than any human being I've ever encountered. I put on a bit of makeup to bring out the vibrancy of my green eyes and rearranged my blonde hair. After slipping into a pair of denim pants and a sleeveless blouse, I was ready to start my day. My plan is to get the books I need from the list, something I should have done a while ago. Then, I can take another stroll around the neighborhood and campus before the first day of classes, which is tomorrow. Yes, I already know the locations of my classrooms, as well as Starbucks for my morning coffee, and essential areas like the financial aid office, library, and others. You can't blame me; who isn't excited about their first day of school? Well, excited and nervous, to be precise. Stepping out into the fourth-floor hallway, where I had parked my bicycle yesterday after buying a new phone charger (since I had forgotten the cord back in New York), I found my bike sitting sadly. It was completely wrecked. Yes, I know Caden has a Porsche while I have a bicycle. The jerk spends his life making me miserable. I can't even explain how, because I don't understand how he managed to sabotage my driving tests. But I can tell you that I failed for the sixth time, and it was always his fault. So, I gave in and let our parents get me a white bicycle, while Caden got a car worth thousands of dollars. Eighteen years and still driving like an i***t. Only a bullying stepbrother could do that. Now crashing back to my current predicament, how am I supposed to finish everything before tomorrow? I have a list of textbooks to collect today, and there's so much I need to figure out here before classes start. How am I supposed to do all that without a ride? Trying to calm my nerves for a brief moment, I asked myself what the hell happened to my bicycle and who, in the name of a welcoming gesture, would do such a thing to me. My first instinct is Caden. Annoyance doesn't allow me to think for more than three seconds because I know who is capable of ruining my morning like this. He needs to understand that there are consequences for every action. And I am Madison Thaddeus; I won't let him get away with it.
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