1. Prologue

1280 Words
The winds rustled onto the grey evening, where nothing but silence stood in the cemetery. The three people had gathered in black attire with two tall men wearing their general bodyguard tuxedos cornered them, standing like a shadow behind them.  The tall trees shrouded the graveyard around the group of neatly dressed people. Loud thunders screamed from the dark sky as grey clouds interlude among themselves, leaving no affirmity to what time it might be of the day.  A tall blond in sleek feminine figure got from her steel chair and stepped ahead, sniffing her tears and controlling her depressed heart, her hands still shaking as she slicked back the flick of her curly locks and put down a single rose, flashing her platinum wedding ring. Behind her sat an old man, who's time on earth, had wrinkled his skin, bulged his tummy slightly forward and scaled his white skin brown freckles that opposed each other in size. His grey hair were set perfectly with a side puff over his head. Another man, who was a younger version of him, sat next to him. He could be a bit taller but his charming face had a strike of a handsome posh. He looked down in his lap at the shinning platinum wedding ring on his finger. The blond finally slipped down near the grave and touched the initials to the stone that read. 'Lisa Paige A flower of the Spring, withered in the cold of her own blood but blossomed with warmth of her kindness and love in her heart.' "I'll miss you mom." The blond chocked back on her tears, breaking into a soft cry. "Elizabeth... It's time to go." The young man walked up to her and helped her hand, helping her stand tall. He smiled sweetly, rubbing the small bump on her tummy. "It's all fine now." he sweetly whispered against her skin, rubbing her back smoothly. "I hope so too, Perry..." Elizabeth mumbled back, looking down at her mother's grave. The old man finally got up and walked up to his son and daughter in law. Looking down at the grave he scoffed at the irony. "The only thing he ever held against you... They're done now. But we shouldn't expect less either." The three looked down standing together at the wet soil, still seeping with mourns for the dead. "They're still not done with me." Elizabeth said coldly. Like an instinct Perry's arms tightened around his wife, anxiety to protect his child and wife at all cost crippled his mind. "I won't let anything happen to you." he whispered in a soft promise. The old man cornered his son and walked up to Elizabeth, "I won't let anything happen to my blood." He patted her shoulder and assured her. She nodded knowing deep inside that she might never have his acceptance as his daughter in law but at least her child would be the dawn of their family love that seemed non existent. The three walked back to their cars with the young couple getting inside their Bentley with one guard while the old man getting inside his Mercedes, that followed  behind the former. Sitting on the backseat, Perry held his wife's hand, "Everything will be alright." Elizabeth turned her head towards him, tears evident in her eyes. "It's been four years and we tell the same thing to each other, every day. I still don't know how it will all be right. Your father is right Perry; we shouldn't expect less. Your father's hate towards me is justified." Perry squeezed her hand, "This town is ours as much as theirs and we will still stand tall and protect you no matter what." Leaning ahead he cupped her face, closing the gap between them and pulling her for a longing kiss on her sweet lips, just what she needed. "I love you and there's nothing I won't do to protect our family." Elizabeth smiled with a sweet nod and turned around to notice the guard looking back at the two through the rear view mirror as he continued driving the car. She felt off as he never did that before. She adjusted her body against Perry, something that comforted her when she's fouled with anxiety. While Perry started going through his phone, Elizabeth's eyes once again went to the driver who moved his one hand inside the coat while keeping his other one on the wheel as he gave a look back at the couple. Elizabeth straightened her legs, preparing her body for flight. Just as the black metal shined with reflection in front of her she jumped ahead and moved the gun away from her and her husband. The bullet went off through the front windshield as the driver tried balancing the car with his one hand. Elizabeth struggled keeping his hand to the front to protect her husband and herself. Just as the loud screech applauded and car swindled Perry gained his senses of what was happening and pulled Elizabeth back. Pushing her behind him, the driver tried gaining control of the car still keeping a hold of the gun while Perry pulled out his own gun and hit the guard, who rotated the wheel. The car took a three sixty turn rotating around wildly. Having no other choice Perry jumped onto Elizabeth and protected her as the car was honked by a speeding truck that crashed the car sideways making it move along to a high speed of a mile in its crashed state. Just when the truck stopped so did the Mercedes, where the old man got outside the car, his eyes bulged out of his sockets. Guards running around from his car to check onto the crashed one. But he stood back, his mind bewildered at how quickly he just lost his only son within a hint of a second. The paramedics were rushed, the two bodies from inside the car was retrieved. While Perry was announced dead at spot, Elizabeth still had a hint of a pulse inside her, given to her pregnant condition she was rushed immediately to a nearby hospital. Sitting outside her room, the old man cried thick tears of sorrow and prayed for his son's only mark left behind. The doctor walked out of the operation theater, removing her scrubs and signaled him to follow her inside. Standing outside the ICU, the two looked in through the rounded view glass studded into the doors. The white lights brightened the interior where Elizabeth laid with pipes circulating through her body into the machines and a small baby fixed inside an incubator. "It's a baby girl." the doctor informed. The old man closed his eyes and let tears spring down. "The baby had some serious neural injuries that would cause some abnormalities with sight, hearing or some other things later in life but for now it's safe and healthy and under observation." "And Elizabeth?" He asked looking at his daughter in law for the first time with pitiful eyes. "She's on the ventilator... It would be your call to pull the plug." He sighed moving inside the intensive care unit, looking down at his now dead daughter in law, moving towards the baby that slept peacefully in an incubator, swaddled in a warm towel. He let more tears sprung down his eyes, looking at the weak baby the only mark of his son's existence. He couldn't risk her life as well. So he rushed out of the room and called in a number that picked up at the second ring. "I want you to keep her as your own daughter but keep her in this town, near me. I want you to protect her but as your daughter. She's my only blood left. Protect her at all costs." _____________ This is going to be utterly and totally different than the previous story. It's much darker with a tone of harshness fitted within the storyline but I hope you guys actually like it.
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