New Roommate

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At first, it was a joke or a myth. Jasinda can admit she didn't take it seriously at all when she heard on the news about the Corona Virus breaking out. But then slowly but surely she and thousands of others were now being proven wrong.  In Los Angelus, thousands got sick every day and died. And Jasinda almost immediately fled from the bus.  It took her almost no time to go to her family's secluded cabin in Canada and hide alone. She texted all her friends and let them know she was going to be off the grid for awhile. Her brother was in Italy and was also quarantining alone and their parents stayed in their home in Greece.   Everyone was accounted for.  It was two weeks after going to Canada that Jasinda got a call from her older brother Malcolm. "Hey sis," Jasinda smiled widely, "Sup bro?" Malcolm looked out the window, his dark brown skin looking amazing against his dark suit, his brown eyes bright in the evening light as he said, "Nothing much gorgeous, just thought I'd check on you."  Jasinda smirked as she twisted her brown curly hair up in a bun. "Ugh uh, you buttering me up for somethin' spit it out." Malcolm winced knowing he was busted, "God I can never get nothing past you." Jasinda smirked, "And you know it."  Malcolm shook his head, "Look the real reason I called was because I need to ask a favor." Jasinda c****d an eyebrow, "And what's that?" Malcolm swallowed hard, "Can someone quarantine with you?"  Jasinda immediately frowned at just the sound of the idea, "Oh hell no, the reason I'm quarantined alone is for exactly that reason, I want to be alone!" Malcolm sighed, "I know but...he's an old friend and I owe him a lot. If it was safe to fly right now I'd bring him out here with me, but he's IN Canada right now and he needs help."  Jasinda whined, "So!? Send him cash like a normal person!! I don't know him!" Malcolm frowned, "Should I call mama and tell her you're acting like a brat again?" Jasinda frowned even more, "I might be bratty but I called the cabin in Montreal why am I sharing it with this friend? Who is this guy anyway?"  Malcolm exhaled, "You don't know him, and the moment I can get him a place I will okay?" Jasinda relented and after talking with her brother some more went to take a nap. She drifted off to sleep watching Roswell, New Mexico on Netflix and was woken up by her phone telling her someone was ringing her doorbell.  Looking at her phone, the front porch camera showed a man in a hoodie, a black mask covering his face.  Immediately Jasinda grabbed her Glock and crept to the door, "Who is it?" She said standing at a distance from the door. The man looked up at the door with a raised eyebrow, "Ugh, I'm Leo?" Looking around, Leo said, "Malcolm Prince told me I had a bed here?"  Jasinda relaxed a smidge and opened the door. Waving the man in, Jasinda watched him remove his mask and fought a gasp.  Leo was handsome, he stood towering over her at six 'eleven, and he was f*****g gorgeous. Light skin and covered in tattoos, his pink lips were succulent and his brown eyes were the color of warm honey.  " you mind taking your temp for me?" Jasinda asked snapping out of observing him as he looked around the place. Leo smiled a little as he took the fancy thermometer in his hand and aimed it at his forehead.  Checking it, he gave her back to her, "98.4" Jasinda smiled, "And no symptoms? You haven't been around anyone with corona?" Leo shook his head, "Nah little mama," Jasinda slowly nodded and walked past him.  When he just stood there, Jasinda turned around and beckoned for him to follow with her index and middle finger.  Leo trailed behind her watching her ass in her pajama bottoms. Leo's first impression of Jasinda was she was sexy ass f**k. Curvy like a coke bottle, Jasinda was a Nubian goddess with long thick curls tied into a sloppy bun. Her dark brown skin was soft looking and smelt of some kind of enticing oil.  Leo fought growling as her ass jiggled for him as she led him into a large room.  The cabin he had caught a cab too was secluded from everyone else. Hidden off from the other houses a couple miles off, the cabin was modern but rustic in charm. His room was facing the millions of trees leading to the trails and he could see the nature and wild life at it's best from where he stood.  There was a huge fireplace that held an even larger plasma screen, the king sized bed with Royal blue sheets sat off to the side, and with a large mahogany dresser and a night stand, the room was everything he needed and more than he expected.  Jasinda looked at Leo for a moment and then nervously muttered, " yourself to whatever in the refrigerator and freezer. The delivery list needs to be made on Monday so they can get it stocked and sent by Friday so if you have anything you want just let me know."  Nodding Leo threw his one bag on the floor, "I'm not picky, but thanks for letting me know. And for sharing your place with me." Jasinda looked at Leo carefully, "It's fine, any friend of my brother is a friend of mine."  Leo looked at Jasinda closely, "What did he tell you about me?" Jasinda shrugged, "Just that you were in need of help and that you needed a place to crash. He said he owed you one, so he thought this would help. Why did he forget something?"  Leo smiled widely, "Nope. Just curious," Jasinda left nervous at the thought of being stuck with a stranger for God knows how long. But her brother was also right, she didn't want to be a brat and turn her back on someone in need.  So she'd tolerate the handsome stranger in the guest room. For now...
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