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** please read before going into the book** Good day, guys! This book 5 of 'Mate' series but it can be read as a completely independent story! As you can see the book is a Werewolf x Sorcerer romance.  The werewolf scenario is usual. At the age of 18 they can shift and also find their mate aka soul mate. They sense their mate by the sense of smell and touch.  Their Hierarchy consists of  * Alpha- the leader * Luna- Alpha mate and female leader * Beta- second in command * Beta-female - Beta's mate * Gamma- Third in command and warrior administrator * Gamma female - Gamma's mate *And then there are commoners. The sorcerers are of my creation and so let me give the detail: Sorcerers are of two categories - Lesser sorcerers and Greater Sorcerers.  'Greater' Sorcerers are higher-ups consisting of Warriors and royals while the 'Lesser' consists of those indulging in crafts and agriculture. They lived in a different dimensionealm away from the earth creatures.  Land name: Dominion of Amarz. Residents: All 'Believed to be extinct' creatures. Gate of Chasm: Realm gate connecting earth with Dominion. They are usually considered as the banished gate because guilty people are banished into the gate. Rulers: King and Queen (Sorcerers) Both the earth mythical and dominion mythical believed each other to be extinct. But they have been exposed to each other 2 years ago when the Sorceress queen Noami Lightstorm becomes a fated pair to Alpha werewolf Railey Qatar. (Alpha's magical mate: Book 1 of mate series) Like werewolves they also have Mate. They are called 'Amors'. At the age of 5, Sorcerers determine their magic as a birthstone appears on top of their heads. After this simple magic can be used and the training period starts.  At the age of 21 they will sense their Amors through their Aura. During this time they release a huge amount of energy, giving than full potential over their power. Finally comes the Leviors:- They are said to be Amorless sorcerers. Leviors are rare to be found. Not all amorless sorcerers are Levior, but all Leviors are said to be Amorless. A Leviour had a marking on their wrist which distinguish them from the other sorcerers. They are said to be specialized in strong magic and spells of old Sorcery. This is all for now and if there is more it will be explained in the coming chapters. If you have any doubts or want to know more or talk about it feel free to comment!! The book will start updating from June 1st!! Stay tuned❤
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