17. How To Kill A Vampire

2457 Words

17How To Kill A VampireThe young man who jumped in front of Billy’s Jeep was covered in blood and wearing a ripped, low v-neck tee. Billy noticed both his smooth chest and the brand of the shirt a split second before the blood, a detail that would later concern him. No one had stopped to help him. This was Los Angeles. Usually, guys flagging you down at the side of the road were trying to shoot you, steal your car, or jump your bones, and since the demons arrived, there was always the chance they were trying to eat you, too. Like everyone else, Billy tried to drive on past, but there was something about him, and he instinctively slowed down. The man took advantage and leaped out, terror plastered on his face. It was evening, and Billy was finally out of the traffic that clogged up the s

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