41. Sacrifice

896 Words

41SacrificeSoren had run up the stairs to the first floor then slowed before entering the room. He’d stopped at the doorway just in time to hear the final exchange. He saw the kisses Tazia and Conn shared and he heard her “thank you.” Jegudiel’s face briefly filled the hall mirror by the door. Her voice hissed at him, “See, you’re too late, pet. He made the promise to her. It’s just a matter of time now—unless you stop it. Quickly!” On automatic, Soren seized the fine-bladed dagger he’d put in his boot earlier and stepped forward. The two lovers looked up, suddenly aware of another presence, and Conn started to greet him, the animosity between them forgotten. But Soren wasn’t listening—he couldn’t. He couldn’t let the love and respect he had for this man prevent him. If he let Conn carr

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