Complication (Chronicles of the Uprising, #2)

138 Words
Cover Layout by Willsin Rowe Interior Layout by Katie Salidas Editing by Sharazade Published by: Rising Sign Books For more information about my books email: Be sure to stop by and sign up to the Paranormal Posse Newsletter. All new subscribers will be sent a FREE ebook. Autographed Editions of all Katie Salidas books may be purchased at Books by Katie Salidas The Immortalis Series Becoming a Vampire is easy. Living with the condition is the hard part. Carpe Noctem Hunters & Prey Pandora’s Box Soulstone Dark Salvation Olde Town Pack Werewolf romances to make your pulse race and heart pound. Moonlight Mated Being Alpha Chronicles of the Uprising Dystopian thrillers with a Paranormal twist. Dissension Complication Revolution Transition Retribution Annihilation Little Werewolf Series A Coming of Age Wolf Shifter Adventure. Pretty Little Werewolf Curious Little Werewolf Fearless Little Werewolf
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