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CHAPTER TWOStepping into the house and giving a shout out to Sarah, it sort of hit her that she wasn’t even sure how she got home. Her brain didn’t stop the entire ride, which consisted of about a 30 minute drive, so plenty of time to concoct a thousand different scenarios along with about ten thousand questions in conjunction. Swooping up the dance clothes throwing them on Sarah and packing her up and buckling her in, she’s on the road again. Just like the wheels on her truck spinning, so is her mind. About half way to the dance studio, there’s the little “glass” sound that indicates there’s a text awaiting her attention. Luckily, she’s on the portion of the road that has several red lights, and she’s just happened upon one of them. Grabbing her phone, she pulls it up and looks. Expecting it to be from Brad, she’s a little surprised that it’s Deegan already. He’d made it home and had some free time, since his son was on a play date. “Hey lady” it read. She couldn’t shake how wrong it felt to get that little giddy feeling reading just those simple words. What made it even more confusing, is that she got those same sorts of feelings when Brad contacted her throughout her day too. She texts back quickly before the light change, “Hey you, that was quick.” Light turns and she heads on. Only a few more minutes and she is pulling in, finds a spot and shuffles Sarah into her class. Normally sitting and watching in a narrow hallway filled with high chairs and only a couple of benches, she decides to take a walk and have a seat on the bench outside reserved for the studio. There is no reception inside anyway. Taking a seat and enjoying the warm evening breeze, she hardly gets situated and there’s another ding. “Yeah, I know, but it was actually a lot longer than I even wanted to. My mind won’t stop since you’ve left,” she read slowly, once or twice. “I feel you there dude, I am not sure how I even made it home. Things don’t make sense to me. I probably spoke out of turn and without thinking earlier. I’m caught in a place I thought was impossible. I don’t know what to do.” She reads this back over, it feels unfinished. Send. “I’m sorry honey. I am really the one out of line. I should never have asked this of you. I just couldn’t stop saying things. It’s completely unfair to you and I know that, but I just couldn’t NOT ask. The urge was too great. Plus, I felt like it was something you were already thinking as well. You said as much.” Swimming around in his head, Deegan knew he shouldn’t pursue this but something deeper kept pawing at him to go forward. In this moment of time, if someone were to say the name Melissa, he’d just say “Who?” Even he was going what the f**k? His fingers start walking the keyboard again and without much thought he hit send again. Ding and she reads, “I can’t wait days, what availability do you have tomorrow? I know it is SOON, but I am physically aching to touch you again. As luck would have it, my afternoon is wide open. I would even make it easy and come your way. Tell me you have a moment of time for me, perhaps a block, I need more than ten minutes.” Her eyes were wide as she re reads over and over, trying to make sense of this, it dawns on her what day it is. Tuesday is gymnastics. That’s an hour. Of course, it’s easier to talk through things in person. That’s exactly what needs to happen. They must talk. “As a matter of fact, I do have about an hour available tomorrow night. At 7:30 I can sit outside and talk with you for about an hour.” Send. Having replied in less than a couple of minutes, those 120 seconds felt like hours to him as he sat and stared at his phone. It comes through and there was a jolt that ran through him. How in the world did he get so lucky to ask AND receive two large requests in such a short amount of time? No need to sit and wonder how he hit that jackpot, just going to go with it. “Unbelievable! I will be there. Just let me know where that’s at. If I thought a few days were going to be hard, I think I was dead wrong. Knowing that I will be looking at you again in about 24 hours is going to kill me. I know I have unrealistic hope here, but I can’t get rid of it.” Send. The wind picks up a little while sitting outside waiting for his response, after it comes through and she reads it, there was a little bubbly feeling within. Still freaking out and scared about why these feelings are even here, she puts it down to new excitement and just general nerves. That’s easy to explain away to yourself, but what about this desire to also see him as well? That feeling is what is really freaking her out. Maybe it’s just the anticipation of it? Maybe it’s the knowing that someone else has such an intense desire to be near her? There’s no way she can answer those questions right now, she’s running too high on excitement, while sitting not so quietly behind that in her are the feelings of guilt and the wavering will power, she’s held so close. Dance is over and Sarah comes skipping out and they take their little stop off at the Subway next door for her bag of chips, drink, and of course that cookie, they load up and head home. Turns out it’s another blurry ride that seems to be over in five minutes. Home again, and able to focus her energy on Brad and their time together, she wonders as she closes her eyes for the night will Deegan creep into her slumber? It would be odd if he didn’t in some form because of the restless thoughts that have consumed her over the course of the day, but its possible pure exhaustion will take over and the only thing she will see will be the back of her eyelids. Deegan spends his quiet evening at home trying to refrain from making some sort of contact with her, just to keep the connection flowing. He had written several drafts over the course of the last hour of texting with Callie, putting in things he really wanted to say but thought better of putting out there. It isn’t as though he hadn’t already expressed that he had developed strong feelings for her, but he couldn’t risk saying much beyond that for fear she’d really go running the other direction and he’d have nothing at all. In that instant today, he knew immediately he’d rather have some than none. His hope as he closes his eyes for the evening are what he hopes he can accomplish tomorrow beyond just a touch on the arm and kiss on the forehead.
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