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Life gives us lemons. A sentence that is commonly said when one is conforted from the disappointment that was felt. Between competing to win a Nobel prize to being the last one to be picked in a group work, disappointment is something we face every day. Yet everyone has their own way of overcoming it, it is only the matter of finding your own way. Such is the story of Natasha, the girl who was hopeful in life with her bright smile and a kind and adventurous spirit, yet underneath she bored the burden of disappointments. She dreams of becoming a professional painter since she was a little girl, spending hours upon hours lost in her imagination, turning her imaginations into vibrant worlds on reality through her canvas. But becoming a painter, is an industry that many look down on in the technological age, and those included were her parents. They had different plans for her, desiring her to pursue a more practical career in fear for her future. What they desire was something that would guarantee stability and security for her. Reluctantly, Natasha obeyed her parent’s wishes and enrolled in business school, knowing that they wanted what was good for her, their desire was paved with good intentions. But her heart still yearned the world of art, the vibrant life of color and textures. Secretly, she would steal moments for herself, painting away In the quiet corners of her dorm, her brushes dancing across the canvas and pens drawing whatever surfaces that could be drawn. Her passion uncontained as she painted with a fervor as if a being possessed. One day, she stumbled upon a flyer pinned delicately on her school’s notice board, almost hidden if not for the colors popping out against the black and white notices. It was a flyer for an upcoming art competition, the grand prize would be a scholarship to a prestigious Art academy, a place where her dreams could be nurtured and realized. With trembling hands, she tore off the bottom of the flyer and tucked it into her pocket, a flicker of hope igniting within her heart. For weeks, Natasha poured her heart and soul into her paintings, each stroke a testament to her passion and determination hidden in her parent’s desire for her best. But as the deadline for the competition loomed closer, so did the doubt that crept into her mind. The words that whispered like poison from her own heart. ‘What if my painting weren’t good enough?’ ‘What If it was all for nothing?’ And before she knew it, the day of the competition arrived. Natasha stood before the judges, her knees trembling and her heart pounding in her chest. One by one, the other contestants presented their works, each one more breathtaking than the last. And then it was her turn. With a deep breath, she unveiled her paintings, her hands trembling and soaked in sweat as she watched the judges’ expression closely. But to her dismay, their faces remained impassive, their eyes flicked disinterestedly over her creations that she spent her heart and soul, hours and weeks pouring into. A wave of disappointment washed over her, threatening to drown her in despair. But just as she was about to turn away in defeat, one of the judges, a kind old woman with twinkling eyes, cleared her throat and spoke. "I see something special in your paintings, dear," she said, her voice gentle but firm. "They may not be perfect, but they are honest. And sometimes, honesty is the most beautiful thing of all." Tears pricked at the corners of Natasha’s eyes as she listened to the judge's words, her heart swelling with gratitude. In that moment, she realized that she didn't need validation from others to know her worth as an artist. All that mattered was that she had poured her heart and soul into her paintings, and that was enough. As the judge announced the winner of the competition, Natasha felt a sense of both disappointment and peace wash over her. She may not have won the scholarship to the art academy, but she had won something far more valuable: the realization that she was capable of overcoming disappointment and following her dreams, no matter what obstacles stood in her way. And so, with a newfound sense of purpose burning brightly within her, Natasha returned to her easel, ready to paint the colourful tapestry of her future one brushstroke at a time. For she knew that as long as she stayed true to herself and never gave up, she would always find a way to overcome disappointment and emerge stronger than before. And so, with Natasha’s story, the fear of disappointing her parent stopped her from her dreams, yet with a single kind word from someone and her own ability to overcome her own fears led her to the path that she desire. It may be hard, but sometimes all you need to do is to stand up, take the first step and persist on while you can. The End

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