Garden Talk

1845 Words
When Electra left the villa in the morning, she went straight to the airport where her private jet was waiting. The plane then took her to Naples where one of her men is waiting for her. When she climbed out of the plane, a tall man with dirty blonde hair, and wearing violet shirt and ripped jeans was there waiting for her with a black Chrysler 300c SRT8. As Electra approaches the car, Kian immediately opened the car door for her. But before climbing in, Electra turned towards Kian. “Have you found them?” She asked. “Yes, boss.” He answered. Electra nodded and climbed inside. Kian closed the door and jogged around to get to the driver’s side. They both buckled in and Kian turned on the engine. “Is it okay for you to pick me up? Aren’t you worried that the paparazzi might get the wrong idea of us?” Electra asked and Kian smirked. “I don’t mind.” He said and then he drove away. Aside from being one of Electra’s mercenaries, he was also once a human who turned reaper because of his sin in the past. He is a handsome young man in Sicily during the 16th century. He took pride in his appearance and basked everyone’s praises. But when his younger brother started to look like him, he killed his brother. He even denied his crime until the very end. Because of that, Death deemed him as the reaper that sinned Pride. At present time, he currently does some modeling stints for luxury brands as his part-time job. He is also a very skilled fighter and swordsman. For so long, he has had a crush on Electra but he never acted on it and just teases her every now and then. “I heard the boss’ son just arrived in the villa,” Kian said. “Yes. They probably had breakfast together.” She said. “So how is he? Is he worthy of inheriting the family from his father?” He asked. “I wouldn’t know. I haven’t had the time to meet him since those bastards kept messing up with our transactions.” She responded. “I heard he is a whiny New Yorker who has dated socialites.” Electra smirked at what Kian said. “Well, aren’t you two alike? You’re a whiny Sicilian who sleeps around socialites.” Electra teased and Kian frowned. “It’s not my fault they find me irresistible.” He huffed and Electra snorted. “I find you irritating.” She mumbled. “Mi hai ferito, amore,” Kian grumbled. (You wound me, love.) “Just drive.” ***************************. After about thirty minutes of driving, they reached an abandoned warehouse in the outskirts of Naples. Kian and Electra climbed out of the car and went inside the said warehouse. When they got inside, they were approached by a teenage boy wearing light blue shirt with light blue headphones on and had his hands and eyes focused on his phone. “Kamari is currently interviewing them.” The teenage boy named Almos told them. Almos is also one of Electra’s mercenaries. He is also a human-turned-reaper at a very young age because of his sin in the past. He failed to help his parents who are in great need just because he is too lazy to help and that he detests his parents for cutting off their support on him. Death deemed him the reaper who sinned Sloth. Up to the present he still looked like the same lazy teenage boy, and he spends most of his time playing COD in his own game room. But he is actually a smart tactical planner and expert marksman. In instances that he goes out with the team, he was always glued to his phone, still playing; like what he is doing at the moment. “Get off your phone, your brain’s going to rot,” Kian told him. Then Almos paused and looked at Kian. “Keep your little thing in your pants, it’s going to rot.” Almost retorted and walked ahead of them, leaving Kian’s mouth hanging open. Electra snickered and followed Almos. “Hey! My thing is not little nor is it going to rot!” Kian hollered and followed them. When they got into a room, they saw several men tied up and looked like they were beaten up very badly. Electra looked at them and she sensed that only four out of the twenty men are still alive, and those who died had discolored skin and had traces of foam in their mouths like they were poisoned. “You didn’t even leave enough for us to kill, Kamari,” Kian grumbled. Then a tall black-haired woman came out of the shadows. She was wearing ripped skinny jeans, a dark blue corset top, and wedge sandals. “Just be grateful I left four. Their lustful thought irritates me; they’re not even my type.” The blonde woman named Kamari said. Kamari is also one of Electra’s mercenaries. She was once a very beautiful housewife in Florence during the 15th century. She thought her husband was boring that she seduced the young man from their neighboring house to give her the excitement she seeks. To be with the young man, she killed her husband; when she got tired of the young man, she killed him and moved to another city and seduced rich men after another as they shower her with riches. Because of the horrible things she did, Death deemed her as the reaper who sinned Lust. And at present, she is the team’s bait every time they have a mission because of her beauty. She can also pass as a model but she chose to work as a pastry chef in a hotel. She is a very skilled fighter and she uses poison when she kills. “Tell me Kamari, did you at least have some information for me?” Electra asked and Kamari looked at her with a smirk. “Of course boss. One of them is such a talker. One squeeze is all it takes for him to blurt out every information I need.” She said, and then Kian furrowed his eyebrows. “What did you squeeze?” He asked innocently. “The man’s balls of course,” Almos answered, and Kian immediately cupped his groin and took a step back, away from Kamari. “What did you find out?” Electra asked Kamari. “Well, those small fries were sent by the Vipera Family. They were ordered to sabotage every transaction we have with our partners. It looks like it was a demolition job.” Kamari told her. Upon hearing the name of the rival family, Electra kept her face blank of any emotion but her fingers were curled into a fist. Then her eyes fell on the four surviving hostages. When Electra’s eyes suddenly turned red with the white part black, the hostages looked scared as hell. Soon Kamari’s eyes changed color to bright blue, Kian’s eyes turned to violet and Almos’ eyes turned light blue. That scared the hostages more that they tried to crawl their way, away from them. The three of them stayed behind Electra who took a step towards their hostages. Then she crouched down in front of them and in a blink of her eyes, the four hostages’ bodies froze, as they can no longer move. “Did you know that not only we lost millions, we also lost our people? That is something we can never forgive. If Famiglia Vipera thought they can get away with messing us up, they are wrong.” Electra paused and then she stood up. Then she signaled Kian and Kamari. Both of them nodded and in a blink of an eye, they appeared behind the hostages and they quickly snapped their necks. Once they are all dead, Electra outstretched her arm and a red scythe appeared in her hand. Electra mumbled some incoherent words and her eyes glowed before she swings her scythe. The whole place partially lit up and then several black clouds of smoke turned orbs came out of the dead bodies’ mouths. Electra once again swings her scythe and the black smoke disintegrated, followed by the body turning to dust. Once everything was done, Electra turned towards Almos who was still paying in his phone. “Get me every information you can get about Famiglia Vipera.” She told him. Without looking up from his phone, Almos nodded. *****************************. After Nicholas and Nikolai had breakfast together, Nikolai took his father for a stroll in the garden. “How did you manage to keep this garden the same as how I remembered it?” Nikolai asked his father. “Revel was the one who invested his time and resources to keep the garden the same,” Nicholas answered. “Isn’t he the one that fetched me from the airport?” Nikolai asked and his father nodded. “Revel is the head of my household staff. He may not look like it but he’s an expert fighter who knows judo.” Nicholas told his son. Nikolai scoffed and stopped pushing his father’s wheelchair and he took a seat on the concrete bench. “I guess the boss should always be around people with that kind of background,” Nikolai mumbled and looked around. Silence fell between them as they watch everything around them. Nikolai was reminiscing the times he spent in that garden when he was a child, while his father watches him like he was memorizing his face. The silence between them was cut short when Nicholas heaved a deep sigh and called to his son. “Nikolai...” Nikolai looked at his father and gave him a questioning look. “Hmm?” “I am afraid I won’t be able to hold on for so long.” Nikolai felt his body ruin cold when he heard his father say those words. He’s not yet ready to say goodbye. Nikolai was about to say something but his father stopped him. “Let me finish Nikolai.” Nicholas paused and then he took his son’s hand and gave it a light pat. “My time here on earth is almost done and I’m afraid I have so many regrets. And one of those regrets is not seeing you grow up, but I am still happy that I could see you become successful in your own way.” He continued as tears brimmed around his eyes. Then he cupped Nikolai’s cheek and smiled. “You are every father’s pride and joy, and I am lucky to call you my son.” “Papa, can you stop speaking as though you’ll be dying tonight.” Nikolai pressed as he wipes the lone tear that rolled down his cheek. “Death has been in my doorway for some time now. But before he comes in, I would like to ask you to take over my position.”
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