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“What kind of relationship did you and my father have? Are you his mistress?” Nikolai asked and Electra looked at him with a smirk. “When we are close enough, I’ll tell you. Now, for the time being, you will stay here in my villa as your training will start tomorrow, inteso?”   “What?” Nikolai asked, making Electra frown and rub her forehead. “Why can’t you understand what I say in just one go?” Electra grumbled.   Then Nikolai huffed and stood up, and then he approached the desk, slamming his hands on it. “Why do I have to stay here and train?” Nikolai asked.   Electra leaned back and crossed her legs, before looking intently at Nikolai.  “Famiglia Rosso is not some small fry mob. If you want to be the boss of this huge organization, you need to train and learn. What do you even k

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