Personal Test

1893 Words

  Passing the last test and Nikolai still feels surreal about it. He gained the support of the consigliere and her whole team. Thinking back at what happened during the match, he was sure as hell that he is going to fail.    His opponent was really good at fighting, with no intention of holding back and he realized that he should be like that. When it comes to a real scenario, he needs to fight to save his life and the others, without holding back. Beginning that day, Nikolai vowed that if he can’t be the best boss Famiglia Rosso ever had, he will do his very best to at least be as good as his father.    And after the match, a small barbecue party was held to celebrate his victory. Revel and Kamari are in-charge of cooking the food in the yard while the others drink and enjoy the cool br

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