Rosso Ventisimo

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Sicily   Electra parked her car in the underground parking area of the De Rossi private villa. It’s a very private villa that the boss of the family-owned. He stays there whenever he wanted some time for himself or in this case, for something else.   When she entered the villa, the guards placed in every passage bowed their heads towards her. The boss’ private guards are the ones that knew who she is to the family – the consigliere.   She quickly made her way towards the master’s bedroom on the second floor and when she finally made it in front of the door, she knocked three times in such rhythm before opening the door. She went inside and closed the door behind her, locking it too.   The master’s bedroom is just medium size, with its walls painted cream with emerald green accent. Even the curtains that adorned the doors that lead to two different balconies also complement the color of the walls. There is also an elegant Cleopatra chair in front of a King size bed where the De Rossi family patriarch is on.   Electra approached the bed and she bowed her head towards the old man seated on the bed with his back against the headboard. “Boss.” “That was fast.” The old man said.   Nicholas De Rossi, the current boss of the Rosso Mafia and the patriarch of the De Rossi Family. He is most known as Rosso Ventisimo or the twentieth boss that Electra has served ever since the establishment of the family. All of the De Rossi patriarchs have kept her secret and worked with her effectively.   And now looking at Nicholas, Electra can see that the old man’s time is near. With all the tubes attached to his arm and chest, as well as the oxygen nasal canula attached to his nose, she knew that he is not doing well.   Electra then walked towards the Cleopatra chair and sat. “Why did you call me here?” She asked and the old man sighed. “How long have you been taking care of this family Electra?” He asked and Electra smiled. “Definitely longer than you did.” She answered and Nicholas chuckled. “Indeed. You have taken care of this family for so long, doing your job in the shadows and I believe you were not given enough credit for it.” He said and paused as he heaved a deep breath.   Electra really felt bad watching him take labored breaths. Nicholas is a very nice man, a good leader, and a good friend to her.  “Why did you really call me here Nicholas? I’m sure it’s not to praise me. You should be resting, you know that.” Electra pressed and Nicholas let out a sigh. “I know I am running out of time –“ “Nicholas, don’t say that.”   Electra hissed, cutting off Nicholas but he just smiled at her. “I know, I feel it. And you being an emissary of death, I know that you know that my time is running out.” Nicholas said.    Hearing him say it made Electra sigh in frustration. “Nicholas...” She trailed. “I want you to take over the family after I pass.” Nicholas blurted and Electra looked at him as if he grew another head.   Then she shot up from her seat and glared at the old man. “Nicholas, are you mental?! Does your health deteriorated so fast that your brain started to rot?! How can you suggest such a thing?!” Electra snarled but Nicholas was unfazed by her outburst. “I don’t trust other people in this family to uphold the family status and its values. They are all after the money and power; they will destroy what you have worked hard for all these years. You are the best person to handle this family, Electra. You established this family along with my forbearers, you knew every in and out.” Nicholas said and Electra huffed. “You must’ve forgotten Nicholas; my surname is not De Rossi.” She said. “The family has been nothing but obedient to the consigliere named Alarie, which is you. You have been this family’s boss behind the scenes; all I want is for you to step out of the shadows.” Nicholas told her. “I work better in the shadows,” Electra argued, and then she crossed her arms over her chest. “And besides, why are you pushing me to be your successor when you have your son to inherit all of this. I believe he is well and well-educated.” She added.   Nicholas let out a sigh of frustration. “Nikolai is my only son and I didn’t give him all the love and attention he deserved. I figured that I should let him do what he wants and live the life he wanted.” Nicholas said, and then he turned towards the bedside table where a photo frame was.   In that frame was the young Nicholas with his three-year-old son on his back. Both looked happy and relaxed. Electra looked at the photo as well and she knew how much Nicholas missed his son. She knew how hard it was for him to let his son live in a different country after his wife was killed in an ambush. That incident permanently marred the relationship of Nicholas with his son.    “I perfectly understand what you mean Nicholas. I was there when he was born and grew up to be a perfect, charming little boy. I was also there when Bianca died, and I witnessed how that boy suffered the loss of his mother.” Electra paused and approached the bed, and sat on the edge of it. “The day you shipped him to New York was the day he also lost his father. Nicholas, you may have let him be what he wants and do what he wanted. But you robbed him the chance to grow up with you and now you are robbing him of his birthright.” Electra snapped and Nicholas looked at her.  “He is not cut for this kind of life Electra.” He said. “Then let me mold him just like I have molded each and every De Rossi son that was born in this family. Famiglia Rosso has to be under a true born De Rossi.” She pressed and Nicholas huffed. “Bene, hai vinto.” Nicholas spat and Electra smirked. (Fine, you win.) “I also suggest calling him in and spending your remaining days with him. It’s the least you can do for the boy who lost his parents at a very young age.” She told him, and then Nicholas looked at her.   Electra furrowed her eyebrows at how Nicholas was looking at her. “Cosa c'è con lo sguardo?” She asked. (What's with the look?) “You have an exquisite beauty, vast knowledge, and undeniable power, I’m sure you will make a perfect spouse for my son,” Nicholas said and it made Electra gaped at the old man. “Vecchio pazzo.” Electra hissed. (Crazy old man.)   Nicholas laughed while Electra sneered and got up from the edge of the bed and went back to sit on the Cleopatra chair. “I know my great grandfather and my grandfather both wished to marry you but you turned them down.” He said. “Also their grandfathers before them,” Electra added and Nicholas nodded. “You have lived for so long, why don’t you give yourself a chance to fall in love and have a life with someone.”    Electra ignored what Nicholas just said and went to stand by the balcony door. There was a moment of silence between them before Electra spoke again. “I have been through something that I never wanted to go through again, Nicholas. It’s already hard for me to watch each and every one of the De Rossi sons that I practically raised die while I remain the same. I do not wish any more torment.”  “And I wish you to be free from that torment and finally be happy, Electra,” Nicholas said.   Electra turned around and looked at him. “Thank you for that wish, Nicholas. Now I shall send your son an invite.” Electra said and then she bowed her head and left the room.   After Electra left, Nicholas cannot help but smile.   
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