Double Cross

2425 Words

  Livia and Electra arrived in Palermo Port first and met with Kamari and Almos. “How was the whole place?” Electra asked. “All good. The trucks that will be used for the transfer are already here as well.” Kamari answered and then she pointed towards the two trailer trucks parked not too far from them.   Electra looked at it as if inspecting it. “The drivers?” “All clean.”   Electra nodded at Kamari’s answer, and then Almos hands a tablet to Electra. She took it and she looks at the different footage of the place displayed on it. “I stationed all the drones within the perimeter,” Almos told her.   Electra nodded and gave the tablet back to Almos. Then they heard the loud blaring of the cargo ship’s horn, and all four of them turned towards the direction of the sea. “The two of yo

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