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  When Nikolai got back in their private villa, he went back to his room and started packing his things. He stuffed all his things into his luggage and zipped them up.   After he packed everything, he went out of his room and went towards his father’s room. He carefully went inside and walked towards the bed. He run his hand through the smooth silk sheets and sat on the edge. He was reminiscing the times he spent with his father in that room; it made him regret coming too late. He should’ve come home sooner so he could’ve spent more time with him.   But then he thought of what his father told him. He wanted him to take over his position. He suddenly felt scared. If it’s just running a business, he has no qualms about accepting the position, but being a mafia boss is far different. When he saw those who came to his father’s wake and funeral, all those people looked vicious. They all looked like they can kill just to get what they want; that is something he is not.    When he got up from the bed, he walked towards the door of the balcony. He pushed them open and heaved a deep sigh. He stepped out into the balcony and looked around the vast yard of their villa. He can see the guards stationed around the villa, and from where he is standing he can see the solemn look on their faces.   He can see how everyone was affected by his father’s passing. Then he saw a black Mercedes pulled up in the villa’s driveway. Nikolai looked at it and he saw the man named Matteo came out of the car and went inside the villa. Then in a minute, there was a knock on the door.  Nikolai turned around and the door opened; Revel came in the room followed by Matteo. “What are you doing here?” Nikolai asked.  “I came here to talk to you about your plans,” Matteo said and Nikolai furrowed his eyebrows. “What about my plans?” He asked back. “Now that the boss is gone, you as his son are going to take over his position. That’s what the law of the family said.” Matteo told him. “I am an American citizen, a businessman, and a whole lot more. I was so used to my free life in America; do you think I have what it takes to be a mafia boss? I can’t even remember my own schedule that I rely too much on my assistant. How can I lead this family? I will only ruin what my father built.” Nikolai told them.  “Are you saying that you will abdicate the position and give to someone who isn’t worth the position?” Matteo asked and Nikolai sighed. “Just give the position to your consigliere, he’s my father’s and everyone’s first choice anyway,” Nikolai told them and then he turned around and plopped his arm on the balcony’s railings.   Matteo sighed and joined Nikolai on the balcony. “For years the consigliere did his job in the shadows. I heard from my father that the past consiglieres did that too as well. The boss’ external adviser did an amazing job that the heads of the council thought they can use him to oust the boss. They thought they can manipulate the consigliere to do what they want.” Matteo paused. “But the consigliere remained loyal to the code and rules of the family. His loyalty to the Da Rossi family is something I admire. If the boss appoints you, his son as his heir, the consigliere will do everything in his power to make it happen.”    Then Matteo turned towards Nikolai. “Your father trusts you to take care of this family. Famiglia Rosso deserves to be under a true De Rossi.”    Nikolai turned towards Matteo. “I am telling you, I don’t know anything about running a mafia!” Nikolai snapped and Matteo sighed. “You said you are a businessman; just think of the mafia is like a huge conglomerate. You are the CEO and everyone on the board is the head of the allied families.” Matteo told him and Nikolai huffed.   Then Revel approached them and he looked like he just got off a phone call. “The consigliere just called and said that young master Nikolai should go back to New York for the time being.” Revel told them and Nikolai looked at Revel like he grew some more limbs. “That’s great then, I had my bags packed. “The consigliere said you have a week to think and settle everything. We will prepare everything you need here while you are in New York.” Revel added making Nikolai gape at him. *****************************.   Like what was talked about, Nikolai flew back to New York. He stayed in his penthouse apartment the whole weekend and just thought of his next step. He ponders everything while he thinks of his father’s last moments. And at the end of his weekend, he had made a decision.   So when Monday came, Nikolai came to his office. His assistant Trevor approached him right away when he was settled in his office. “I heard of what happened to your father sir, I’m sorry for your loss,” Trevor said.   Nikolai just gave him a curt nod and he turned his chair towards the huge window behind him. “I didn’t know it’ll be hard for me to lose my father that I didn’t grow up with,” Nikolai said. “He is still your father, sir. No time and distance can change that.” Trevor told him.  Then Nikolai turned towards Trevor. “You are not married, right? No girlfriend?” he asked and Trevor frowned. “How can I get myself a wife or a girlfriend the least when I am too busy running your company on your behalf?” Trevor sassed and Nikolai chuckled.   He let out a sigh and leaned back on his chair. “What do you think about working abroad?” Nikolai asked.   Trevor then looked curiously at his boss and then he walked in front of him and went to touch his forehead. “You are not sick; do you still have jetlag or something?” He asked and Nikolai swatted his hand.  “I am serious Trev.” Nikolai paused and let out a sigh. “I am transferring my office to Italy, and you are coming with me.” He told his assistant. “You what?!” *************************.   After office hours, Nikolai brought Trevor into his apartment as he decided to tell him everything about his father, the mafia, and the reason he is moving back to Italy.   Trevor was dumbfounded after hearing what Nikolai has told him. “Aren’t you going to say something? You usually have something to say in everything I do.” Nikolai said as he took a seat on the couch, opposite where Trevor was seated. “So your father is a legit Italian mafia boss,” Trevor said and Nikolai nodded. “And you will be taking over his position now that he’s gone.”   Nikolai nodded again, and then Trevor shot up from his seat  “Why did you tell me all of this?!” Trevor exclaimed and Nikolai was startled by his outburst. “Uhm because you are my most trusted friend and assistant?” Nikolai responded.   Then Trevor groaned and rubbed his palms on his face and started pacing back and forth in front of Nikolai. “Why? What’s wrong?”   Then Trevor halted his steps and turned towards Nikolai. “Anything regarding mafias is considered a secret. You can’t just blurt it towards someone else. Ever heard of Omerta? It’s a code of silence!” Trevor exclaimed again. “How would I know? I am all new to this okay. If it wasn’t for my father I wouldn’t even think of thinking about mafia and stuff.” Nikolai grumbled.   Then Trevor sighed and sat back on the couch. “What’s your plan now?” Trevor asked. “I already told you, I am moving my office to Italy and will be working remotely. And I want you to come with me.” Nikolai told him, and then he noticed that Trevor looked apprehensive. “What’s wrong? Are you going to leave me fending for myself in Italy? I need you there with me Trev...” Nikolai whined, with matching pouting of his lips.   Trevor huffed and crossed his arms over his chest. “Do you know how dangerous it is for me? You are asking too much Nikolai –“ “Your salary will be tripled, you’ll be living in the villa with me, and there will be a high clothing, food, transport, and accident allowance,” Nikolai said cutting off Trevor.   They had a staring before Trevor huffed. “And I want my paid leave as well,” Trevor told him and then Nikolai grinned. “Deal.”     
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