Chapter 2 : Beauty and the Beast

1346 Words
Tugging. The tugging at my body made my mind swirl. What was going on? As soon as I forced my eyes open, my heart almost jumped out from my chest with horror–Derek loomed over me half naked with a lustful smile. What was he doing to me?!! Then I realized where I was… on my bed, and my clothes were all but almost gone. “Ahhhhh!!!” I let out a scream in absolute horror, but he quickly grabbed me and covered my mouth with his hand so I couldn’t make a sound again. “Um…!!” I pleaded with my eyes, but without avail. He pulled me close to him and whispered, “Don’t look at me like you’re stupid, Rosalie. I mean, I know you’re a bit dense, but you and I both know you want me…” I frantically shook my head, but that wasn’t enough to change his mind. My eyes filled with tears as he stared down at me greedily. Derek held me down with his knees and his hands began to touch every inch of my body. I tried to scream out and did my hardest to fight against him, but it was no use. Tears fell from my eyes as I struggled. “Wow, Rosalie. You developed quite nicely, didn’t you?” Nothing but disgust filled me. As his mouth descended down, trying to capture my nearly-bare breast, I heard Isis’s heels coming down the hallway. “Derek?” She called out, and for once, I had never been so happy to hear her voice in my life. Derek let up just long enough for me to use all my weight to roll out from underneath him. I grabbed the only clothing that I could spot on the bed and ran towards the bathroom while Derek’s laughing voice could be heard from behind me. Locking the door, I tried to control my tears and breathing. I had to stop hyperventilating, or I was going to make myself sick. I listened as the door to my room opened, and Isis walked in. “What’s taking so long?” Isis screeched. “Just having some fun.” Derek replied. “Where’s your f*cking clothes! Derek?!” Isis' voice said angrily before she began to bang upon the bathroom door. “How dare you seduce my son, you sl*t! You’re nothing but a f*cking wh*re! I can’t believe I ever tolerated your existence!” How could she think I was trying to seduce him? Inside the bathroom, I couldn’t stop the tears from rolling down my cheeks as I crawled on hands and knees towards the shower. The hot water cascading down over my body was a welcome release, and I made sure it was hot enough to turn my skin red. and I was desperate to remove the feeling of Derek touching my skin. I want no trace of Derek's hands upon my body to be left. I tried to be quiet as I cleansed myself and as fast as I could. Please make him leave, I thought. I need him gone. Up until today, Derek hadn’t been able to do anything sexually agressive to me, thank the moon godess. His mother had been keeping a close eye on him. After all, I was too valuable to her. I was a meal ticket waiting to be sold. And now, they found the perfect buyer – the murderous Alpha of Drogomor. The tears ran until there were none left to come. Outside, their argument continued. “Are you kidding me?!” Isis raised her voice so I could hear it with the water in my shower running. “Stop f*cking around with this sl*t, Derek. Our distinguished guest is almost here, and we can not keep him waiting. Honestly Derek, I don’t know why you have such interest in this thing.” Derek snapped back, “Mother why don’t you go find something to entertain yourself with, and stop worrying about what the h*ll I do. I’ll do what I want with her.” “Then feel free to explain to Beta Talon why you are late!” Isis obviously knew exactly how to handle her son. This time Derek, did not say anything. At least, not something I could hear through the bathroom door. I knew Derek didn’t care for what his mother, or even my father, had to say. He had no respect for anyone! It was just shocking to me that even a monster like him would not dare disobey the Alpha of Drogomor. “Hurry up.” Isis scoffed before I heard the bedroom door close again. Turning off the hot water I heard Derek tapping on the other side of the door. “You got lucky, Rosalie. That luck will run out eventually though.” I quickly made a point to pull the clothing over my head, zipped up the back, and fixed my hair as much as I could. Taking a deep breath, I tried to still my shaking hands. Hopefully, Isis hadn’t gone far. Please don’t let him touch me again. Please, goddess help me! As I opened, Derek’s greedy eyes scanned my body. Now that I knew what he wanted from me, I couldn’t imagine spending a single minute more with him alone! Before I could walk past him, Derek snatched me by the jaw and pulled me inches from his lips. I whimpered at the thought of what he was thinking. “When the Alpha of Drogomor is done with you, you’re mine. I will make you beg me to let you have your release, little… sister.” I was so disgusted that I wasn’t able to say a word. “Look at yourself, Rosalie!” He said as his hand pulled me into the bathroom by my neck and forced me to look at my reflection in the mirror. Only then was I able to recognize the beautiful white dress I was wearing. The strapless design revealed my silky shoulder, on which my reddish-brown hair lay. The elegantly embroidered bodice flattered my small frame. The embellish diamonds sparkled under the dim room light, and the airy chiffon skirt drifted gracefully covering my slim legs. I loved everything about this dress. How could I not? It was a gift from my dear mother–the only thing I had left from her. Mother prepared this precious dress for my come-of-age ceremony, for when I met my mate. When my father tried to sell it a few years ago, I begged and pleaded with him to let me keep it. I knew I would enrage him but I had to. I was able to keep it, but not without the most violent beating of my life. Mother, I miss you more than anything… As an Alpha’s daughter, I was supposed to have been respected, loved, and cherished. I would have been spoiled and treated like a princess, and one day, when I was of age, I would meet my mate in this dress, and he would see me as the most beautiful girl in his world. Maybe my mate would be another Alpha who would declare me as his Luna. That would be something any father and mother would be proud to announce - their little princess becoming the queen she was always meant to be. But here I was–the lowest of the low, not even worth caring for. In the reflection, I could see the red marks around my neck. My skin was bruised and scarred from years of abuse. My crystal blue eyes were slightly red from all the crying. I looked like me…. and yet I didn’t. I only saw a pitiful girl in the mirror. Why did this have to happen to me? What did I do to deserve to be treated like this?! Finally, I was able to put on this gorgeous dress. But it wasn’t for meeting my mate. It was for greeting my new master - a ruthless stranger, and a dangerous man.
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