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Prologue KATLYN Bloôd. There’s so much of it. It’s everywhere. On my hands. My legs. My body. On the floor. On the walls. My whole body was covered in bloôd, but still there was a hunger inside me that seemed to be unsatisfied, the demon possessing me needed more of it. More than the amount spilling on the floor that was rapidly oozing out of the three dead bodies lying lifeless on the dirty ground with their eyes open in shock and disbelief. My bare feet coated in their bloôd just like my hands. I blinked my eyes open, slowly, as if waking up from a deep sleep despite the nightmare. It wasn’t like I sat up gasping for breath like it happened to other normal people, the people who weren’t as bloodthirsty as I was. I sighed, sat up and rubbed a hand down my face and only then I realised that my room was shrouded in dark. And not just my room I couldn’t see the light under my door either and it was even dark outside the window telling me that the house I was staying at with more than two dozen guards was shrouded in dark. Power outage? I didn’t think so. There’s silence as dark as the night outside only interrupted by the whisper of footsteps that are getting closer and closer. There shouldn’t be any footsteps on the third floor where my room was. My father sent me in another part of the world far away from my family and friends to keep me safe with thirty guards to protect me. But it wasn’t the first secret location. No. It started with ten guards and in the beach house far away from the city. Then it was the mountains of Colorado with twenty guards to protect his precious daughter. And now I was here far away from the civilization, living like a hermit with only the guards for company who wouldn’t even smile at me or else get killed by my father. After all I was sort of a royalty in our circle with my father being the most trustworthy person to the king of New Orleans and my best friend’s husband. Gabriel Wolfe. And just not that, my father proved himself by eradicating any or every obstacle that came in King’s way to prove himself to be the man he was. The only weakness he has was his daughter. His princess, aka me, Katlyn. He would do anything for me even sent me to the ends of the world if it meant keeping me alive. I wasn’t much fan of a it, to be honest. But like other two times, it seemed once again this plan was also going to crash to bits and pieces, and once again I’ll go back to my father with a few scratches that he will hate and another soon to be a dead-man that was sent here by my Stalker who was pretty good at stalking, if I may say the truth. Whoever the f.cker was, he hadn’t shown himself but every time sent someone new to do his dirty work. And I’m really getting tired of it. As the footsteps grew louder and came closer, I slid my hand under the pillow to get my .45 calibar handgun but I didn’t find the cool comforting metal of my gun but the warm sheets. I sat upright, for the first time worry gnawing at my insides as I threw the pillow away in my search and sure enough my handgun wasn’t there. “What the fuvk?” I whispered in the dark room. Quickly, I slid out of the bed and made my way to the dressing table with the thought that maybe I put it there and forgot to take it to the bed. But I already knew it wasn’t the case, I already knew there was a rat among the guards. Not giving thought to the cold that snaked down my spine, I went straight to my cupboard. The footsteps told me I didn’t have much time so I wasn’t being quiet as I decided to get the another one I kept as a spare, a 9mm. I always carried a weapon with me and not just because of the stalker that refused to leave me alone but also because even if I wasn’t in danger I felt like I was and without something to protect myself with I always felt vulnerable. It was a feeling and a habit that I developed when I was sixteen and no matter how much I try I couldn’t get rid of it. My hand reached the shoe box that was closer and had my knife inside it but when I flipped it open, my knife wasn’t there. A frustrated scream bubbled inside me as I tugged out all the clothing and... Finally my fingers closed on the cold steel of the gun as it fell out, probably whoever had searched through my room missed this one. I turned around just as the bedroom door opened and I pointed the gun at the dark shadowy figure that appeared. “Stop,” I said in the dark, refusing to let it get to me. What? I had many weaknesses I just have gotten better in hiding and dealing with them. The shadowy figure moved. A big man from the size of him as he didn’t stop and came closer. I said, “Stop or I’ll shoot.” When he ignored my warning yet again, I didn’t think twice before I pulled the trigger and nothing happened. Shock vibrated through my whole body as I pulled the trigger again but it didn’t have any bullets. No! He was already upon me. A large hand came down on my head and slammed me against the cupboard. Pain lanced through me like hot poker as he did it again and again. The gun fell from my nerveless fingers as I too dropped down on the floor, half disoriented. He crouched down and whispered, “Not so strong now, are you?” I didn’t recognise his voice but then he grabbed a fistful of my hair and tugged my head up as he said, “You cost me two fûcking men and s**t load of money, bîtch. And I had to come myself to retrieve you.” I understood then that he was the man who was sending every other men after me. The boss of the henchmen my stalker had hired. Goddamn it, at least he could've come himself this time. I welcomed the burning in my limbs as anger burst through my veins like hot lava that came with the realisation that this man was the closest I’d get to the real man behind all this and how he and that stalker had made my life hell and kept me away from my friends and family, that because of him I had to live my life like a prisoner. I pulled my elbow back and slammed it into his throat, it was easier because of the way he was looming over me and then I crawled away from him, trying to push through the pain in my head. I stumbled up on to my feet as he coughed and gasped for breath behind me, I just wish I did some permanent damage to his throat. Taking a lungful of air, I screamed. I screamed as loud as I could because I wasn’t arrogant enough to think that I could take him down on my own, I mean I could, but not with warm blood dripping down from the back of my head. I called out for my guards as I made my way to the door, until he slammed against me from behind and I only barely caught myself before I could hit the wall. “Shut that mouth before I spill your guts.” He threatened. I bit down on my lip, refusing to gasp out in fear when I felt him pressing a knife against my side. “Now, walk.” With my hair in his fist he dragged me out of the bedroom and down the dark corridor. I tried to fight him off, but he has already cut me a few times by the time we reached the stairs and my vision was already getting blurry. The hit on the back of my head that was bleeding told me that it wasn’t a scratch like other times in the past and I definitely will have more than a concussion at the end of it. “If you make a sound I’ll kill you here and now.” I doubted that. No stalker would have his price killed without gloating over it and revealing himself, especially not by the hands of his minions. And I was just waiting for him to reach the ground floor before I make any move as I was already starting to lose my strength. The fuvker really hit my head hard back there. He grunted as he dragged me down the stairs. I didn’t know how many cuts he’d made in the process as he wasn’t paying attention to the knife he had pressed against my back. My father would be so upset when he will see that this time there were more than a few scratches on his precious princess. Sorry, daddy. He is going to be so worried and pissed for sure. Second floor was lit unlike the third floor and the four bodyguards that protected my life like hounds lived on the second floor which meant I would have a better chance to escape here, but apparently the man knew that as he dragged me in the shadows and threatened me again, “If you don’t want to die here you’ll keep your mouth shut.” Oh, come on. And he should know better. I would prefer to die here then go anywhere with this fuvker, who’d definitely take me to his boss who had sent me every kind of threat under the sun that had made my mother ugly cry and sent my father in his overprotective mode. As he started to drag me down toward the stairs, a door opened at the end of the corridor and Theo, previously known as the right hand man of my father but now was my personal bodyguard and the head of my bodyguards – yeah, talk about demotion. That guy seriously deserves a retirement with a hefty pension and a holiday package to Bahamas. I have been seeing him since I was a child and he has been working constantly at my father’s orders, he really deserves a holiday not another night spent saving me as he stepped out of his bedroom. His eyes met mine and then flicked to the man who now held the knife to my throat. “Stop, or she’s dead meat.” The man holding me hostage, said. Theo didn’t stop, his eyes went from me to the man and like an arsehole that I’d never call him because I respected him too much, he said, “Kill her then.” The knife pressed tighter against my throat and a trickle of warm liquid spilled down my chest. Seriously, my parents would have a fit. Then Theo stole my attention as he started talking. “Do you know what I will do to you if you killed her?” This was said so conversationally like we were sitting on a breakfast table and there wasn’t a knife pressed to my throat, maybe I got my f**k-all attitude from him after all. “I’ll skin you alive and then burn your flesh until there isn’t a part of you intact and then I will cut you piece by piece and feed you to the dogs in front of your own eyes.” The man dragged me backwards with him and I could feel the affect of Theo’s words on him. But before he could do anything, Theo stopped and crossed his arms against his chest. “Come on, do it,” He taunted the man. I almost rolled my eyes as the man’s hand dropped and he took a step back from me. For a second I swayed and concern flashed in Theo’s eyes but I gathered myself enough to swung around with my fists ready, and slammed them one after the other against the man’s face, feeling the soft crunch of his nose and the painful groan that spilled out of him. The man stumbled back, making me almost smile despite the pain. With a low grunt I slammed my leg into his stomach and just then felt a wave of dizziness, but before I could drop down on my arse a strong arm circled around my waist and gathered me in a secure hold. Theo murmured in his deep proud parent voice, “That’s a good shot. Now, let me take care of that...” I met his eyes, the eyes of the man who had allowed me to be me when my parents had smothered me in their love. He had always been there seeing past my smiles and knowing when I needed an outlet to purge the demons living inside me. I grinned at him or at least I tried to as black dots danced in front of my eyes, blurring his old blue eyes and silver hair that dotted his temples. I think I told him about the broken bones I could feel in my fingers before I closed my eyes and slipped into the darkness. . A. Gupta What do you think??? Share your thoughts!! I'm so excited to start this... If you're new feel free to ask questions and comment your thoughts, while this one updates you can check out my other books.
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