Chapter 5 Just A Game

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Katie sat down and picked up the fork reluctantly. Nate seemed to be completely unconcerned and went on eating gracefully, but he finished his breakfast within just a few minutes and made a phone call. He put the speaker on.   "Have all the doctors and specialists arrived?" He asked.   "Yes, they have. Katie Lawrence's mother has been transferred to the Anderson's Private Medical Center. The surgery is about to start."   "Good," Nate said briefly and hung up.   Katie was now feeling much relieved. She watched Nate for a short while. There was a mixed feeling in her. When she finished half of her breakfast, she stood up, ready to leave for the hospital, but Nate said rather sternly, "Finish it. I've asked them to prepare the right portion. It isn't much at all."   "Ok." Katie sat down and went on dining.   He had arranged a driver to take Katie to Anderson's Private Medical Center. Mum will be ok. Everything will be ok. Mum will be ok. Katie keeps telling herself, praying. Just as she got to the lift, someone walked past her and bumped onto her shoulder deliberately. She stumbled a bit and almost fell over.   "Katie Lawrence, this is not a place for someone like you. This is Anderson's, only for the rich and noble." Beth Berry looked Katie up and down with disdain and mocks at her.   "I guess I'm one of the rich and noble then." Katie retorted coldly.   Beth sneered and said, "I bet you were begging everywhere last night. I see. You must have slept with some rich old man and he's paid you generously. Ha-ha. Don't you feel ashamed at all?"   On hearing so, a few people that were also awaiting the lift looked at Katie with contempt and moved a few steps away from her.   An expensively-dressed plump woman commented, "What is it with the young girls nowadays. They have no sense of shame at all, selling their body and self-respect for money! Aren't they worried about getting aids?"   Katie clenched her fists and retorted, "Beth Berry, you seduced my fiancé and forced him to abandon his mother-in-law-to-be who's seriously ill. You should be the one feeling ashamed. However, I'm actually rather grateful to you as I've discovered that he's a real asshole anyway. By the way, Good luck."   Katie said and walked into the lift with her chest up.   Now the others looked at Beth with contempt and she wished she could give Katie a slap on her face.   The surgery had started. Katie waited outside the operating room anxiously, pacing up and down, praying silently.   When the door finally opened and the doctor came out. Katie asked anxiously, "How did it go?"   "It went perfectly well. Your mother will be sent to the ICU room for close observation and then transferred to the VIP room." The doctor said with confidence.   Katie heaved a sigh of relief.   About three days later, Katie's mother was transferred to the VIP room and she was recovering well.   "Mum, the doctor said you are recovering well and soon you can go home." Sitting by the bed, Katie said to her mother gently.   "Katie, did Vincent pay for the operation? Did he?" Katie's mother, Sue Loren, asked.   A bit taken aback by the question, Katie hesitated. She didn't want to tell her mother the truth, at least not yet. "Yes. It was very urgent." Katie said briefly.   "Has he been very busy? I mean he hasn't even come to visit at all." Sue asked and observed Katie closely. She found it difficult to believe that Vincent had actually paid for the operation.   Her trust for Vincent and his family had slowly vanished in the past few years. She had felt how differently they treated her and Katie after her husband passed away.   She had tried to imply it to Katie, but Katie refused to believe her and so she gave up the thought and told herself that she was just overthinking.   "Mum, Vincent has been very busy. He has asked me about you. He will come to visit as soon as he can." Katie said carefully.   "I see. You should help him with work then. I'm fine here. There are three nurses looking after me anyway. Don't worry about me."   "I'm about to go to the company in a bit. I will come and see you later after work, ok?" Katie lied. She gave her mother a kiss on her forehead and said goodbye, thinking Nate would get angry if she didn't contact him soon.   She had to plead him so long to finally get him to agree that she could stay with her mother for three days and today she had to return to him.   As soon as she walked out of the hospital, her phone rang and it was Nate Anderson. "Hello?"   "Go to the Marriage Registration Center now. I will be there in 15 minutes." Nate said clearly.   Katie was shocked. "Marriage..." she repeated. "Why?!"   "To register."   Katie shook her head in confusion. "What?!"   "I've kept my promise and now you should complete your duty and be mine legally," Nate replied matter-of-factly.   "Am I not just a toy to you? Why make it so complicated?" Katie couldn't help muttering.   "To put a tag on you, stating that you are mine. Just for fun." Nate replied coldly.   "Are you sure, Mr. Nate Anderson?" Katie asked again.   "When I'm tired of it, I will divorce you. It's completely up to me. Katie Lawrence, all you do is obey unconditionally." Nate said casually. The girl I love is gone anyway. It doesn't matter who I marry anymore. When I'm tired of her, I will just pay her to leave. Grandpa will stop asking me about marriage once I tell him I'm married.   Katie was speechless. Without further explanation, Nate walked into the Registration Center and Katie didn't have a choice but follow behind.   Nate noticed and said, "What? You should be grateful that I'm marrying you."   Katie put on an apologetic look and said, "Right. I am grateful, Mr. Nate Anderson! Very grateful. I'm sure millions of women dream to be Mrs. Anderson, but who would have guessed that you've chosen..."   "Good." Nate cut her short. "Don't fall in love with me. I'm only getting married for my grandpa's sake."   Katie opened her eyes wide open in shock, then smiled a reluctant smile and said, "I see."   After they went through the procedure, the host suggested they take a photo together. Katie stood next to Nate, thinking how surreal and pathetic this was. I've been hoping to marry the man I love, but who am I marrying to now? The arrogant and demanding Nate Anderson. What's my life going to be like?   She was staring at Nate without realizing till the photographer reminded her, "Mrs. Anderson, I'm sure you adore your husband very much, but would you please take a look at the camera?"   Mrs. Anderson? Adore him?! Katie glanced at the photographer speechlessly. I simply find it unbelievable that I'm marrying this guy!   On hearing so, Nate chuckled and intentionally, he put his arm around Katie's waist and said, "Of course, she adores me."    
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