Making Dinner

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Harper’s POV    When we got to the house the kids ran through the front door to do what they do. Daisy was excited and wagged her tail, excited about seeing Ava and Reese walk through the front door. That tail of hers was busy beating everything as she got pets and kisses from the kids. I loved that she was always so happy and friendly. Best dog I have ever had.     I headed straight to the kitchen to get everything prepared to make dinner. It was new for me to learn how to cook for six people at first, but I got the hang of it quickly. As I was getting the pots and ingredients that I needed out, the girls came running into the kitchen.     “Alright, what can we help with,” Olivia asked.     “First we need the noodles, so Ava can you grab the linguine noodles from the pantry? Olivia get the sea salt, please,” I started to instruct them.     With that we started cooking together by chopping ingredients and putting them in the pot with the noodles on the stove. The boys are now sitting at the bar working with some small lego sets they had. We got the pasta cooking on the stove and got frozen shrimp out of the freezer to go in it once it started boiling.     Daisy started running through the house from the living room for the front door. That told me Caleb was home from work. Vacation time had officially started. I could hear him at the front door with Daisy and it made me smile. Her tail was loudly hitting the wall as he pet her. The girls noticed what was going on not long after. They ran off down the hall towards him.     Ava yelled, “Daddy!”    Olivia said, “Hi, Caleb.”    “Hey, baby girls,” I heard him say.     The girls never came back into the kitchen so I guessed they were done helping and had decided to go play in Ava’s room. I heard Caleb’s work boots coming up the hall and Daisy’s tail beating the wall as she walked behind him. He rounded the corner as I stood on the other side of the kitchen near the stove. I smiled brightly when I saw him and he did the same. He walked up behind the boys placing his hand on both of their heads.    “Hey guys.”    “Hey Caleb,” Archer said with a smile.     Reese smiled and giggled quietly.     Archer leaned over to Reese and said, “let’s go to your room so they can do their kissy face things.”    Reese nodded his head with big eyes as they both grabbed their things and ran off to Reese’s room. I had to giggle at them. As they left the kitchen my eyes landed back on Caleb’s handsome face. He was staring at me like I might disappear on him. He started walking around the kitchen island getting closer to me with each slow step he took. Why was he walking so slowly? I just wanted to be wrapped up in his arms.     I reached out to wrap my arms around his waist once he got close enough. He threaded his fingers through my hair and brought the other around my waist to pull me closer. He slowly connected our lips for the first time in two weeks. His kiss was fervent and had me burning all over within a matter of seconds. We were slow to back out of the connection we missed so much.     When our lips finally part from one another we are breathing heavily standing there while still holding onto one another. We catch our breath and strike up a conversation, keeping one another close.    “How was today?” I asked in a heavy voice.     “It was boring and quiet,” he answered just as heavy.    “Good. I like it when you have quiet days.”    “You and me both,” he says with a soft smile and raised eyebrows.     I leaned in and pecked his lips before letting go of him so I could check on dinner. It was finally boiling so I needed to add the shrimp. I turned to grab them off the island as Caleb took a seat where the boys had been sitting.     “What are you making tonight?” Caleb asks.     “Mediterranian pasta with shrimp,” I answered.     “You always surprise me with what you decide to make for dinner.”     “What can I say? I like to keep you on your toes,” I tell him as I pour the shrimp into the pot.     He smiles at that and we continue to chat about the trip tomorrow as dinner finishes cooking. Once it’s ready Caleb goes down the hall to get the kids, making them leave their phones and other electronics in their rooms while we eat. He had hopped on the bandwagon of no devices while eating. He thought it was a good idea and would help the family to better stay connected.     We all gathered in the dining room and ate at the table while talking together. I enjoyed hearing stories Ava had from school in the past two weeks. Olivia shared a few new things with Caleb while Archer talked with Reese.     After we were done eating, Caleb had the kids shower one at a time while we cleaned the kitchen and dishes. The house was starting to quiet down for the night, falling into relaxing silence. I stole a few kisses while he cleaned and talked in the kitchen with me. Caleb naturally stole some butt grabs each time I kissed him. Some things never change and I liked that.     When all the kids had finished with showers it was almost bedtime. We let them play in their rooms while we sat on the couch watching a little of the news. Caleb soon put the kids to bed. He would make sure everyone was in their bed and tucked in before turning the lights off saying goodnight to each of them. He always made sure to kiss the girls’ foreheads before telling them goodnight. Olivia loves it. Daisy always finds her sleeping spot in the room with the boys. They loved having her with them.      While Caleb put the kids to bed I showered and changed for bed. I was exhausted from the trip and everything else today. The hot water in the shower relaxed me and seemed to make me even sleepier.    I get dressed in one of Caleb’s oversized t-shirts he always insists that I wear. I walk out of the bathroom to climb in bed just as he is entering the bedroom after he tells the kids goodnight and turns off the lights in the house. His eyes are glued to me as he crosses the bedroom and wraps his arms around me. I smile while placing my hands on his muscular chest. He leans down and gives me a kiss that leaves me aching to have him. I’m so tired though and I need to hold out on having s*x with him right now. With him being who he is and with his job, he’s going to notice the little things and start asking questions before I’m ready to answer them at the moment.    I pull back from our kiss and take a deep settling breath before softly saying, “not tonight.”      “Why?” he asks with a pout.     “I’m tired from the drive today,” I say in a sleepy voice.     “Wait a second here, you're telling me no. For the first time since we started this relationship, you’re actually telling me no to s*x,” he says in surprise as he releases me.      “I’m sorry, babe. I’ll make it up to you though,” I whine out as I walk over to the bed away from him.    “You better,” he says as I crawl into bed and lay down.     I can't help but laugh at him. He comes to my side of the bed and looks over me closely.     “Why are you so tired?” he asks worriedly.    I knew this was going to happen and I was prepared for it. He’s such a worry wart and is constantly making sure I’m ok. The way he takes care of me is one of the reasons he’s so great for me. I only hope I take care of him the same way.     “I just am,” I answer with a little annoyance in my voice.     “That’s not an answer, little one. Are you having issues sleeping again?”     “No. My insomnia isn’t acting up at all. I’m just tired,” I finish with another whine.        He sighs out heavily and says, “alright. I’m going to go shower.”    “Ok. I love you.”    “I love you too, little one,” he says, then leans down and kisses my lips.    He gets up off the bed and walks into the bathroom. I hear the shower turn on and soon the darkness in the room comforts me into a gentle yet heavy sleep.  ———— Caleb’s POV    When work was finally over I was so happy to walk through the front door of the house. Hearing everyone in the kitchen together was enough to make me smile. I wanted to come home to this everyday, not just every once in a while. It was satisfying to have Harper, all of the kids and the dog all under one roof.      I was greeted at the door by Daisy with her happy demeanor and wagging tail. She was a great dog and always so happy to see me. The girls ran up to me next wanting hugs and kisses. Olivia had become attached to me over the past seven months and I had become very attached to her. She and Ava together were trouble just waiting to happen. They were becoming two very beautiful little girls and I was going to have to beat up all the boys that found an interest in them.     I walked into the kitchen to find the boys doing what they always did, quietly building and just enjoying each other's company. When I finally got to kiss my girl I didn’t want to let her go even if she was busy making dinner for everyone. I could tell she looked tired this evening. You could just see it on her face and the way she was moving around.     When the night was over and the kids were finally in bed, I was eager to tumble around in the sheets with Harper. When I saw her walking out of the bathroom wearing one of my shirts I was ready to slide it off her right away. I walked towards her, cutting her off from the bed and wrapped my arms around her. I kissed her intensely making sure to get the point across that I wanted her.     Then she said not tonight. Not tonight? What the hell was that about? Don’t get me wrong, of course she’s allowed to say no, but it had never happened before. Yeah sure we have had to put off s*x before because of the kids, but that’s one thing.     She went to bed after I kissed her and we said I love you to one another. I went to the bathroom to shower knowing she would probably be asleep by the time I got out with how tired she looked.     While showering I thought about what could possibly be going on with her. Sure that drive sucks, but normally she’s never tired enough to say no to s*x after it. What was up with her? Was she just nervous about the trip and meeting my family? That's always nerve wrecking for anyone trying to make sure people like them. But she's amazing and everyone likes or loves her. I am one hundred percent sure that all of my family will love her.     She said her insomnia wasn’t acting up again so I had no clue what could possibly have my girl so tired. I was done in the shower before I could come up with an answer. I walked into the bedroom in my boxers to find her asleep on her side facing away from my side of the bed. I crawled into bed carefully so I didn't wake her up, laying on my back while looking at the ceiling thinking about the trip tomorrow. It didn’t take long and I was falling asleep to my happy thoughts. 
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