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“Mio sole, I am the Vampire King. I am the epitome of evil. I have killed thousands upon thousands of people. My heart is completely black; my soul is tainted. If we were to mate. Then I would stain you. Which would make me own you. You will be mine and mine alone.” My breathing picks up at the thought of Casimir owning me. “You will bend to my will. You will answer to me. I will break you over and over again until you are begging me to fix you. I will have you calling out for forgiveness, but I will be your only salvation.” Oh f*ck. “I will also be possessive over you to the point that it will drive you crazy. I am an extremely jealous man. If a man were to shake your hand or place any hand on your body, I would break every bone the hand possesses. My possessiveness will make me want to collar you. I will want to mark your pretty little body so no one will doubt who you belong to. Your c*nt will be my salvation. Coating my tongue in your juices before I drink you will be the only thing that lightens my tainted soul. Shoving my c*ck in you while you cry out will be the only prayer that you will grace my ears. Are you ready for that? For this? Are you ready to be claimed by a vampire that will drink your tears and eat your c*nt as if you were the only thing to save me from hell? A vampire that would kill anyone who ever disrespected you? A vampire that will feed off of your blood? Knowing that your life is in my hands? Knowing that I will now be the only one that you worship? So again, are you ready for this?”
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