Chapter 2

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"Priyanka: four years ago." At a secluded table in Bindaas, one of the most romantic restaurants in Washington DC. “Close your eyes, beautiful" a 6’1 handsome green-eyed, brown-haired man sits a ring box on the table. “Before you say anything. No, it’s not an engagement ring. I hope one day it will be.” “Okay, Congressman Grayson Prestley. What am I going to do with you?” She looks at him and picks up the box. He leans over the table and kisses her hand. “Well, for starters, you can let me mark that beautiful neck of yours. You know how much I love you, Priyanka Belafonte.” “Yes, I do know, and I love you too. But we’re not true mates." She opens the box and sees a 14k gold 8.5-carat green heart shape ring. Priyanka is about to say something, but he lays his finger on her lips. “Priya, tonight is our eighth anniversary of living together. I don’t want to discuss our mates. This is about us and the love we share for each other. " He walks over to her and kisses the top of her head. "Hell, I don’t care if we never find them. Let’s just enjoy ourselves right now. Today we have been living together for eight wonderful years.” Grayson slides the ring on her finger. “It is beautiful, thank you.” She’s looking at her ring. His phone beeps as he reads it. “It seems one of the Presidential candidate's wives was just killed” Grayson sticks his phone back inside his jacket pocket. “Don’t worry. I have no plans of talking politics. I know how much you dislike the subject and that life,” Priya is rubbing his leg with hers under the table. “I can think of something else we can do right now.” “Check, please,” Grayson yells and holds his hand up. She giggles and slides her feet up to his thigh. The following day Priya's legs are wrapped around Grayson when her phone rings again for the tenth time. “I guess I need to answer that.” She reaches for her phone. He kisses her forehead and gets out of bed. “As much as I hate to leave you. I need to get to the office.” “Go ahead. I have some jewelry that I need to finish today.” She answers the phone. It’s Rista, her assistant at her company. She called to remind her of today's meeting with a new client. Priyanka is the CEO, designer, and owner of her jewelry company Priyanka. She’s also a reporter for Sun Crest Newspaper. It's the largest newspaper in Washington, DC, and the Alpha of Fearless Hunters, the largest pack in Washington. A few minutes later, Grayson walks out of the bathroom, looking at her. She’s communicating with someone through her link. “Is anything wrong?” He looks at her, concerned. "what's wrong." “It seems that we’re having a problem with rogues. I need to go back to the pack.” She’s zipping her jeans up. “I’m going with you.” He’s taking his jacket off. “No, you have some important meetings to attend. The pack and I can handle this. Whitley said that we had no causalities this morning. She nor Vania have any idea who the rogues are. I need to be there for a few days in case they attack again.” She kisses his cheek. “I love you.” “Be careful. I love you too.” Grayson is looking at her running out the door. "Damn it, woman, I love the hell out of you". What did the Moon Goddess think when she didn't design us for one another?" Almost an hour later, Priyanka walks into her house. Whitley and Vania meet her. They are telling her everything that has happened since she left three days ago. Vania notices the ring on Priya's finger. She screams and grabs her hand. “You and Grayson finally did it” She’s looking at Priya's neck. “Where is his mark? You don't smell different" She's sniffing her neck. Priya fans her away from her neck. “Then you're engaged. Congratulations!” Whitley is looking at the ring. “It took you two long enough. You two been together since you were sixteen.” Priya laughs. “Slow down, you two. Grayson and I aren’t engaged. Nothing has changed as much as we love each other. Damn, I do love that man. But we have mates out there somewhere. Until either one of us finds our mates, we will live every day as is our last day together. Gray gave me this because we have been living together for eight years as of yesterday. I was supposed to have a meeting with a client this morning. He wants a ring designed for his wife's birthday.” She’s calling Rista to see if they can do a video meeting later today with him. Whitley is Priyanka’s Beta. She’s mated to Damian. She, Vania, and Priya has known each other all of their life. Vania hasn't met her mate yet. Priya’s parents died a few days before her eighteenth birthday. On their way back from the city, they were attacked by rogues one night. Still, to this day, she hasn’t found out who the rogues behind her parents' death were. Because many rogues are always trying to take over their territory, she has sworn that when she finds the assholes, she will make them pay dearly and painlessly. Since she has become the Alpha, the attacks have ceased. The attack that happened this morning is the first one in a couple of years. Priyanka walks out of the shower humming when Vania informs her through their link that rogues are coming their way at full speed. She wraps a towel around her, runs to her balcony, and jumps off. When she lands on all four, she has already shifted into Huntress, her sizeable black Alpha wolf. When she and her pack reach the border, they see hundreds of wolves just reaching their border. She walks behind a tree. “What is wrong with these idiots? Why are they attacking us now?” She’s talking out loud to herself. Priya walks behind a tree and sees one of the rogues walking from behind a tree across her border. “Robbie Shoemaker. When did you get out of prison?” “Yesterday,” Robbie is looking around for her. Then he sees Priya when she walks to stand in front of her pack. “I see you still haven’t grown any, little man. I thought after two years. You would be about 5’4 now.” She chuckles Whitley and Vania are laughing and looking at Robbie. "Being short isn’t a crime,” Robbie yells. “No, it isn’t. But in your case, it should be just like being stupid. Too bad you came back here just to die on day two of your freedom.” Priyanka is looking at Robbie, shifting into his wolf. “Dumb ass.” She mumbles as she shifts. Huntress growls and looks to her left side, looking at Coco. Whitley wolf is staring at a tan wolf. Dove Vania's wolf is on her right side, growling at a black and white spotted wolf. Huntress lets out a loud growl. Huntress and her pack are charging at the rogues. Robbie's wolf, Ice, growls as he runs toward her. He stops running and smirks when he sees one of his men attacking her. Huntress's eyes are on Ice as she rips a wolf's head off. She runs toward Robbie’s wolf. Two wolves attack her. Huntress swings her claw at one of the wolf's heads. The head of the wolf flies in the air. She had beheaded him with her sharp claw. The other wolf charges at her and then jumps in the air. Huntress leaps at the wolf and bites down on his shoulder. The wolf howls while his shoulder is being ripped off. Coco has a wolf by his leg. She clamps into it. The wolf is swinging at her. Coco lets his leg go and jumps on his back. She bites down on the wolf’s neck. He whines and howls until his body collapses to the ground. The spotted wolf ran when Dove ran after him. He is standing back, looking at Dove when she mauled the wolf. Once the spotted wolf sees that he has no choice but to fight Dove, he runs at her fast, and they bump heads. The wolf falls to the ground. Dove bites the wolf in the middle of his stomach so hard that her teeth go through. The wolf didn’t make a sound as he was dying. Ice charges at Huntress and jumps at her. Huntress catches the little wolf by his head. The wolf is howling as she clamps down on his head. His headless body falls to the ground. Huntress spits the wolf's head on the ground and growls, looking at her pack's victory. After the battle, Priya couldn’t wait to get back to Grayson. She left right after her pack cleaned the rogues up. Grayson is sitting in the dark. He has been drinking for hours. He looks at the door when he hears it opening. Priyanka runs over to him and wraps her arms around him. She kisses his cheek and sees two empty whiskey bottles on the table. “You must have had a bad day.” “The worse day of my life” He takes her hands and pulls her into his lap. “I love you more than anything in this world." “Gray, you know I feel the same way about you. What’s wrong?” She’s looking at him in concern Gray kisses her forehead. “Baby, I found my mate. I wasn’t looking for her. She just showed up at the luncheon today.” “Oh, I see. I’m happy for you.” Priya managers to put on a smile. He buries his head into her chest. “I’ll never stop loving you.” She discreetly wipes the tears that are running down her cheek. “I’ll never stop loving you either. Now go to your mate. I’ll move out tonight.” “No, this is our place. We pick it out together, so you keep it.” Gray is still buried in her chest, inhaling her scent. He doesn’t want to let her go. But he knows that he has to go mate with his true mate. This is the day that he has dreaded. “Go now. I’m sure your mate is waiting on you.” She turns her head to look away from him. She didn’t want him to see the tears on her cheeks as she cried silently. Gray stands up and looks at her one more time before he walks out of the house. He leans against the door. He heard something that he had only heard once. That was when Priya found out her parents were dead. That is Priyanka crying. He also hears her when she mumbles, "I love you, my love."
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