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I woke up to the scent of meat drifting toward my nostrils, I don’t remember the last time I had food, good food to eat. I slowly sat up, only for me to see the food on a small stool which was close to the bed. I took the plate and tore into it with a lack of finesse that would have been troubling to me, all I was concerned with was getting my fill, I choked on a piece of meat which got stuck in my throat from the way I tried to shove food into my stomach without properly chewing. I looked around desperately for something to ease my pain and my eyes landed on the cup on the stool, I quickly drown the water inside and continued to eat but this time with more care and less hurry. When I was done, I began to second guess my actions. What if my food was poisoned? I fidgeted at that thought until I remembered that Orel is not the kind of man to go through that pain, the noblewoman, yes she could do it with no remorse or loss of honesty but if Orel wanted me gone, he would just snap my neck or some other task that he could handle himself besides poison is too underhanded for a guy whose honor I am sure is everything. I made up my mind to finally leave the tent so that I will take my first steps into this new world of mine, with that idea in mind, I took a deep breath, pasted a serene look in my face and stepped out into chaos. Everywhere was busy, filled with warriors who were either marching, carrying out some menial jobs or fighting. “my lady, have a seat.” A warrior said to me in a gentle voice, suddenly appearing at my side while the other that was with him, tilted his head to me and quickly left. “Orel?” I started to say, telling the guard who I was looking for, I did not’t want to be beaten for disputing the movement of those in the camp. “he is been called my lady.” The warrior said with a bow as what he was calling me sank into my head. I was not a lady, I need to correct him before somebody worthy of that title would hear that I am called that and I would be done for. “my name is Themis, from Sagedge. Please I am no lady…” I started to explain to the warrior who looked uncomfortable like he did not’t want to be close to me because of words coming out of my mouth. “you are dismissed.” A deep voice which I recognized as Orel's voice any time said behind me and I saw the warrior bow quickly and took off. When I turned to look at Orel. With a glower which seemed like his usual expression, he shrugged as he took a seat in the stump close to me. “if I had heard him call you by anything other than your status, I would have had his head.” “I am from the tribes, my status is long gone, I have no status,” I said simply even as the words left my mouth with a bitter thirst. I was from one of the tribes yes but I had status. I was the chieftain daughter that was the past, it did not’t change who I am currently. “you had no status except that of a maiden, now you are a lady, my lady, my wife and believe me when I say that your new position is one that requires the formality of that title being used always,” Orel said as I stared speechless at him. “you will be regarded as lady Bryman, but if you need to issue a command and people around you are not listening, you issue the command with the title ‘wife to Orel.’ They will listen and if they still don’t…” Orel flashed his teeth in a vicious grin that sent sweat rolling down my shoulder blades. “they will listen when I am around.” I nodded at his reply before I asked. “I want to know why you saved me and why you chose me out of all other maidens.” Orel looked at me with some measure of respect before he asked me a question that left me pale, he asked me in the voice of a predator. One who doesn’t need to prove that he is one “do I scare you wife?” I did not’t need anything but survival instincts to tell me that this was some sort of test that he wanted to use to measure my worth, I licked my lips and prayed to the gods to guide me and hoped that I was not ’t about to make a big mistake, I leaned close to him and replied in a soft voice. ”no, you don’t scare me, you terrify me.” “still you meet my gaze head-on, you asked questions and act as if you are not worried,” Orel said in puzzlement, leaning away from me and folding his huge arms across his expansive chest. “you saved me for a reason, so I think you need me alive besides you won't go through the trouble of saving me to kill me in an underhanded means, your honor won't let that happen and if I do act scared of you, what use will it do to me? I am living on borrowed time, I should be dead but I am not. The knowledge makes one fearless about his dealings” I replied my husband who looked at me with shock. I could tell that I surprised him with my answer. I could also tell that I have gained his respect too. “you will do wife,” Orel said releasing a grin as if all his worries are being eased at my answer. “I am sorry that we are going to do everything backward since we are married but I would love to know the name of my wife.” I was already angry at his statement of me being enough but I decided not to push the fragile relationship we were building if I want the borrowed time I am living on to be extended for as long as possible then I need to maintain a good relationship with him. “Themis, my name is Themis, daughter of Orion.” Orel jerked as if his body was hit by lightning, his wife was of noble blood. Well, it seems like her graceful air did come from somewhere, ignoring her look of concern at his sudden movement, he asked her another question. “how did you end up as a Maiden Of The Hunt?” “not by choice, my father died recently and to honor his memory, my people decided to send me to be the Maiden Of The Hunt from them, I was the last of my line and they wanted to destroy my line.” Orel chuckled as he made a note in his head to visit the tribe of Sagedge when he could, the only ones fit for ruling that tribe was her family and the current chief knew of it, he was scared that she would marry and her husband would want to rule the tribe so he sent her to be killed. “what are you thinking of husband?” I asked him with a worried look on my face as he shook his head as if to dispel some thoughts, the look in his eyes show that he knew who my father is and he has already come to the same conclusion as I did but unlike me, he was not ready to let the sleeping dog lie. Maybe he will now but he won't let them get away with it. Before he could reply me, a sound filled the air as Orel tensed then slowly rose and when I made to stand up too, he shook his head and I relaxed back on the stump, something was coming and he wanted me to see it if the thing was dangerous, I knew without a doubt that Orel will protect me. I was unfamiliar with most things in this new world but one thing which I know that I can cling to, is Orel, he got married to me, tied himself to me. And maybe it was because of the marriage but somewhere within me, I knew I could trust him. I have always followed my instincts in everything I have done and it had never led me wrong before, my instincts are telling me to trust him with my life now and so I will obey even though I want nothing more than to try escape, I have a feeling that I will lose his trust and that is something I need if I am going to survive. A rider on a horse gallop straight to Orel and when it got to twenty paces to him without slowing down, an arrow landed at Orel's feet and that was sign enough for the rider to slow down. “you are in my way, warrior. Leave.” The rider said as Orel chuckled, Orel's friend stood close to Orel with a bow in his hands and a quiver of arrows strapped to his back, it looked ridiculous on him. He was the type of man who used a sword bigger than everybody else. “who are you looking for?” Orel asked ignoring the word of the rider. “I am looking for the Maiden Of The Hunt.” The rider said pompously, gathering as much self-importance as he could to make himself look bigger on the saddle. “We have no Maiden Of The Hunt here, I am sure that you will see them in the pyre where they burn,” Orel replied easily as I look at him in confusion. The rider was looking for me but Orel did not’t want to say anything so I kept quiet. “but… I was told the warlord rode here with her.” The rider stammers as I gasp. Orel was the warlord… little wonder he was hammering at my new status. “oh, you mean lady Bryman,” Orel said with a deathly calm tone that made the rider seemed to shift uncomfortably in his seat. “are you referring to the bride of the warlord as a Hunt Maiden still? And you asked… no demanded to see a new bride without her husband's consent?” The rider gulped noisily. Orel made a hand gesture and before everybody could blink, the rider was knocked off the saddle, another warrior slapped the flank of the horse as the horse reared and threatened to step on its rider before it turned and fled the camp. “answer me, messenger, I don’t have all day.” Orel ordered with his voice hard. “I am sorry sir, I wish to know whose presence I stand before.” The rider said shakily as Elison and other warriors laughed at the rider questions. “that is the first thing that should have come out from your mouth, after an apology for almost running me down.” Orel said then folded his arms across his wide chest and continued. “you stand at the presence of the warlord, messenger, at the presence of his overall second in command and the presence of his wife, lady Bryman” the rider looked close to fainting now as he realized what he had done. “a thousand apologies my lord.” The rider said kneeling and pressing his head to the ground. “you will give those thousand apologies,” Elison said in a dry tone. Before Orel could ask another question, the same sound as earlier filled the air, Elison exchanged glances with Orel as Orel turned to face as then gave a hand flick that summoned the guard that was with me earlier and the other who had left. “it seems like we are having too many guests today, more than I want. Themis can you step behind your guards for a while?” I knew it was not ’t a request but an order but still I nodded, I stepped behind the two guards as they used their bodies as a shield for me but still left a tiny opening where I could watch everything that happened. The second rider stopped in front of the warriors that surrounded the messenger on the floor then got down from his horse and knelt in front of Orel. “my lord.” “at least, some of you have manners.” Orel said in a dry tone that made the first messenger try to make himself smaller on the ground and make the second to bow deeper. “what message do you have for me?” The second rider cleared his throat uncomfortably but started anyway “the merchant king sent his congratulations and beg for the release of his wife servant who was sent by the merchant queen and her guest Lady Estrid.” Orel nodded. “any other message?” “yes, my lord. The merchant king asked that I invite you to the party he is hosting tomorrow evening at his home in the capital.” Then with some hesitation, the rider asked. “permit me to ask but will you be releasing the queen messenger to me?” “of course.” Orel replied with a grin that made the second rider step back, “At a price. I want clothing and all the things a lady would require for my bride before tomorrow afternoon. Me and my bride will arrive tomorrow morning.” The rider gave a swift jerk of his chin then spoke. “I will need to see the Lady Bryman before I can describe her to the Merchant so that he will have what you require when you want it.” Orel gave the guards who I was standing behind a chin nod as they bowed then separated and then he stretched out his hand to me, I took a couple of step before I could put my hand in his. “have you seen her enough?” he asked the rider who nodded and helped the first one to stand then they both mount his horse and as they were about leaving Orel called out. “please pass a message to the merchant queen, tell her that if she ever try to disrespect my queen who is her level that she will have me to face, go.” Orel order as the horse took off. Orel was still tensed when as the horse disappeared from sight until I touched his arm and he relaxed under my hand. “she is going to hate being an equal with someone from the tribes.” Elison said as Orel grins. “and I will keep shoving it in her face every chance I get.” Orel replied as Elison laughed. Orel grin faded. “I am now married, not everybody should know where my wife is. When I am gone tomorrow, switch the location of my tent to a place nobody will suspect and place a similar tent here, I will use that tent for official work.” Elison bowed and when he straightened. “and get something for Themis to wear.” He said causing me to jerk in surprise but he chose to act like he did not see my surprise. “something leather and certainly not a gown, trousers will do and then put in an order for pairs of trousers her size and free shirts too and a sword which will not be an issue for her size. I hate seeing this gown on her.” Orel continued as Elison bowed again and left to see to Orel wishes no doubt. “Orel” I called softly and when he looked at me, his fierce expression faded a little but it was still there. “What is the matter?” I asked. “you look like a Maiden Of The Hunt in this gown. You are not going to the capital like that tomorrow and I hate seeing you in it, you need to change. Now.” Orel ordered as he dragged me back into the tent and ordered me to strip then dressed me up in his shirt which was almost a gown on me but still would have made me feel more self conscious if I was not tired. I did not know why he was angry but frankly I was too tired to care even though I slept the day away, my body was still adjusting to the fact that I was not dead, all the hours I had spent on sleepless nights was finally catching up with me. As soon as I met his approval, I went back to the bed to sleep and Orel was there using his hand to pass through my hair as I slept.
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