Chapter 1 Rebirth Episode 1

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"Got up, Guan! The game is about to start, it's time to go to the court!" A rapid urging sound woke up Lei from his sleep, and he felt someone touching his shoulder. He "Teng" folded his body and habitually raised his sword to chop. Halfway through the action, Lei suddenly felt a bright light in front of him when he broke through the level, and also noticed that his hand waving the knife was empty. "Where's the knife?!" Consciousness gradually became clear from blurriness, and when Lei broke through the level, he found that he was no longer in the pitch black and cold warehouse, but in the rental house he had once lived in. There were three familiar faces staring at him and laughing. Lei was a bit confused when he broke through the level and said to himself, "Aren't these people dead long ago? Why now..." Looking around, it was indeed his former bedroom. Lei suddenly thought of something and asked the three people in front of him, "What date is today?" "Did you fall asleep? Today is the 26th! Liverpool vs. Everton, Messi River Derby! The tickets have been prepared long ago. Get up quickly, we should go!" The tall handsome man who shook his ticket and urged Lei to break through the barrier and get up called Hu Bing. He is from Shanghai and, like Lei, is an international student at the University of Liverpool, also Lei's roommate. The two people standing next to Hu Bing are also Chinese international students from the University of Liverpool. The white and chubby guy is called Xu Wei, nicknamed Xu Pangzi, and comes from Harbin. The short man next to him with glasses is named Jiang Dacheng, nicknamed Baobao'er, from Beijing. He is from the same hometown as Lei Bangguan and is also the child who broke the barrier. Seeing a dazed expression on Lei's face as he broke through the level, Jiang Dacheng snorted and said, "Lei Zi, I've told you before that Lin Xiaoxiao is a s**t. I told you not to take her seriously. You must not listen. It's okay now, let her be fooled, right?" Hu Bing turned his head and glared at Jiang Dacheng, asking him not to add fuel to the fire. Then he patted Lei Chuan's shoulder and said, "There is no grass in the world. Ah Guan, you don't need to have a crush on Lin Xiaoxiao's flower. Don't think too much about it. After watching the game today, let's have a good drink. We'll have nothing to do tomorrow." Xu Pangzi also advised, "Yes, Lei Lei, there are very few frogs with three legs, but there are women with two legs all over the world. Don't think about Lin Xiaoxiao. Later, my friend will introduce a girl from Northeast China to you, and I guarantee to satisfy you." "Fatty guy, when did you start Turtle Lord's business? Can you also introduce me to one?" Jiang Dacheng sneered and glanced at Xu Fatty. "Get out of here!" Xu Pangzi gave Jiang Dacheng a plump palm on his back, and the two of them got into a fight. Looking at the vivid expressions of the three people in front of him, Lei Po was concerned about Sheng Juzhen and said, "Did I travel back to the evening before the crisis broke out?" He vividly remembered that the night when the biochemical crisis broke out a year ago was when the four of their classmates went to Anfield to watch the Liverpool derby together. Shortly after the game ended, they had just emerged from Anfield when the biochemical crisis broke out. Now looking at the surrounding environment and the state of the three people by the bed, it is almost certain that Lei has been reborn to the night before the disaster broke out. He is about to experience the baptism of a biochemical storm again! Thinking of these, Lei Po's concern did not generate a huge panic, but instead became increasingly calm. He has experienced a painful separation from friends and loved ones, and countless thrilling moments of life and death. He has long been baptized with nothing by the terrifying biochemical frenzy. Now that he has been baptized again, what can he do? The pain of exhaustion both physically and mentally kept him on the brink of despair, but at the same time, it also made his mood incredibly powerful. Returning once again to the origin of terror, Lei calmly recalled the scene of the sudden disaster that night after breaking through the level?? At that time, they were outside the Anfield stadium, and at the moment of the disaster, countless people turned into zombies. The square outside the stadium has become a b****y and b****y arena, with everyone crying and shouting to escape, and countless zombies pouncing on the living. The scene is chaotic and cruel, unimaginable. Looking back on the tragic scene at that time, Lei still felt a lingering fear as he broke through the level. He knew that he was able to escape from the zombie pile that time entirely because of luck, and now he didn't want to take that kind of risk again. The week before the disaster broke out was the most chaotic, during which he had to find a safe place to hide and not go out. "Ah Guan, what are you staring at? You wouldn't really let Lin Xiaoxiao be fooled by it, would you? It's not like you!" Hu Bing saw Lei break through the level and sat on the bed in a daze, smiling and patting his shoulder.
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