| Chapter Two |

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The bed was huge, the black silk sheets making it look even more intimidating. I could hear the hum of Lyle's voice as he spoke to the driver that had brought us to his apartment. Too quickly the front door clicked shut confirming the man's departure. Lyle's footsteps came towards the bedroom. As the door swung open I was instantly aware of his presence. It was worse as he came closer. I should have moved, disappeared into the bathroom, I couldn't. My body was frozen, I could only stare at the sheets in confusion of what my life had become. "I had your clothes and belongings brought here. They are in the wardrobe, drawers, you products in the bathroom." His arms came around my waist as the two of us stared at the bed. I took in a shaky breath as Lyle leaned down lightly kissing the side of my neck. "I can't do this." I barely whispered. He didn't stop. His kisses continued, that hot sensual mouth turning me into a puddle of unwelcome lust. My body loved his touch, revelled in such a simple caress. My mind, it was fighting, confused, overwhelmed. "Do you remember what you said this morning?" He bit my neck causing me to cry out. My mind had gone blank, I said what it took to ensure my father wasn't lying in a pile of his own blood at the end of the day. "You said you would do anything I wished. I asked for marriage." He turned me around, lifting my body effortlessly and threw me in the middle of the bed. Startled I landed with a screech. It wasn't until I looked down at myself that I realised he had stripped me of my dress. "That means you will adhere to the duties of a wife." Layer by layer he stripped himself of his clothes. His eyes never left mine, his brown, almost black orbs capturing me under their spell. As the white shirt revealed his tanned chest I'm sure my mouth hung open. His abs were something to admire, something a woman should appreciate. I swallowed trying to eliminate the dryness in my throat when his hands went to his trousers. They fell with a loud swoosh to the floor along with his boxers. I didn't want to look, that didn't mean I didn't. My body's reaction was instant as I squeezed my thighs together. He was hard, throbbing and as he gripped his steel length stroking himself leisurely I was lost. Snapping out of my haze I found his eyes as he crawled over me on the bed. I could feel the heat radiating from him, it was like the sun burning my skin, scalding me. "Lie back." I did, without hesitation or a single thought. "Spread your legs." "We just met." Was my weak response. "Stop fighting it." He coaxed his hands slipping down my bare stomach until the tips of his fingers slipped into my panties sliding back and forth agonisingly slow along their edge. "You are my wife. Don't be ashamed of your bodies reaction. Fúck, you are so beautiful." He groaned. "Let the negative thoughts go, they will never win, I won't let them" He moved above me slipping my panties from my legs. Spreading my limbs apart so I was bared to him a smile curved his tempting lips. His head lowered leisurely, the smile never leaving his face. "What are you doing?" I sounded in pain. "Tasting my wife's pússy." My coming objection was gone when his tongue stroked my s*x. A garbled moan left my lips. "So wet." He murmured in appreciation as his head once again disappeared between my thighs. His tongue tasted every inch of me, I was in ecstasy. I probably looked rabid thrusting my heat into his face. He hummed against my sensitised flesh swirling his tongue around the bundle of nerves that seemed ready to burst. I opened my eyes looking down at Lyle, one hand was on my leg probably stopping me from suffocating him, the other stroking his length rapidly. "So close." I breathed. "I'm so close." "Then let go." Was Lyle's simple answer. I could feel my orgasm awaken in tiny quakes. I was past the point of caring, past the point of return. My body knew what it wanted, needed and it wouldn't stop until it was satisfied. His teeth scraped against my sensitive flesh, that was all it took for me to soar. My fists gripped the silk sheets at my side as my back arched off the bed. A scream rippled from my throat which anyone in the building would have been able to hear. "Oh God." I whispered as my body edged back to earth. Lyle kissed my heat, the slight touch of his lips like a soft feather against my sensitive skin. The intimacy of the moment startled me. I had only just met him. I didn't have time to ponder the thought as I felt his warm release on my stomach. His eyes were tight shut as he loomed over me trying to regain his breath. His blazing eyes found mine with little effort when his breathing evened, he leaned back on the bed staring down at his release coating my skin. I coughed awkwardly. "I need to shower." With shaking legs I got up from the bed. He blinked several times, the daze he was in now completely gone. "I'll join you." "No." I dismissed shutting the door and locking it before he could reach me. My back welcomed the coldness of the wood. What had I just done? It didn't take me long to wash, dry and regain my composure. I walked out of the bathroom with a black fluffy towel wrapped around me. Faltering in my steps was always going to be inevitable. Lyle was on the bed, lying casually with his two arms behind his head watching the plasma screen on the wall. He was still completely naked. "You need to put something on." "I sleep naked." Was his casual response. "Every night." He added. I ignored his smirk. I had to remember who he was. I walked over to the drawers pulling out a pair of my pyjama trousers and a vest top. I was honestly proud of myself when I changed without showing anything. "You just came all over my tongue Arabella. Hiding your body won't erase those memories." When I looked at him trying desperately not to look at his erection lying proudly against his stomach I groaned internally. "Why are you just standing there, come to bed." He patted the empty space beside him. Why was I standing there? Maybe because this wasn't my home or maybe because I didn't know Lyle Armel, maybe because I was so utterly completely confused. I slipped under the sheets turning on my side to look out of the window. The rain was pounding down from the thick black clouds matching my mood. An uncomfortable silence echoed through the room when Lyle switched off the TV plummeting the room into complete darkness. My thoughts rattled like always before I slept. This time it was worse. Usually I had a plan to get out of my father's mess. This time I hadn't the foggiest idea how I was going to. "Arabella." My blood ran cold with the coldness to his voice. "Hm." "You can't run from this, or me. This marriage is forever Arabella. You are mine now and I will ensure it stays that way. Remember that." Another uncomfortable silence echoed through the night. I didn't dare cry, I wouldn't give him the satisfaction. The realisation of how little I knew about Lyle frightened me, I knew his reputation, the stories people told of his family and what they were involved in. Ultimately I didn't know how dangerous he or his life were and I didn't want to find out. "Do you understand?" He ordered clearly irate that I hadn't answered him. "Yes." That was the last word either of us spoke to each other. I knew I wouldn't sleep at all, as the night went on the worries rattled around in my mind always centring to the same question. Why me?
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