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"leave me... What.. are.. you.
doing..? Just leave me..." shane was holding me close. I can feel his hot breath fanning over my face.. " leave me you dog"..
"ha ha ma cuteee.. Y so angryy.. Finally ma kitten learned to get angry,".
What he think of himself.. He was not planning to leave me anytime soon.. I want to get away from him. No way i will spend another second here.
I can feel his racing heartbeat, he is holding me pretty close without giving any gap. He has become more possessive. But now am not going to fall for his traps. He left me once, broke me completely, now i won't allow him to break me further. I will shatter next time.
" what's going on in the pretty little head of my kitten?... how to escape from here.....Soo sad sweet cheeks, u have no escape from here, for you was, you are, and you will always be mine". He was smirking at me and next minute he took me surprise by  kissing me without giving any time for me to react. And last thing i felt was a needle prick and darkness was all i have around then.

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