Chapter 2. The First Night

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 Jessica took the opportunity to glance around the room. To her surprise, the room was immaculately clean with not a thing out of place, which was astonishing since most men she had known were complete slobs. The room seemed like a snapshot of Roger, which matched his personality down to the T.       Noticing the silence in the room, Roger turned to see Jessica still standing at the door, glancing around nervously.   "What are you doing standing there? Should you not be taking your clothes off now?" Roger sneered, in a cold voice and with a wicked smile on his face. Jessica swallowed noisily. Sometimes she forgot that not all handsome men were nice; in fact, most men who looked like him were assholes.       "What do you mean? I thought we would live in separate rooms!" Jessica inquired.   Their marriage was merely a contract. Surely they could both ride out the time being civil to each other rather than trying to tear each other's throats out.   Roger raised his brows, "You think I was going to prepare another room for you!? Who do you think you are, Princess?"        Jessica's anger flared up again like a red-hot volcano erupting inside her, ans she was not going to stay in one bedroom with this…this monster! She tried to open the door only to find it sound shut.   "Stop trying, Princess. The door will only be activated by my fingerprint," Roger walked to her slowly and put his fingers on a pad near the door. It automatically clicked open.   "You can go if you want, but do not come back if you decide to leave now," Roger said coldly.   Jessica stared at the man in front of her. Was he serious? If she had known he was this cold, she would have never agreed to this in the first place. Though her heart was telling her to leave and never come back, her legs turned and made her walk to the bathroom instead.   Roger sneered when standing beside the door. He knew she would not leave without getting what she wanted. He knew girls like her very well. Everyone had a price, and Jessica Brown was no exception.      Jessica stayed in the bathroom for a long time, more than an hour, if she had to guess, she toweled herself dry with the giant and fluffy white towel and wrapped a robe around her. She guessed it was Roger's robe as it fell almost to her ankles.   She opened the door and walked out. The light in the room was off, except for two lamps on the wall. And Roger seemed to be asleep.   Jessica walked to the bed and carefully took a pillow from beside his sleeping form. She was going to sleep on the sofa tonight and then talk with him about the logistics of the marriage tomorrow.   However, when she was about to leave with the pillow, a low voice came from the bed.   "Take off your clothes and lie down."   Before Jessica could realize what was happening, a powerful arm dragged her back towards the bed and had her pinned on the bed. Roger's grip tightened on her arms. Jessica gasped as he pushed his hips towards her.   Jessica shivered. He was too close. Too f*****g close.   "Don't forget who you are. You're my wife now, and it is our wedding night…" Roger's voice was husky and deep. She could feel it rumble through his chest. His fingers – his long, elegant, and dexterous fingers – toyed with the belt of her robe and moved towards the inside of the robe.   Keep going... Come on... Lower.... More Lower...   Jessica's chest heaved. She was not expecting this – considering how coldly he was treating her. But she wanted this. If he continued, she would give in no matter how hard she tried to stop herself.          Jessica stared at Roger – his beautiful eyes meeting her bland brown ones. She breathed out heavily, clenched her teeth, and asked disgustedly, ignoring the feelings taking over inside her, "We met each other for the first time today, and you already cared about our wedding night!?"   Roger smirked but loosened his grip on her, but only slightly, "You know, I find it hard to believe you had a boyfriend before. You seem like a f*****g prude."       His voice was as cold and smooth as the night, "Remember, you can get everything from here, except love."   Jessica answered colder than his, "And I don't need your f*****g love."   While her breath hitched as Roger's hands trailed slowly inside her robe. She flinched as his hands played closer and closer to her inner thighs.      Lower... Please... Lower... Just like that.   "Well, well, well," Roger spoke silkily. "Someone wants more, right?"   "If I said yes, what would you do?" Jessica replied, biting back a whimper as his fingers just barely flitted over her v****a. Her dripping wet v****a.   "You're going to let me touch you. Aren't you?" He skimmed his fingertips over Jessica's clit, making her legs buckle. A small moan emitted from her lips.   Before Jessica could reply, Roger had torn open the robe revealing Jessica's freshly washed, naked body.     "f*****g hell," Roger whispered reverently. "You're gorgeous."   It was the first time he had complimented her, but Jessica had no time to think of it.   Roger was looking at her with a fascinated and hungry, almost feral look. He lowered his head, and Jessica gasped as she realized what he was about to do.   The first lick was tentative.   The second lick was firmer, less hesitant, and elicited a barely audible moan from the back of Jessica's throat. The sensation of his lips licking her skin – she could not even think. The tip of his tongue was moist and felt liked velvet. Suddenly, Jessica felt him shove a finger inside her and wrap his lips around her clit. He twisted his finger and curled it up.   Jessica gasped. Oh, my f*****g God.   "You taste so f*****g good," he murmured, pulling back slightly. His lips were swollen and glistening and wet. Jessica blushed as she thought of the reason why his lips were wet and where they had been just seconds ago.     He dove back in.   Jessica closed her eyes as her mind went blank.   As she felt his tongue thrusting in and out, she felt connected to him, and she wanted more.   Jessica, on his shoulders, urging him up towards her mouth. Those swollen wet lips were an invitation, and Jessica took it freely, crashing her lips onto his, tasting herself in his mouth.   She felt him shift and moaned as the tip of his p***s rubbed along her v****a, coating it with his juices.     And in one sudden powerful thrust, they were one.              _______         The sunshine in the morning shone into the room through the crack between the thick black silk curtains, which was particularly dazzling in Autumn.   The rumpled left side of the bed made him frown since Jessica was nowhere to be found. He thought of the woman who he had spent the night with.   He had no plans to f**k her last night. Roger was quite surprised at himself when he lost control last night.   She had come many times last night – and so did he. To be honest, Roger did not expect she would taste that exquisite. Like a decadent dessert, chocolate, peppermint, and something else slightly salty.   Roger shook himself out of his musings of last night and walked to the bathroom. Still no sign of Jessica Brown. Maybe she was already downstairs, he thought. Shrugging, Roger stepped into the hot water, hoping it would release the tension in his muscles.         He walked down to the breakfast table, hesitantly wondering what sort of stories his dear family was enlightening his wife with. Roger quickened his pace as he imagined his grandfather spilling all his secrets out to her during the first day of their marriage.   Marriage, he scoffed. What kind of marriage was this? No, this was more a business contract than a marriage. Would a business contract include s*x? A small voice spoke within his mind.   When he reached downstairs, he frowned when he saw most of his family at the table but not Jessica.   "Where's Jessica?" His mother spoke up.   Roger frowned and looked around, "She's not down here? She was not in the room when I woke up."    
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