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Sometimes it takes more than water to put out a fire. Parker has always wondered what would have happened if he’d made a move on Cassidy Grace before she’d left for basic training. Caught up in the ins and outs of fighting fires and working a ranch with his cousins, he didn’t have much time to think about it. But now that Cassidy’s back, a messed up combat veteran and the newest member of Prairie’s fire brigade, he’s thinking about it. A lot. Only love can quench this fire. Daredevil Cassidy Grace is fighting more than just fires. Her nights are tortured with visions from her experience as a combat helicopter pilot in Afghanistan. Her days are haunted by Parker offering something she thinks she’s not worthy to have. When Cassidy volunteers for a dangerous hotshot mission in the wilds of Colorado, Parker insists on going with her. As they travel together into a life-threatening situation, will Cassidy be brave enough to fight for the one thing that will snuff out the fires that rage within her? This emotionally gripping, second chance romance will have you reaching for the tissues at the epic HEA. Sign up for my newsletter to receive updates, sneak- peeks, and freebies!
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