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Bella Mitchell was turning eighteen years old. She was the daughter of the current Beta Male and Female of the Blood Moon Pack, and you would assume that she had lived a life of privilege, however, for Bella, this was not the case. Upon your sixteenth birthday, one usually meets their wolf, their inner voice, their other half if you will. Although this never happened to Bella. She is believed to be wolfless according to her family, peers, and the rest of her pack. In some packs, this would lead to banishment from the werewolf community, especially in a pack like Blood Moon. Blood Moon was an archaic pack where she-wolves had specific roles, mostly their sole purpose in life was to serve their mates, and Blood Moon had been this way as long as Bella could remember. The only reason Bella hadn’t been banished was due to her unmistakable beauty, and the fact that Bella was well aware of her expected role in the pack. Bella was a strong-minded and intelligent girl but she knew she could never speak out. She was also very capable of defending herself, but she never hit her attackers back. Bella had lived a tough life, she was expected to cook and clean up after everyone else, even her own family. She was never treated equally to her older sister Casey, who was the apple of her parent's eye, and most of the pack for that matter. Bella didn’t know it now but the moon goddess had plans for her. She was capable of great things, but she would need to go through some adversity first. Bella also didn’t realize that people weren’t necessarily who she thought them to be. There were many secrets that she was not privy to. Who could she trust? Would she find the strength to leave Blood Moon? She knew that the consequences of attempting to leave the pack would be severe. What was waiting for her outside Blood Moon? Would she meet a loving mate or will she be subjected to a cruel fate? What secrets will she uncover? Was she truly wolfless?
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