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When Zab and Alex find out that they are expecting another child, they cannot help but be elated. It’s been so long since they had Zari and they were apart during that time. This time, Alex vowed to be with his mate and cater to her every need and want. After they got married, they have been staying in New York to take care of their family business there. It’s also their little getaway from royal duties and they wanted to experience a normal life with their daughter, Zari. One day, they were having breakfast when they noticed that Zari suddenly zoned out and her eyes turned white. Their daughter is actually a seer and at the moment she is having a vision. When Zari’s eyes turned back to normal she looked at her mother, who looked rather worried. “Zari sweetheart, are you okay?” Zab asked her daughter, taking her little hand into hers. “Mom, Zander is a pretty nice name for my baby brother,” Zari told them. “Brother?” Zab and Alex asked in unison and their daughter nodded. Then a broad smile grew on Alex’s face and then he stood from his chair and knelt beside Zari. “Are you saying that you saw that you’re going to have a brother?” Alex asked and Zari nodded, and then she frowned. “But he will be crying so loud every night that I wouldn’t be able to sleep,” Zari said with a frown. Alex and Zab looked at each other and chuckled. “Can we go back to grandma when he’s born or before he’s born? He doesn’t want to be here in New York,” Zari said. “Why do you think that, sweetie?” Zab asked her daughter. “He likes nature mom; he doesn’t like the concrete jungle,” Zari said, and then Alex smiled at her and pinched her cheek. “If that’s what my babies want, then we’ll move back to Stone Castle,” Alex said and Zari grinned. Alex stood up and planted a kiss on Zari’s head before going back to his chair. Zari went back to eating her breakfast when she remembered something. She turned back to her mother. “Mom, last night I saw Uncle Creon kissing Aunt Sahara.” She said and both Alex and Zab gaped at her. ******************************. After they had breakfast and Zari was in her room playing, Zab took out her phone and called her brother Creon, who was on a mission. The ringing went on until the call was answered. “Doctor Creon Stanford, how can I help you?” “Tell me you two are together!” Zab exclaimed, more like demanded. “I don't know what you're talking about,” Creon said nonchalantly. “Creon Lester Stanford I demand an answer right now!” She screeched, not having him feigning innocence. “I don’t even know what you are on,” Creon whined. “I am talking about you and Sahara,” Zab hissed. “Fine! We’re dating now. She's my girlfriend. Happy?” Creon snapped and Zab gasped. “Dating?! Just dating?! At least tell me you've marked her!” “No.” Then Zab suddenly felt upset about her brother’s slow progress. She growled, and then she grabbed the chair and began throwing it against the wall. One chair after another came crashing until Alex took the phone from Zab. “Creon...” Alex spoke. “What's with her?” Alex heard his brother ask, curious as to why his sister was going ballistic. He just chuckled and responded. “Forgive your sister's intrusion and outburst. She's... Uhh... Kind of hormonal and emotional at the moment," Alex told Creon. “She's pregnant isn't she?” Creon asked. “Yes,” Alex answered. “We just found out yesterday. I have already called mom and dad. Zab said she'd call you to let you know of the good news. But Zari said something about the vision she had about you and Sahara.", Alex explained, and then he heard his brother groan. “Of course she did. Look, can you explain to my crazy ballistic sister that I want to take it slow with Sahara?” Creon told Alex. “Sure. I understand you, brother; totally understandable. I'll talk to her. Anyway, dad said that there would be a convention of alphas.” Alex told him. “When?” “Two days from now, and it'll be in Florida. Your presence is a must. Zab and I will be there to represent mom and dad. You should bring Sahara, and I'll email you the rest of the details,” Alex said. “Oh okay. That's cool.” “Anyway, congratulations on the successful alliance with the hunters, by the way. If you need any help for the town, just let me know.” Alex said. “Sure. I'll look around town to see what's still needed. I'll probably tell you at the convention,” Creon told him. “OK good. I got to go. You're sister's rummaging in the fridge,” Alex said as he turned around and saw Zab. “Tell that dweeb to mark Sahara a.s.a.p. or I'll skin him alive!!” Zab hollered from the background, and Creon chuckled upon hearing it. “You heard her. I got to go. See you soon, brother.” Alex said and hung up. Then he turned towards his mate. “Looks like our son is already affecting your emotions,” Alex said as soon as he approached his mate and hugged her from behind. “I can even feel him already,” Zab said as she turned to face her mate and place her arms around Alex’s neck. “He will be a mighty warrior, I can feel it,” Alex said. Then all of a sudden, a force came out of Zab’s tummy and it pushed Alex to the point he flew across the room. Zab gasped in surprise. “Alex!” She yelled and jogged towards where Alex landed. Alex got up and dusted himself, looking at his mate with a bewildered expression. “What just happened?” Alex asked. Then the door of Zari’s room opened and the little girl came out. “Zander doesn’t like that mom is upset. He thought you made him upset, daddy.” Zari said and both Zab and Alex gaped at their daughter. “Did you see it in your vision, sweetheart?” Zab asked and Zari shook her head. “No, mommy. He told me just now,” Zari answered. “How?” Alex asked and Zari shrugged. “I don’t know, but I can hear him here.” She said, pointing to her temple. Hearing what their daughter just said, made them realize that their son has very strong telepathic powers, too developed for a mere fetus. “Babe, I think your son is taking after you,” Zab said as she knew her mate is a powerful hybrid. Then Alex carefully approaches his mate and puts his hand on her stomach. “I think so too,” Alex said, and then he knelt down. “Zander, don’t worry. Mommy is not upset. You don’t need to worry,” he said. “Daddy, Zander wants mommy to sleep now,” Zari said and right on cue, Zab let out a yawn. Alex smiled and stood up. “Come on, time for your nap.” He said and led Zab into their bedroom.
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