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Third Person’s P.O.V.     The rain was heavily pouring the water on the earth. The air was as chilling as piercing ice. It was late in the night. The darkness had consumed everything in the surroundings. A girl in the bride’s dress was sitting under a tree, hugging her knees on the roadside. She was shivering badly. Her body went numb due to the coldness around her. Her dress was torn from many places. Her eyes were stilled with no expressions. She was looking too fragile and vulnerable right now. Tears were flowing down from her eyes continuously but washed by rainwater. She had no desire to save herself from this chilling rain and air. Her heart was totally broken. She had lost all her hopes and didn’t want to live anymore.   Suddenly I car stopped a little far from her and a man in her 50s with a woman in late 40s came out of the car. They ran towards her and kneeled down in front of her.   “O My God Maggi…. You scared us”, the man quickly engulfed her in his embrace and put his chin on the top of her head. The lady quickly covered Maggi with a blanket she brought with her. They both were startled after seeing her devastated state.   “Maggi… Hunny…. Come with us… we need to go now”, the lady pleaded to her and both man and woman helped her in standing on her feet. Her body was cold and numb. She stood but fell down again as her legs were not supporting her right now.   “Careful Hunny. We got you”, the man said to her while swiping his hands in bridal style. She rested her head on his chest and clenched on his shirt as her life depended on it. The woman ran and opened the back door of the car. He put her gently there and tucked her again in another dry blanket. “Sleep now, dear. You need a good rest”, he gently stroke her back and then closed the door.   The woman looked at him with so much pain in her eyes. He sighed and pulled her in his embrace. “What did we do Rey?”, she said in between her sobs. “I know honey. I know. We have to deal with it. We will find some way soon”, he comforted her looking in the blank spot in front of him. His eyes were blank. He didn’t know what to do now.   They sat in the car again and looked behind. Maggi was sleeping now. There was pain written all over her face. They looked at each other and sighed. He drove the car away from that place.   7 years later:-   He looked at the cover of the latest business magazine. It was his photo on the cover. “The most eligible hottest single billionaire of the year”, he smirked at the comment. He was in the top 5 successful businessmen in the country. He took over his father’s company after completing his master’s in business management a year back and reached the peak. He was sharp, intelligent, far-sighted, and went to any extent to get success. He was Theo Turner.  He was the CEO of Rey & Chris Enterprises named after his parents. He was 27 and was still single. He put the magazine down on the table and stood up from the spot. He sighed while looking at the word single in the magazine. He shook his head a little and then marched out of the room.   He went out of his mansion. He lived with his parents. He was not on good terms with his parents due to a past event that changed their relationship forever. They rarely talked with him though he was their only son.  He sat on the driver’s seat of his latest model of the BMW 8 series. He loved his car. He had a passion for cars.   He entered his office. The receptionist stood up from her seat and greeted him, “Good Morning Mr. Turner”. He nodded but didn’t say anything. He went straight to the private elevator that straight led to his floor.   His P.A. greet him when he reached his floor. “Good Morning Sir”, his P.A. Aiden said to him while handing him a tab that had his schedule for today.   “Good Morning, Aiden. Did you prepare everything for the in-house meeting today”, he asked him while going towards his cabin.   “Yes Sir, I already sent the reminder to all the departments yesterday before leaving the office. I told them about the contents of today’s meeting.”, he informed him and Theo nodded while entering his cabin with Aiden on his trail.   “That’s good. Make sure the department’s heads attend this meeting. After that, arrange a separate meeting with our PR and strategy department and after that with the finance department. I need to discuss something with them”, he instructed him and he noted down what he instructed to him. He then left him in the cabin.   Theo’s P.O.V.   I to ok off my suit and put it around my chair. I did not like to wear a suit all time. They restrain body moments and I like working as a free spirit. I opened my laptop and went through my emails. I called Aiden to send me my coffee.  Everyone asked me why I have a mail P.A. when I can get a female P.A. for myself. The answer is I don’t like s**tty girls around me. When I started working I did have some female P.A.s but they all were s**ts. They threw her selves on me and I hate this from the bottom of my soul. So, I decided to hire a male P.A. after firing almost 10 females in a month.   I heard a knock on the door and asked the person to come in. A person working in the office cafeteria came inside with my coffee and greeted me while giving me the plate. I greeted him back with a smile and he left the room.   You are wondering why didn’t I greet the receptionist though I greeted the boy. The answer is she is also like a s**t who could throw herself for power and money. The only thing about her that she is in her position till now is that she never tried to act like a s**t till now in the office.   I took the tab with my schedule and read it once again. I had 5 meetings in a row till 4. It would be a busy day for me. I heard the knock again and gave permission. It was Aiden. “Sir, everyone has gathered in the meeting room. It is the time”, he informed me and I nodded. I stood up from my seat but didn’t take my suit. Everyone knew that I didn’t wear a suit in the office.   We both marched towards the meeting room.  As I entered the room, everyone stood up from their seats and greeted me. My eyes went straight to the person I wanted to see desperately. She was standing a little away from me looking down. She never looked at me. I really wanted her to look at him for once.  She was Assistant to the Director in the finance department. She was Maggi Collins.  
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